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OK, i had this thread in another area, amd someone suggested i put it here, the other one is closed.

I saw the reserve marine names thread, and i thought of this. if i can i will try to change this into a PDF article or something. email/PM me if you want a copy.

Submit your Regiment in the following way please,



Commanding Officer



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Name: Vardan 902nd, Company Alpha

homeplanet: Vardan

Commanding Officer: First Sergeant Chelkar

numbers/strength/size: Company, operating at roughly 244 men

Backround: Raised on the agri-world of vardan, first assaignment to a deathworld prior to stationed to trench placements around the City of Broucheroc, where out of roughly 6000 men of the 902nd, roughly 244 men survived, only 75 percent being Vardan, all others are replacments. The Vardan 902nd was evacuated, along with all other Imperial forces on planet, adn the planet was shortly bombarded from orbit, to prevent any Ork deployment. The 902nd is currently on station in the Trillaxy IV Garrison, protection the forge system from incursion along with the Cadian 7th Dragoons, and the Vostroyan 18th Svaltirri.

Light of the Emperor
05-04-2007, 14:56
Name: 11th Vostroyan "Imperial" Artillery Regiment

Homeplanet: Vostroya

Commanding Officer: Graf-General Mikhail Augustus Vladkov

Also known as "The Emperor's Choir", the 11th excels at ranged bombardment using all manner of artillery. From heavy mortars and thudd guns to bombards and basilisks, they truely bring death from above! Wearing their green tunics and bright insignia, the 11th shuns retreat and defends its position and artillery to the last man.
Recent battle honors include Medusa V and Kasr Tannenberg.


05-04-2007, 15:02
Name: Necromunda 94th Tsunami Sirens


Commanding Officer: Colonel Scarlett O'Hara

numbers/strength/size:Real World (tm) approx 140 troopers with tank support. Background, roughly a 1000 troopers.

Backround(optional):Regiment raised from necromunda House escher as Radical Ordos Xenos Inquisitor Lord Tsunami's private army. Inquisitor Tsunami was disguised as a guilder, whilst conducting experiments with tyranids deep in hive primus. He used escher gangers as bodyguards, and took them with him when he left necromunda, under the guise of a imperial guard regiment.
The regiment is known for stealth and close combat, with expertise in urban combat. It also has a reputation of scavenging equipment and vehicles, 'liberating' some from other regiments and factories, growing it beyond its original conception.

05-04-2007, 15:03
Name: Scippian 72nd Rifles

Home planet: Scippia

Commanding Officer: Danus Lexian

Current Strength: 6 companies

The 72nd are the latest in the unsucsessful line of infantry regiments hailing from Scippia. This is largely due to the numbers of rough rider units taken from the world whoms main mode of transport is the horse. The infantry are seen as "the poor's" way into the guard and as such have never been given an efficent CO. That tradition ended with the 72nd nearly all drawn from the noble classes as well as the plebs. This is a regement with the hopes of a world on their shoulders.

05-04-2007, 15:12
Hmm. . . which regiment to choose. . . I've six to choose from but I'll go with the biggest and oldest of them all.

Name: 9th/21st Amerian Light Infantry, "The Spectres"

Homeplanet: Ameria, Ameria Sub Sector, Tabannah Sector, Ultima Segmentum

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant General Frost

Numbers/Strength/Size: Model count: 200 men of 1st Btn. Fluff count: 4,600 men all told. (100 man RHQ and three 1,500 man Battalions. Each Battalion has a 150 man BHQ and three 450 man Companies.)

Backround: The 9th/21st Regiment is a compound regiment formed from the 9th Infantry Regiment and the 21st Light Infantry Regiment, both of the planet Ameria. Both of these regiments, along with some eighty others, were formed in the closing years of the 41st Millennium to combat the surge in heretical cults on Ameria and a number of other local planets. Both regiments found themselves fighting on the nearby world of Kollahn; more particularly in the planetary capital of Kollavlin. Following the success of the 21st as a light infantry outfit, coupled with enormous losses for the more conventionally trained 9th, a decision was taken to amalgamate the two regiments into one, larger, unit. The members of the 9th regiment were given training in the 21st's methods of skirmish warfare, and the men of the 21st trained in the firing line tactics of the 9th regiment. The subsequent unit was the only regiment to earn themselves the Lord Marshal's Citation, the highest level honour for gallantry, providing evidence of just how effective the new unit was.

Following the campaign, the Regiment was brought back up to full strength with the same standards of training that the original members received. They were then shipped off to a number of other urban battle zones, where they enjoyed success similar to that of the Kollavlin Campaign. The regiment is currently stationed on Collocis IV, fighting in response to the rise of The Cult of The Nine Sons (named after the nine traitor Primarchs).

05-04-2007, 15:19
Name: 105th Harakoni Warhawks Expeditionary Regiment

Homeplanet: Harakon

Commanding Officer: Colonel Caliburn

Number/strength/size: Eight companies

Background: The 105th Expeditionary, like all expeditionary regiments, is tasked with softening up landing zones for further Warhawk jumps. As such, they usually engage in combat via ground insertion and often work in concert with Harakon's armoured cavalry regiments. Typically, an expeditionary regiment is split between two types of troops. Six companies are often trained for stealth and act as light infantry, whereas two companies recieve grenadier training. The result is something of a hammer and anvil approach to battle. Light units will infiltrate behind enemy lines and act as the anvil as the grenadiers, usually chimera mounted assume the role of the hammer.

05-04-2007, 15:34
Name: 8492nd South Industrial Militia

homeplanet: Flintlock

Commanding Officer: Colonel Stryker

Estimates place strength at around 8,000 men, with 2 full Armor Companies, mixed mutant support, and occasionally are joined by renegade marines if purposes be concurrent.

The 8492nd is from a well supplied area of the planet Flintlock, and turned to chaos from lack of options. After conducting a campaign of purgation on their home planet at the service of an Inquisitor, they were to be purged as is standard procedure. Colonel Stryker fought and threw back the forces sent against them.

The unit pulled stakes and boarded their troop transporters and left the system and made for the Eye of Terror.

05-04-2007, 15:37
Name: Army Of Progrea
Homeworld: Progrea
Commanding officer: Have no, they have rogue traders instead, the commanding rogue trader is Urien Nikolai Ambar.
Number/Strenght/Size: Small. Armies: Progrean 1st airforce. Progrean 44th airborn. Progrean 69th tank battlegroup. Varius small forces, airforces and PDFs. Lots of Aeronautica.

Background: From the world Progrea, a small rogue trader hideout, controlled by mafioso like rogue trader families, the biggest is the Ambar family, followed by the Bowman family. The planets surface is 90% water and 10% land. The land is 90% mountains. The enviorment has made aeroplanes the most succesful transport veichle. The rogue traders are strongly supporting the imperium, and gives lots of money to the imperial workers, the ad.mech, the armies and the imperium to improve it and to improve their army.
The soilders, Spoiled with the rogue traders wealth, wears big coats (Blue for 44th, red for 69th and blue with white lightning shapes for 1st), and black scarfs of expensive materials. The airborn companies wear neighter parachutes nor gravchutes, all pilots, and anything elese rideing an aeroplane is trained to jump from high altitudes and land on their feet alive and undamaged (while holding heavy equipment) without any help other then their big coats.

05-04-2007, 15:43
Name: Sullustan Light 7th

Homeplanet: Sullust

Commanding Officer: Colonel Stradinsk

Numbers/Strength/Size: Currently under-strength following catastrophic defeat at the hands of Waaagh Grimsnak. Around 150 light troopers, with light armour support

Background: Hailing from the night world Sullust, the Sullustan Light 7th is, with the exception of it's attatched Advisors, predominatly pale skinned, male and slight of build. Sullust has a large Ratling population, and they are often recruited into the armed forces. Unfortunatly, the Ratling population means there is also a large criminal underground, larger than most planets of the same size. Currently quelling a civil uprising led by the Ratling crime-lord, Erik Witchit on Sullust.

Lord Cook
05-04-2007, 15:46
Name: Lord Marshall Ashcroft's 9th Life Company

Homeplanet: The Life Company is drawn from numerous regiments with which the Lord Marshall has commanded. Primarily Armageddon and Cadia.

Commanding Officer: Lord Marshall Percifal Ashcroft

Operational Strength: 200 men, 11 vehicles (Reality), 2500 men, 38 vehicles (Background)

Background: The Lord Marshall hails from a wealthy family of the nobilitas on Santhenar IV, however he has developed a deep affinity for the men under his command and can often be seen on the front lines, spurring them on to greater feats of valor. In order to protect him in these endeavours he is accompanied by a Life Company of hardened troops, which he will often employ to spearhead assaults and defend key locations.

Ashcroft is currently negotiating with the Adeptus Mechanicus for the requisition of a baneblade super heavy tank, but he is waiting for the new 'plastic' armour class to be released to save Imperial credits.


Stella Cadente
05-04-2007, 15:52
Name: 85th Armanian Rangers

Homeplanet: Armania

Commanding Officer: Brigadier George Arthur

Number/strength/size: 10 infantry Companies, 4 Armoured companies, 5 Artillery Companies.

Background: The first independent companies of the Armanian Rangers were raised as a militia to occupy and keep peace in the Armanian Highlands after the 2nd Armageddon war. In these early days, members were recruited from local clans, the first six companies were from the Many Clans and areas of Armania, These companies were commonly known as the beginning 85th Armanian Rangers

05-04-2007, 16:08
Name: 10th Illiya Rifles

Home planet: Illiya

Commanding Officer: Captain Josef Winters

Number/Strength/Size: In reality, 60 infantry supported by 3 vehicles (small numbers, yes, starting to enlarge them though :) ).Fluff, 5000 infantry, 5 Armoured Companies and 3 Artillery Companies.

Background: During the war of Armageddon, the Illiya 1rst-9th were sent to Armageddon to reinforce the Steel Legion. During the process of moving the Illiya armies to Armageddon, they were caught in a freak warp storm which destroyed all but the 10th, which happened to stay on the planet, due to some vehicles had technical difficulties in the transport process, and Captain J.Winters did not want to leave without being at full strength. So out of ten, they are the one. They collected the reserves of the other Illiya armies and bolstered their numbers.

The Illiya do not approve of conscription, and thus all men in the army volunteered for its service. Men of Illiya are mostly pale, due to the lack of sun they get, and they average about 6' mostly stocky builds. Not very strongly religious, thus not too many commissars.

Doctrines: Sharpshooters, Grenadiers, Veterans, Drop Troops.

Picture of Uniform: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v418/Fideru/ImperialGuardColourScheme.jpg

05-04-2007, 16:15
:eyebrows: you could´ve asked them to just move the topic.

Name: Cadian 8th 12th company
home planet: Cadia
Commander: still unnamed, will do that shortly.
Force size (I don´t have all these models, mind you; this is just how I envision my Company to be at full Size)
3 full platoons of Cadian Shock Troops, an attachment of mechanized Steel Legion, forming at most half a compan, 2 Kasrkin Squads, a permanently attached armoured platoon, as well as scout and heavy weapons detachments.

The Judge
05-04-2007, 16:17
Name: 112th Zeitzan Heavy Infantry

Home planet: Akeris

Commanding Officer: Colonel Viktor Kuznetsov

Number/Strength/Size: In reality, 135 infantry and 7 tanks. Fluff-wise, 6875 plus command staff, with tanks supporting from the 77th Armoured. Strength diminished following several major engagements in the Akeris and Vistula theatres.

Background: Resigned to planetary defence following an extended campaign across the Vistulan sub-sector, they were forced to mobilise against massive civil insurrection and tau invasion. Victory came to them, and the rebellion has since been crushed. The regiment favour heavy armour and specialised weapons, working closely with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

05-04-2007, 16:24
Name: 1st Lustrian

Home Planet: the old world, ie WHFB

Commanding Officer: Lord Mondozuma Also, all officers and Sgts are named from Aztec/Mayan/Incan mythology

Number/Strength: Three platoons of 35, 3 armored Fist, misc other squads, 8 sentinels, Griffon and Basilisk

Background: The strange humans, elves, and others have come through from the Warp, they have stolen the sacred disks of Sotek. We have taken their weapons, we have learned their ways of war. Let the last of the human captives be sacrificed to Sotek. This shall be.... Mondozuma's Revenge!!

Did this army for the US GTs several years back (2002-2003). It's completely converted from Lizardmen. Temple Guard as the platoon and HQ command squads, regular lizardmen as IG squads, and Skinks as the Armored Fist squads. Sentinels have skink drivers and are painted up as poison arrow frogs, complete with google eyes. The Chimeras and Griffon are converted up from real turtle shells. The Basilsk is a Stegadon with a double size howdah holding the Basilisk Eartshaker cannon and skink crewmen.

There are some old pics here:
and if it's still up, there were some pics of it in the Dallas GT reporting, 3rd or 4th round games, IIRC.

I used to give a gold-painted Lizardman glyph to anyone that beat me in a tourney game. In two years (4 GTs, multiple RTTs), I think I wound up giving away 6 or so glyphs. And only one was in a GT............

05-04-2007, 16:24
Name: Wayland 333rd Colonial Rangers

Homeplanet: Wayland

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Axl Dornan

Numbers/strength/size: 2000 men with armor and navy support.

Backround: The colonial rangers are a rapid deployment force (drop troops). They guard a large area of space, mostly mining and farming colonies that can't defend for themselves. Wayland is a high tech world, giving them good level or technology and supplies (plasma weapons and carapace). They're also very individual, giving them good ability to work behind enemy lines (Afriel Strain, veterans).
In style, they rangers like to mimic the marines. They use short cut autoguns, portable heavy weapons and plenty of other gear. They deploy either via grav chutes or drop ships. They don't have many tanks, but light APCs for anti-infantry use and leman russ annihilators for anti-tank work.

EDIT: Oh, forgot to add. They also have a strong religious presence, working as a beacon of His holy light in the region and having Ecclesiarchy field agents (commissars) working with troops, keeping the apes in line.

Here's a pic of the two first models I've ever painted (the rest are a little WIP):

05-04-2007, 16:33
Name: Cadian 8th Red Company
Homeplanet: Cadia
Commanding Officer: Colonal Vrad Wayne
Numbers/strength/size: 3 Full Strenth Platoons, 4 squads of support weapons, 2 squads of grenadiers, 3 scout sentinals, 9 armoured units and one Vulture Gunship

05-04-2007, 16:34
Name: Kalcedonian 4th
Home Planet: Kalcedon
Commander: Colonel Alexander Stukov
Force Size: Full Size Regiment.
Background: The large planet of Kalcedon is located on the eastern fringe, and is the home of a Chapter of Space Marines called the Deathbringers. They have received training from the Deathbringers, with whom they share a close relationship, in all areas of combat, including firing accuracy, discipline, and camoflauge. All regiments have a high number of Sturmoviki (stormtroopers) and are extremely effective fighters in all forest terrain. Current doctrines taken, are Grenadiers, Iron discipline, sharpshooters, cameleoline, and ratlings.

05-04-2007, 16:39
Name: Tauros 1st

homeplanet: Tauros I

Commanding Officer: General Haig

numbers/strength/size: 3 companies

05-04-2007, 16:41
Name: Sones Of The Black Banner

homeplanet: UNKNOWN

Commanding Officer: Arch heretic Varloth

numbers/strength/size: UNKNOWN

Legion is a traitor legion.

05-04-2007, 16:46

51st Sartarius

Home Planet

Sartarius (destroyed)


Captain John "Razor" Breck (highest ranking officer remaining)

Force Size

In their Background story (which I won't include here, it's really long) they have roughly 670 men remaining. This includes all Tanks and Artillery. On the Table Top they have about 160 men, no tanks.

The 51st Sartarius excel in city fighting, and moving through rough terrain. They also use ruined buildings and any cover better than most other men. All are trained in infiltrating enemy lines and positions. Due to a lack of Tanks, they usually rely upon Artillery Bombardments from mortars and Quad Launchers.

Doctrines: Light Infantry, Cameleoline, Die-Hards, Iron Discipline, Heavy Weapons platoons.

Colonel Deal
05-04-2007, 16:56
Name: Corsian 99th Urban Recon
Home planet: Corsia Prime
Commanding Officer: Colonel Deal
Numbers: (fluff-wise) Regiment is roughly 4000 men split between 10 companies of roughly 400 men.
Background: The Corsian 99th excel at rapid deployment and reconnaissance of urban terrain. The regiment is light infantry, supported by scouting vehicles, lacking any heavy armour. On the rare occassions when armour is needed they requisition vehicles from other regiments in the current theatre of war. Doctrines: Light Infantry, Sharpshooters, Veterans, Stormtrooper squads and close order drill.

Name: 12th Valhallan Artillery
Home planet: Valhalla
Commanding Officer: Colonel Dimitri Stukov
Numbers: (fluff-wise) 6000 men split between 12 Companies, 30 artillery pieces per company. (real) 1 platoon and 1 basilisk so far.

Name: Royal Volpone 50th "Bluebloods"
Home planet: Volpone
Commanding Officer: Colonel Gizhaum Danver De Banzi Haight Gilbear
Numbers: (fluff-wise) Upwards of 8000 men split between 12 Companies. (real) Command platoon and 1 platoon.

Name: 105th Drookian Fen Guard, 3rd Company
Home planet: Drookia
Commanding Officer: Major Ardran
Numbers: (fluff-wise) 1 Company of 500 men. (real) 2 platoons

05-04-2007, 17:05
Persepolis 3rd Companies/7th Persepolis Cataphracts


Commanding Officer
Colonel Augustine (Infantry)
Major Locke (Armored Company)
Captain Argentis (Grenadiers)

3rd Infantry Company (Full Company 200+ men)
3rd Armored Company (12 Leman Russes plus support vehicles/artillery)
7th Cataphracts (9 Stormtrooper Equivilent Squads plus attending Chimeras and Aircraft)

Brought back into the Imperium by Solar Macharius, the Persepolis regiments adhere strictly to Imperial tactics and training with no doctrinal deviation. The unique Cataphract regiments are grenadier-esque squads who have been granted several naval aircraft after they successfully salvaged the "Lord of Light" hulk from the wreckage of Macharius after the Black Crusade.

05-04-2007, 17:13
Name : Cadian 12th Siege Infantry Regiment
Home Planet : Cadia
Commander : Lt. Gen. Lucius Black
Force Size : Under-strength due to repeated actions on Cadia in the aftermath of the 13th Black Crusade. Currently has nine infantry companies with just under 3000 troops, plus two artillery companies.
Background : The regiment was re-formed during the 13th Black Crusade from the remnants of the the previous 12th regiment, and from other depleted units. In particular, there are significant numbers of Macharian soldiers, who were absorbed into the unit after the loss of their homeworld.

It fills the specialised role of breaching enemy strong points and assaulting urban centres. As a result, the regiment is comparatively well equipped, with Carapace armour as standard. It also contains significant numbers of Grenadier and Stormtrooper infantry. The nature of the fighting they are involved in means a high attrition rate, leading to the regiment earning the nickname of 'The Bloody 12th'.

05-04-2007, 17:41
Name: 1st Mechanised Regiment of Ultramar (Experimental)

Homeplanet: Various, recruited from the Realm of Ultramar

Commanding Officer: Commander Chard

Numbers/Strength: 4 Armoured Infantry Comapanies, 4 Heavy Armour Companies, 2 Artillery Companies

Background: Following the defeat of an Ultramar regiment at the hands of traitorous armoured units on Thexia, it was decided by the high command of Macragge that an experimentle armoured force should be raised, consisting largely of transports, tanks and mobile heavy artillery.
Currently the 1st is serving with the Ultramar Crusade forces attempting to retake the Prandia Sector. Due to the regiment's success at Marlowe City the unit may become a fixed formation within the forces of Ultramar.

05-04-2007, 18:11
Name: Salusan 2nd regiment, 9th Mechanised Company

Home Planet: Salusa, Necromundan Sector.

Commanding Officer: Company commanader; Capt. Idaho

Regimental Strength;
1 Super Heavy Co. (3 Shadowswords) 3 standard armoured companies (10 Leman Russ MBT) 1 Company Demolisher Tanks.
10 Mechanised Companies, 1 Hydra Company, 1 Recon Company, 1 Artillery Company, 1 Logistical Company.

