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05-04-2007, 12:21

I need someone to help me translate this from German to English:

Sie bieten auf eine Warhammer 40.000 Figur der SPECIAL EDITION "Champion des Tzeentch auf Flugdämon"
neu und im Original verpacktem eingeschweißten Karton!!!
Versand als Paket oder Päckchen!
(Habe auch noch eine andere Auktion: Warhammer Necron C'Tan Nightbringer)

Viel Spass beim bieten!!!
I tried to buy a hard to find mini in Germany, and I think things have gone to pot.

The seller won't contact me, but I am going to try to be persistent and hopefully things will work out. :angel:

05-04-2007, 12:36
You´re bidding on a special edition Warhammer 40K miniature "Champion of Tzeentch on Disc of Tzeentch", new and in mint condition (unopened box, still wrapped).
May be shipped as either Paket (insured) or Päckchen (not insured).
I also sell a Necron C´tan Nightbringer.
Have fun bidding!!!

@PierceC: PM me the auction number, please. It could be that the seller won´t ship to whereever you are, as Paket (packet) and Päckchen (small packet) are two German designations for different methods of shipping. The shipping fee for a Paket is about 7€, Päckchen 4,50€, but there could be big differences for shipping to the country you live in.

05-04-2007, 12:39
^ What he said...

Beaten :rolleyes: