View Full Version : Vardan 902nd Rifles

04-04-2007, 01:26
ive been dreaming up a small force of vardans lately, and i wanted them to represent the section from 15 HOURS. I have a sister thread to this in the painting and modeling section on wha they will look like.

I was thinking of fielding them as a veterans "company" but in gaming rights they are top be a combat patrol, so i can really focus on theyre looks.

but anyway, they would be made up of veteran squasa, with two small conscript squads to represent Jamuel IV soldiers. each veteran squad will have shotguns, one single man heavy weapon, and one real heavy weapon, missle launcher, heavy bolter, or mortar, seeing as how they will be trench fighters. a desginated marksmen will be in each squad with a "needle sniper rifle" with will just look like moded-out las-guns or something. and of course, a mortar section is extremely nescesary.

I might field a tank, probably a conquerer, since they are fast tanks with a fairly low range cannon, perfect for city fight as well as trenches.