Company Strength;
1 Mechanised Infantry Platoon:- Command section, 5 Infantry squads, 6 Chimeras.
1 HQ platoon:- Command section, 2 Anti-tank squads, 3 Chimeras.
Recon squadron:- 2 Salamander Scouts
Attached armoured platoon:- 3 Demolisher Tanks (4th Armoured Co. 2nd Platoon)
Attached; Tech-priest with servitors and Chimera.
Attached; Logistic support:- Trojan
Attached; Hydra Platform

Raised as a mobile formation from a planet recieving logistical support from the Hive World of Necromunda. Deployed to FIBOS SECUNDUS, the regiment's senior officers were "Found Wanting" by the assigned commissars. Further details of these incidents are unknown as all commissars met with unfortunate accidents within 6 hours.
Members of the Ecclesiarchy have been expelled from the regiment, though Tech-Priests remain embedded.
The loyalties of the regiment are under question but the matter seems undecided at this time.

05-04-2007, 18:17
Name: 57th Krieg Panzergrenadiers.

Home Planet: Krieg.

Commander:Regiment: Oberst Ludwig von Stauffenberg.
Commander:Company A, 1st Battallion (actual play army): Hauptmann Erich Vorbeck.

Size: 1 Regiment: 9 Companies, 3 Battallions, ~1000 soldiers in total/~600 infantry, approximatley 100 Tanks of various classifications.
(actual playable army is one company, 60 Stormtroopers, 5 man Command squad w/JO, 7 Chimera's, a hellhound, two Russ's and a Demolisher, above info is just fluff)

Background: The 57th is a mechanized grenadier regiment, making extensive use of elite heavy infantry and armor assets. 60 Grenadiers (in the army list this works out as 30 "Grenadiers" and 30 "Stormtroopers") per company with attendant Chimera's provide infantry support for the armored fist of the Leman Russ contingent attached to each company. The 57th is employed in a shock role, breaching enemy trench systems or other fixed defences and then exploiting said breach and allowing other units to take advantage of the confusion and panic in the enemies lines to launch an all out attack. The 57th is also employed to react to similar breaches of Imperial lines and drive back attackers through weight of armor and the skills of the elite troops belonging to the unit. Futher responsibilities are expanded to include pursuit and interception of enemy units, as well as conducting operations in more mobile combat environments or high risk special operations, where normal Krieg siege regiments may be put at a disadvantage

Doctrines: Grenadiers, Stormtroopers, Iron Discipline.

05-04-2007, 19:25
Name: 4th Kanada / 786 segmentum penal legion

Home Planet: Kanada / various

Size: 4th Kanada: approximately 500 men strong, including logistical support and tank crews. the size of the accompanying penal legion constantly varies in size with battles, and inductions from the local populace. Playable army: 67 infantry, demolisher, and an armageddon pattern basilisk, plus 40ish conscripts from my previous guard army.

Background: the 4th Kanada has been in continual operation for nearly a century, moving from planet to planet. It is a regiment of elite heavy infantry. The 4th Kanada specializes in urban warfare and combat in harsh climates. The 4th Kanada is also known for it's habit of depopulating combat zones. Whenever there is a civilian presence left where the 4th Kanada is deployed, the majority of the civilians are press ganged into the 786th penal legion. This is how the 4th Kanada has been able to remain a functioning regiment despite beign in field operations for so long. They use the penal legion as a recruitment division, selecting replacements for regular line infantry from among their ranks. morale among the infantry is maintained by the distribution of various narcotics among the troops, resulting in a very brave fighting line, bu unfortunately making the troops very dysfunctional off the battlefield. By remaining a full strength regiment they are able to remain resupplied. It is rumored that less than half of the regiment is actually from Kanada, and that the majority is made up of unfortunates who have been drafted from various civilian populations of the planets they have fought on.

05-04-2007, 20:09
Name: Castellan 101st armoured regiment, 1st company

Home planet: -data corrupted-

size: real: 55 men, 2 commissars, 40 conscripted militia men, 4 experimental augmented abhumans = ogryns with a techpriest in a funky legged chair :D, 2 lemann russ battletanks, 7 chimeras,

Commander: Colonel Gregorius

Backround: basically a crusade force, moving from one zone to the next, occasionally forcefully drafting militia troops to aid (operation: meatshield :P)

Doctrines: ogryns, conscript platoons, mechanized, die hards, independent commissars

05-04-2007, 23:25
Name: catachan 36ers with allied contingent
Homeworld: piscina VII
Commanding officer: Captain Andronicus Pender
Numbers: A large regiment consisting of the catachan some cadian allies and an inquisitorial contingent
Background: the catachan 36ers original patrolled the jungles of piscina VII but where transfered to medusa v to protect it from the scum of the galaxy, there jungle fighting abilitys quickly adapted to the city conditions and they soon exceled at city fighting. They where guarding a complex with the cadian 93rdwhen chaos attacked, the cadian attacked and killed enough to allow the catachan 36ers to slaughter the rest, unfotunately the damage was done, only a few squads of cadians survived but to honour there commitment to the empire they joined the catachan 36ers. when the returned to piscina VII they where moved to the capital city to protect it from a chaos invasion.

07-04-2007, 17:21
Name: Ludzo 9th Lancers

Homeword: Ludzo, Segmentum Pacificus

Current Numbers.
Alpha company: 20 squads

Beta company: 100 conscripts

Mu company, armoured: 8 Russ variants, with associated field mobile artillery, siege tank support and mechanised infantry platoon .

Omega Artillery detachment. 3 earthshaker platforms, with Hyda AA escort.

Super heavy tank, and Imperial navy support arriving sometime soon.

The Ludzo 9th are a mixed infantry regiment, with a tradition dating back almost 4000 years of holding back the Imperiums foes. They have minimal presence from the Ecclesiarchy, very few Pykers and Commissars are uncommon in this well disciplined regiment.

They tend to have a fairly well emplaced infantry line, and use an armored thrust to push the enemy on their guns. If they have to advance, it is either with heavy armoured support, or behind a screen of veterans and light infantry scouting the way.

They have had a long running series of battles with Orks, since they over-ran the nearby forge-world of Tigris, and several worlds in system have low level infestations of greenskins. This has lead to a long running tradition of Ork-hunting from horseback. The explosive lance was eagerly adopted when it was encountered in a campaign in M36. Platoons of mounted troops ride out with the line infantry in most engagements, clad in their heavier armour, and distinctively shaped helmets. It is an honour, with an unfortunately low life expectancy to be asked to join the mounted platoons.

The system has a minor forge-world, which can still produce, in small numbers the Vanquisher cannon, along with most of the common variants of the smaller imperial vehicles.

The regiment is currently conducting training exercises against a nearby marine chapter, to hone their battle readiness before Waaaaargh!!! Tournament arrives.

