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Autobot HQ
04-04-2007, 20:48
So, this open tournament then, where we just play anyone we can just the once - I fear that the weaker teams will be exploited and picked off (Hell, I know I wanna get my hands on those Amazons eventually...), but if people want an open ended tournament with say a 12 week time limit (to play 15-odd games), then we'll do that.

Fact is, people *coughth0rcough* are calling out my leadership saying I'm doing things for my own end, which simply isn't true. I had a vision of what I wanted from the league but don't feel I've forgot that pther people play here too, and I want to see what you all want. We have 8 weeks essentially to discuss this whilst the first league goes on, but if we can decide it in a week or so, then we can always cancel the current one off ... again.

Th0r, why don't you explain to these good fellows your vision of the league, seeing as it's obviously right :p

*:p is a comical, jokey post and in no way should be taken seriously, so ner

04-04-2007, 21:51
Well since you asked so nicely sure.

The idea was to match up teams in groups of 4-5 (depending on league size) according to TR and have them play an open round robin. This way there playing like TR and theres not a huge deal. Then we take the top 2 say from each division (much like real sports) and put them into regular tournament (playoff style) to determine the winner. This way the lower TR teams would be able to skill up so that if they were in the top 2 it would be a big deal to play teams from the other division. I mean my team is at TR170 and I can compete with anyone, so there shouldn't be much crying anyway. Ideally this style would cut down on time and be played in a month or just over. 12 weeks IMO is an unreal amount of time to play a couple games.

My major problem right now is theres no communication, and its like having a dictator for a leader instead of a fair and fun league were all ideas are considered. I really see no point to having "assistant presidents" who have not only have no say in the league but don't even get asked... and oh yea lets not forget the bitterness that comes from canceling a tournament that I had a good shot at winning, not to mention the time put in to running it.

04-04-2007, 22:53
My oppinion:

Whatever tournament that is decided on should be stuck to for at least three seasons! I dont really care of the format as long as people who WIN are rewarded. I dont think teams should be counted higher up because they have a higher team rating otherwise it makes results of matches pointless and just a surviveability issue.

If we keep chopping and changing the system then noone knows where they stand. Whatever is finally decided should be stuck to for a good long while- you cant judge a system by one season or a handful of matches.

Just my two pieces of warpstone.

04-04-2007, 23:28
Can I add my 10pence worth. Before this tournament started we had agreed that there would be two leagues and the official tournament would start on the first of March. I thought that the round robin system had been agreed but come the tournament one month late it is all in one league and a swiss style tournament. So all the discussion before had been binned.

In future everyone should be aware of how the tournament is going to get played.

But...now the tournament has started lets just finish it and learn from the experience. Start planning NOW for the NEXT tournament and let the current one run its course.

05-04-2007, 01:13
Yeah I'm in full agreement with that, lets just play this one as it stands and then see what eveyone thinks at the end of the season.

05-04-2007, 10:04
my 2 gold coins...

in the NL tournaments, we end up each time withabout as many teams s we have here. we split it into 4 divisions:


then we play... at the end of the games, we play a semi-final and a final... then the scores get added to the tourney group etc.

this works quite well, and on occassion when we have very few low tr teams, a 100-150 will be used...

now, i liked the carcass division coz i got to play with a wide range of teams, i disliked it because:
a) we had insufficient teams, unclear deadlines, and unfortunately, because sigmarschamp lives in eastern asia, was unable to play frequently holding up the entire tourney.
b) at the end of the tourney, all the points scored were deleted and ignored.

well, what's the point then?

now, lets actually play this tourney to the end, and i'll propose a fantastic 'theme' we played a while back in NL, and i think the RP aspect of it will compensate for all the bickering now...

as for cherry picking, i dont care, playing arkzein's chaos team wth my 12 line elves was fun and challenging, as if i wont be playing the same teams now in this format...

the open robin style only benefits those who can get a lot of matches fast... normally 1-3 players... everyone else just sits back and enjoys themselves


NL = Noobie League *grin* not night lords!

Ok, the RP format:

Northern Wastes - Norse Cup (adding a random weather element)

The weather in the Northern Wastes is harsh, and unpredictable. Whenever a BB match is to be played, the Referee has to approve that the weather is good enough to enable most of the half, if not all of it to be played. But as the weather is so unpredictable, you never know when it may change.

Standard Rules:

Play normally till turn 5.
Turn 6,before starting, the coach who is due to play rolls a d6 (type !d 6 on any channel with nuffle, we can ask the admins for nuffle to join our channel).
on 2+ the weather is fine and play continues normally. on a 1, the half ends.
Turn 7 = weather check on 3+
Turn 8 = weather check on 4+

Then the same happens for the 2nd half.

Optional Rules:
The weather doesn't change at the end of a players turn, it actualy changes mid-play. To represent this, from turn 5 onwards, a weather roll is made. If the weather roll is made, then play continues normally for that turn. If the weather roll fails, then before each player's action you make an additional player's weather roll (always 2+ tho). The half ends when the first player fails his weather roll.

Turn 5 = General Weather 2+, Player's weather Roll 2+
Turn 6 = General Weather 2+, Player's weather Roll 2+
Turn 7 = General Weather 3+, Player's weather Roll 2+
Turn 8 = General Weather 4+, Player's weather Roll 2+

ok, this might look confusing at first glance, but its a helluva lotta fun and adds a complete new level of randomness to the game!