Doctrines. Rough riders, Close order, Iron Discipline, light infantry, conscripts

07-04-2007, 17:36
Name: Mordian Iron Guard, 2nd Regiment
Home planet: Mordian (it´s Mordia in today´s fluff, isn´t it?)

size: about 200 men including 10 Stormtroopers, 10 Ratlings, 6 Ogryns, 2 Sanctioned Psykers and 15 inducted Tallarn Rough Riders.

Vehicles: 3 Leman Russ BattleTanks, 1 Leman Russ Demolisher, 2 Leman Russ Exterminators, 2 Chimeras, 1 Griffon, 1 Basilisk, 2 Hellhounds and 9 Sentinels

Command: Captain Baldur von Hallstein, Commissar Holt

Background: As they´re Mordians, most of the stuff they do is fighting chaos wherever they can find it. They are however not disgruntled (well, not more than usual) if they get to kill some Tau, Eldar and Orks.

Doctrines: none, basic Regiment list.

07-04-2007, 18:36
Name: Harakoni 10th Armoured Cataphracts

homeplanet: Harakon

Commanding Officer: General Voyen

Close Order Drill.
Iron Discipline.
Carapace Armour.
Rough Riders.

numbers/strength/size: Est. 7000 Armoured Men, 1800 Medica and Support Personel

Backround: The Harakoni 10th Armoured Cataphracts is the latest of the ground fighting regiments from the world of Harakon. They fight as a wall of men, with the bayonets forming an impenetrable barrier. Armoured Vehicles is a large part of their tactics and, unlike the normal formation that tanks has their own companies, the tanks is here as much part of the regiment as every other soldier.


07-04-2007, 21:28
I've also got Praetoreans and Catchcans, but I'll tell you alittle about my homebrewed Regiment.

Name:Icruean 135th Armoured Division
Icurean 135th Infantry Division

homeplanet:Icurea Prime

Commanding Officer:Icurean 135th Infantry: Major Cezar Hernandez
Icurean 135th Armoured:Awaiting replacement after the death of Commander Schroder on Medusa V.

numbers/strength/size:******* huge. (Haven't calculated yet)

Backround(optional): During the DAOT the planet of Icurea Prime maintained most of its technology and manufacturing base. As such, when the Emperor's Light finally came to Icurea Prime, the people of the planet fought against him bitterly. After finally being humbled and swearing oaths of loyalty, the Icureans have sent regiment after regiment to fight the Imperium's causes.

The Icurean Regiments are strange in the fact that each one will have at least one of each of the following regiment sized divisions: Infantry, Mechanized Infantry, Armoured Company, and Rangers. As such the Icurean regiments are prized for their tactical diversity and loyalty to the Imperium.

07-04-2007, 22:54
I have many, so I won't bother you with the background. :)

Regiment Number 1:
Rigellian LIX Infantry Division, O/C: General Steiner until 002.M42*, now General Wossmann. Planet of origin Rigel (Rigellian Sector, Ultima Segmentum).

Regiment Number 2:
Lekotillish 19th Air Assault, O/C: Major Brenner. Planet of origin Lekotillia.

Regiment Number 3:
Darendaran X Mechanised, O/C Lt-Colonel Aleksandr Vitensky. Planet of origin, Darendara.

Regiment Number 4:
9th Drokharan Taureg Legion, O/C Colonel Yassir ibn Al-Ahmad. Planet of origin, Drokhara.

Regiment Number 5:
1st Regiment of Foot, O/C Lord-Major Rorvan. Planet of origin, Nova Castella. First Company known as the 'Whitecoats'.

Regiment Number 6:
239th Penal Legion, O/C unknown, due to severe casualties sustained in combat. Possibly Captain Cullen of Red Company. Planet of origin N/A.

Regiment Number 7:
'MacForce', 7th Highlanders, O/C Major MacDonald. Planet of origin, Skye's World.

Regiment Number 8:
XV Kataphraktoi, O/C [CLASSIFIED]. Planet of origin, Karaboudjan.

There are at least another six I can't remember, including another Rigellian one, some genetik infantry, and the feared Parvassian 9th Dragoons... :D

* Promoted to Lord General commanding Crusade Group Amalthea, charged with responding to the Tau's so-called "Third Sphere Expansion".

08-04-2007, 03:46
Name: Mordian Paramilitary
Homeworld: Undisclosed Planet near Mordia
Commander: Col. Percival G. Butts

Mordian Paramilitary Pict Record (http://s172.photobucket.com/albums/w40/Hespithe/Imperial%20Guard/)

colonel c
08-04-2007, 04:12
name-400th Cadian/100th cadian armored cavalry

home world-Cadia

regiment type-combined arms force

commanding officer-colonel Paige

operational strength-10.000 line infantry 1000 Leman Russ MBT,S and variants, 9 macharius heavy tanks, one baneblade, 4 mechanized infantry company's, and two artillery company's

background-the cadian 400th was founded in the snow coved kasr valten region renowned for its massive mountain ranges and tank foundry's. Its current commander Paige was elevated to colonel after the thirteenth black crusade when the regiments most Senior officer was killed by yeaghatorth a chaos lord of the word bearers legion.

Contrary to popular belief yeaghatorth was not killed by Paige in some glorious sword fight but rather by a plasma shot to the head. all regiments founded in kasr valten are combined arms regiments that are usually two regiments but almost always move and fight as one. Though unusual this tactic has proven very effective.

08-04-2007, 04:30
Name: 134th Sarceren Shin Kickers

Homeworld: Sarceren XI

Commanding Officer: Boss-General Nosebiter

numbers/strength/size: No one's been able to count, and given the nature of the army, likely high variable. Real world, none, haven't gotten around to doing any of them yet.

Warboss Shaggutz walked through the gates to the semi-ruined Imperial Guard base with his Nobs in tow. He looked around curiously. There were grots everywhere. Whoever this warboss was he must really have stomped this planet good if he only needed grots on guard duty. There were a large group of the little gits standing not far inside the gate. he realized most of them were carrying the guns humie's used. Laypissers or something like that. Not real guns, but good enough for grots.

"Hey, youz der. I'z lookin fer ya warboss. Who'z in charge round 'ere?" One grot standing near the front of the group with an unusual amount of ornamentation on his uniform looked the Ork up and down.

"I am boss-general Nosebiter, and I'm in command of this detachment." Shaggutz stared at the small creature for a moment and then burst out laughing.

"Haha! A grot boss of a 'ole baze? Dat's a gud one. Now I got a Waaagh to runz, and I needs all DA choppas and sluggas I can put on DA ground, so were iz all da boyz around here?" The gretchin shook his head.

"I assure you I am, in fact, in command. And the only 'boyz' you'll find around here are the dead kind." Shaggutz was starting to get cross.

"Lissen 'ere ya lil blighter. I'z always got room for more grots cannon fodder in me waagh, but ya better smarten up and getz da real boss out here before I stomp ya AND smash ya." Behind him the nobz began to draw their weapons.

"I don't think so sir." Nosebiter raised his hand and tracer fire from a dozen autocannons around the compound converged on the Orks. "Commyzar Toestomp?" Another Grot strode up beside Nosebiter "See to it that our esteemed guests are returned to their command with all due haste." The commyzar saluted smartly.

"Yes sir!" he turned and shouted to someone in the crowd "Prepare the Ordynator!"

================================================== =======

File: 1834792D8
Date: 5834997.M41
Subject: Greenskin adaptability with referance to the 134th Sarceren Shin Kickers.
Cross Referance: Ordos Xenos High Command, Deathwatch Command 139XI

None are truly certain of what occured on Sarceren XI with regards to the ork population there. Although the Magos Biologis has spent considerable time attempting to determine just that. Initially, in the spring of 994.M41 it was believed to be a good thing for local defenders when Ork carcases were found simply wasted away. Unfortunatly, there were unforseen side effects.

Specifically the green skin sub-species known as the "Gretchin" or "Grot" proved especially resilient to whatever the cause was, and grew in unprecendented numbers.

In the waning years of 995.M41 all contact was lost with the Guard regiment stationed on Sarceren, the 134th Kowloon Jaegers. When a relief crew arrived in the later half of the year, they found the Jaegers wiped out to a man.

More terrifying still were the Jaeger's bases. Over run with grots, fighting like Guardsmen.

Declaring themselves the 134th (presumably to keep from having to re-number their equipment) Sarceren Shin Kickers, commanded by a "Boss General" Nosebiter repeled the Imperial Guard relief forces, and took to the stars. They have appeared on numerous worlds. They strike quickly and visciously, then, when they're victorious, they fall back to their transports and flee to the next system.

Their organization follows the Imperial Guard standard quite closely, though
their combat tactic rely much less on firepower than stealth and close range
assaults. They also are somewhat short on vehicles in their fields. However,
their stealth combined with the Jaeger's heavy supply of meltaguns (refered
to by the Xenos as "meltyguz") has ensured they are not overly handicapped
against tank heavy forces.

08-04-2007, 05:21
Name: Catachan XIII "Black Cats"

Motto: Pray that a Black Cat never crosses your path

Homeworld: Catachan

Commanding Officer: Colonel Culven

Fighting Strength: Approximately 200 Infantry supported by 9 Catachan Pattern Sentinels

Backround: Named after a large, highly aggressive feline native to Catachan, the Company sized force specializes in tracking and ambushing their target in a variety of terrain, employing tactics developed in Jungle warfare. The force employs several different units, including Infantry platoons, Fire Support squads, Mortars, Assault Teams (special weapons squads), Ogryns, and the often disfavored Catachan Pattern sentinel to achieve their missions.

Due to the specialist nature of the force, finding appropriately trained Commissars to accompany them has been difficult. The extremely high attrition rate suggests that the Schola Progenium has yet to produce a Commissar who can survive more than a handful of missions accompying the Catachan XIII.

08-04-2007, 08:39
Name: 1st Gan-Haden 'Wildcards'

Homeworld: Gan-Haden

Commanding Officer: Colonel Dutch Fishborne - unlike other regimental commanders, was not born on Gan-Haden. He was orphaned after his family was butched by Dark eldar pirates, save his two sisters Maggie and Alora. They, after a lengthy adventure that would take up an entire chapter, were dropped off at the space port "Sky's Reach" on Gan-Haden to be found and adopted by a loving older couple. The Two sisters stayed behind on the planet, one marrying the foster parents grandson and the other becoming a well respected doctor.

Fishborne joined the Tithe Regiments from Gan-Haden on his eighteenth birthday to try and avenge his biological parents murder. He rose through the ranks of officers during his first off world campaign against a wayward system called 'Chestna Prime'. While only a captain at 25, he was suddenly and forcefully put into regimental command as heretic forces broke through imperial lines and butchered the current Loyal generals and colonels during a false staff meeting. Designed to cut off the head of the loyalist armies and scatter them, and to its credit, almost did. Fishborne, being the highest ranking officer left alive, gathered the remaining imperial forces to defend the last remaining working spaceport until relief came. The first Gan-Haden Regiment was thus nicknamed 'Wildcards' to commemorate them being such a pivotal force during the war.

He has since then lead his regiment through many campaigns and crusades. Most recently and notably during the Medusa V crusade, and the Kaffing Prime campaign under the command of General Anthony Eddard Hunter.

Regiment numbers/strength/size: (Fluff) 1000 infantry, 1 Armored company, enough chimeras to fit everyone in (real) 500 infantry, 20 Armour pieces

Backgroud:To know about the wildcards is first to know about their homeworld. First settled in the age of exploration, then re-conquered by The Dark Angel space marine legion during the closing of the great crusade, it has only one major export, weapons grade plasma. The source of this is a Aquatic lifeform (nicknamed 'brights') that produces plasma as a self defense weapon to fight off predators. Since this was revealed, the population has kept the migratory patterns of these secret for thousands of years to save them from mass harvesting.

While most plasma factories are on heavily fortified forgeworlds, the fact that this small world can produce massive amounts of weapons grade plasma has made it a prime target for pirates and traitor fleets. So to remedy this, a lunar base was constructed with a space dock large enough to base up to a cruiser size vessel. So one is always stationed there. Also, to help preserve the planets ecosystem, and thus saving the 'brights', the lunar base has an sister building next to it, that of a plasma factory. The 35 adapts Mechanicus members that man the building are all native born Gan-Hadens and have all been trained on mars itself.

Due to the over abundance of plasma, the regiments that hail from Gan-Haden are very well equipped with plasma weaponry. They wear earthly brown greatcoats that have slight veins of plasma running though them that, if properly charged, can temporally blur the outline of whomever is wearing the coat. They are in the same class as camoline cloaks and the 'Wildcards' are well known for their ambush abilities.

Also, since recent reinforcements from Gan-Haden have been delayed, the regiment only numbers around 1000 troopers. Including a company of Medusa V PDF rescued during the last days of fighting and a troop of Carolonian mechanized infantry.


dr vompire
08-04-2007, 11:13
Name: 103rd Bevois 'moosemen'

Homeplanet: the most violent parts of the underhive in Hive Bevois, the most violent hive on the planet of Portswood

Commanding officer: Lord Basil the Moose

Numbers/strength: full light infantry regiment of ~5000 + Abhuman and rough rider support.

Background: raised by the pressganging of the entire 'mooseman' hive gang into the Guard the 103rd moosemen, or moose as they call themselves specialise in urban light infantry roles. With urban camo they are quite adept at remaining undetected behind enemy lines, although the entire regiments insistance on dying they're hair bright green to show gang loyalty somewhat detracts from this. Lord Basil; however maintains that this merely means they are able to hide in less urban environments, after all have you ever seen a moose hiding in a tree?

08-04-2007, 11:35
Unit Designation: 4th Praetorian Foot, the Lord Governor’s Own

Planet of Origin: Praetoria

Background: The 4th Praetorian Foot is one of Praetoria’s two battalion regiments, the system means in theory that while one battalion may be in service with the Imperial Guard the other will remain on Praetoria on home service. The result of this system is that the Praetorian PDF is never without a core of well trained troops, it also means that many of Praetoria’s regiments have continuous histories spanning millennia. The 4th was called upon for the twenty-ninth time to muster for service in the Imperial Guard in 998.M41 and on this occasion second battalion was mustered to respond to this honour.

The battalion follows the standard template of all such units, consisting of just under 900 officers and men split into eight lettered companies under the command of a lieutenant-colonel (see Col.Gravis’s treatise entitled, ‘The Praetorian Muster of 906.M41’ for a more detailed examination of the organisation of Praetorian formations). The battalion is further augmented by support weaponry crewed by men of the Praetorian Artillery Corps on permanent attachment, this combined force regarded by the Imperial Guard as a complete Regiment and known as such.

Following a brief conflict on the world of Fanden IV where the 4th Praetorian Foot was called upon to take part in an action against a minor Ork invasion (a common incident in the far reaches of Segmentum Tempestus) the regiment has now found itself as part of the Segmentum’s standing Imperial Guard army under the direct command of General Pendleton alongside a number of other Praetorian formations.


08-04-2007, 13:28
Name: 171st Krethic Rifles

Home Planet: Krethic (Hive World)

Commanding Officer: Colonel Talarus Oppius

Numbers/Size: 2000 Conscritps 800 Infantry 200 Veterans (Approx.)

Background: The Regiments of Krethic are generally three times the size of a standard Imperial Guard Regiment; due to the astounding numbers of civillian conscripts that are called upon to take arms as part of a planet wide life long millitary service scheme.

Rank progression is simple- A new recruit would be issued with a lasgun and flack armour (these have often seen useage by tens of soldiers before them.). They will then go through basic training which lasts eight days and are formed into a conscirpt platoon before being sent to a warzone. If a conscript survives 6 months then they become part of an infantry squad formed of the remenants of their conscript platoon. Should they show an aptitude for useage of weaponry then they become part of a heavy weapons team or are granted a special weapon (most often a plasma or melta gun.). If they survive a further 6 months then they and their squad will then become one of the infamous Death Drop squads who are deployed via air drop directly behind enemy lines and are tasked with destroying enemy heavy infantry and armour before they are inevitably overwhelmed by the enemy. This however, is a blessing to the men of the Death Drop squads as they are nearly always little more than insane, nervous shadows of their former selves after only a year of service with the regiment.

Should a Guardsmen show at any point affinity for leadership they will be immidiatly enter officer training, and if they are an outstanding member of their class then they will be taken for further training to become one of the feared and reveared Commissars who are tasked with leading the Conscript platoons into whatever hell they may face.

The Krethic Riles are famous for their lack of any armoured support in the form of tanks. However, they do make frequent use of Basilisk mobile artilliary platforms.

Their combat doctraine is simple: Arrive at a battle zone, dig in, and send wave after wave of men at the enemy positions without pause. They have been known to send entire regiments to their doom in order to gain just a few kilometres of ground.

08-04-2007, 14:49
Regiment Name: Mycenaean 21st

Homeworld: Mycenaean Cluster, Sub Sector Olympia, Segmentum Tempestus

Commanding Officer: King Lysandius

Regimental Doctrine: The Mycenaean’s are undoubtedly an Infantry Formation, which specialize in spearhead assaults and should be properly deployed at the forefront of an advance. Mycenaean bravery and discipline are exemplary however their lack of support weapons can cause problems as their rapid advances often separate them from supporting guard formations.

The equipment used by Mycenaean Guardsmen are unorthodox compared to the vast majority of Guardsmen, the most unusual part of the equipment is the tower shield carried by all guardsmen and officers alike, these shields are carried on the left forearm and are effective against small arms fire, individually these shields are effective tools but their true potential lies in large scale engagements when squad members can form a shieldwall against enemy fire. This is entirely fitting with the Myceanian mindset of trust and honour. It is also a permanent reminder that the advance is unbreakable but retreat by even a single individual can leave the formation vulnerable. Guardsmen are also equipped with a ‘skirt’ of lightweight scale mail manufactured locally and the torso is covered by a standard issue flak armour, this is significantly more protection than the average guardsman and is comparible to carapace armour. Cadian pattern lasrifles are favoured. Regimental Doctrine favours the use of the Grenade launcher and Autocannon as support weapons, the flexibility of these weapons makes up for the lack of Armoured support.

Regimental History is varied and diverse. From the noble sacrifice of the entire Mycenaean 1st at Zama Tertius, the brutal skirmishes endured by the Mycenaean 17th during the Kirrellian Border Wars and the successes by the 20th during the Nimbosa Crusade. As the situation stands at the moment, the remains of the Mycenaean 17th are assisting colonists on Nonimax Trinary, the 19th are sweeping through the rebel strongholds on Luactra. Nothing has been heard of the 20th for some months. The 21st await their inauguration ceremony and it is guessed that their first orders will be to discover the fate of their brothers in the 20th …

13-04-2007, 23:24
Well, I hope this isnt thread necromancy, but I dont want this thread to die:D .

REGIMENT NAME- Mordian 518th

HOMEWORLD- Mordian (still says its mordian in the rulebook's starchart)

COMANDING OFFICER- Senior officer Cornelius

NUMBERS- Well, still pretty small, 2 men and hopefully three heavy bolter teams by tomorrw (If Ebay alows:p ) but fluff wise, 1500 men, 5 chimera, 5 Lemon Russ Battle tank, 3 Hellounds, 10 Sentinals, 10 Sanctioned Psykers, 1 Commisar, 25 Lutenents, and the Colonol.

BACKROUND- Founded when Chaos invaded Mordian, the 518th was made up of Conscript forces. Although not very well trained or equipped, the 518th put up heroic fights until being wiped out to all but 50 men and women. The regiment was re founded, and they once more sallied forth from the Hives of Mordian to fight the forces of Chaos. This time, they were victorius, and helped drive away the chaos marines from Vanandra City. Here, they lost nearly half of the remaining troops, and were not bolstered with new troops until many years later.

UNIFORM- Dark green jacket, White pants, And yellow decortion, with highly polished blac leather belt and boots, With an equally polished Black Lasrifle/Grenade Launcher/any other wepeon.

14-04-2007, 01:00
Name: XVII Phyressian Rangers

Homeplanet: Phyruss

Commanding Officer: Brigadier Getz

numbers/strength/size: It's a regiment... Go figure.

Backround(optional): A relatively young regiment, the XVII Rangers are the third of three regiments of Rangers raised on Phyruss in an attempt to increase the number of air mobile Regiments available to the Imperial Guard. The XVII Rangers have only participated in one major campaign to date - receiving their baptism of fire on Medusa V - but their command staff is made up in equal parts of veteran Phyressian and Elysian officers, transfered from the 11th Elysian Airborn Regiment which was disbanded after taking heavy losses at during the Hellfire River campaign on Speriax. To date the XVII Rangers have performed excellently and are currently assigned to Inquistor Mackensen of the Ordo Hereticus. Most recently they have been engaged against renegade forces in the Damar system.

Since this picture was taken the Rangers have aquired an extra Grenadier squad, a second fire support squad and a third Sentinel Squadron.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/Getz/Guard/DSCN0428.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v454/Getz/Guard/Guardsman1.bmp

14-04-2007, 01:23
Name: 314th Necromunda A Company

Homeplanet: Necromunda

Commanding Officer: Lt. Cl. Ian Pierce

numbers/strength/size: 1 full company bolstered by local recruited conscriptes

The 314th (Malcadons) are a very new reginment raised from PDF forces on Necromunda. Their first combat action as a full Imperial Guard unit came on Medusa V where they billeted to reinforce eixsting units. Being drawn, primarily, from the Underhive of Necromunda Prime, the unit tends to specialize in urban warfare. To expand the unit's capabilities, a platoon from the 427 Heavy Armor Division are currently organizally attached to the 314th.

Uniform/Standard Field Markings Fatigues - Black: FLak Armor - Red: Vehicles - Type I Standard Camo (Red/Black). 427 Heavy Armor - Type III Varigated Camo - (Red/Brown)

14-04-2007, 03:59
Having not read the posts (my apologies, I'm studying for a test with a quick break inbetween but the fluff looks awesome everyone) does anyone have their regiment number as the 501st? Just curious. Reminds me of Vader's stormtroopers. The elite of the elite.

14-04-2007, 13:44
Name: 151st Carentani Light Infantry
Nickname: The Wolf Cubs
Home Planet: Carentya
Commanding Officer: Lt.Col Danial Redemond
Strength: 3 Infantry Battalions (2400 Men, Officers and Other ranks) with supporting Artillary and Armour. Not including casualties from recent actions on Medusa
Colours, Uniforms: Black Armour with Codex Grey uniforms and helmets. Black Weapons. Wolf Insignia in white on right shoulder pad, Imperial Eagle and "151" on Left.
Colours, Vehicles: Jet Black Armour, Golden/White Insignia
Colours, Regimental Flag: Blue background with a White Shield, rearing Wolf emblazoned on the shield, trimmed in gold, noticably battle scarred. All major battle honours recorded

History: A relatively new regiment, tithed for the Imperium during rumours of Thraka's WAAAAGH for Armageddon. Found themselves nearby during the incident and took heavy losses and earned their first Battle Honour on the Plain of Anthrand on Armageddon Prime, holding back several Ork Attacks with disciplined rifle fire as heavy weapons were still in transit after they were dropped into the combat zone. Since then they have been engaged in several sectors, their light infantry drop troop status allowing them to be a rapid reaction force to reinforce beleagured attacks and defenses at a moment notice.

During the Medusa Campaign, they were used as bait to draw out a chaos assault, allowing the Space Wolves to counter attack and kill the Sorcerer Goramoth, responsible for inflicitng several defeats on loyalist forces. The whole regiment was dropped near to Goramoths suspected position, and sure enough out poured hordes or mutants and traitors, nearly overwhelming the Imperial lines, but once more the discipline and resole of the 151st carried the day, and as the Space Wolves drop pods began landing the order went out to "Fix Bayonets and Advance by Platoon" As half the regiment gave accurate volleys of fire, the other half would dash forward a hundred yards or so and begin firing, forcing back the sorcerers forces, until they reached their camp, where defensive postions had stalled the Marine advance. With no second thought, Lt.Col Redemond ordered the colours to be unfurled and personally led the bayonet charge on the bunkers, and despite heavy losses among the light infantry, an opening was created which the Space Wolves exploited, quickly isolating and slaying the Chaos Sorcerer. On that day, for fighting with the ferocity of the Space Wolves they gained their nickname as the baby wolves or "Wolf Cubs" and an alliance with the Marines, who handed out wolf tail charms to those who had distinguished themselves with acts of bravery and who'se runesmiths embalzoned the banner with the new symbol of the rearing wolf.

Most recent engagemant was facing the Tau and their expansion for the Greater Good, holding of a determined Tau assault on an exposed Imperial Outpost. Heroes of the day included
Cpt Sire, KIA drawing fire away from the disciplined rifle squads who were causing heavy casualties on the exposed Tau Firewarriors by charging at their positions and shooting 3 with his bolt pistol, causing 2 enitre squads to dedicate their fire to killing him
Lt Haresman and Platoon, whose defensive positions were held inspite of heavy casualties from Pulse Rifles and inflicted over 30 Tau KIA with Lasguns and Sniper Fire
VSgt Deboer, who saw the Tau General in his damaged suit try to flee. The canny Tau expected this and saught refuge in a burned out factory, plasma and missile fire ineffective against the faul xenos, Deboer calmly placed a lasrifle round through the aliens suit jet pack, blowing up the suit and its wearer.
L/Cpl Riekkson, whose squad was shot to pieces when ambushed by a stealth team. In the carnage the sole survivor and his trusy flamer dashed behind the firewarriors position and was ignored as a "scared gue'vra before he incinerated 2 Tau Firewarrior teams and avenged his fallen comrades, KIA by Pulse Rifle Fire

Pete - Witch Hunter
14-04-2007, 17:59
Name: Elljan 24th

Homeplanet: Elljan

Commanding Officer: Colonel.P.G.Shrapnel

Numbers/Strength: 2500 fighting men & women, 50 chimera and their associated crew, 50 sentinel walkers and their crews, 50 attached Storm Troopers. Supported by the Elljan 42nd Armoured regiment.

Backround: An extremely well drilled and disciplined military is maintained by the planet Elljan, led by charismatic officers from the upper echelons of society and royal families. Elljan regiments tithed to the Imperial Guard are often at the forefront of crusades, expanding the reach of their homeworld who's King (or Queen, depending on the date) rules to bring the light of the Emperor to the darkest reaches of the Imperium. The King-Emperor is the ruler of a small collection of planets, and were he not so noble in his cause would surely have found himself under the scrutiny of the Inquisition. The Imperial cult is strongly followed around Elljan, with belief in the divinity of the God Emperor unquestioned. A strong presence is held by the Adepta Sororitas on the planet, and there can be as many as 10 000 Sisters available to fight at any one time.

Elljan is a civillised world in the Imperium, and any planets that come under its control are quickly put to use - transport networks constructed, mining operations commenced - all to feed the factories on Elljan and its forge-moon. Colonial garrisons are maintained on these converted worlds, and new regiments raised. There is great variety under the Elljan banner from the Royal Cavalry regiments who guard the King and the homeworld, to the lethal Ghurak mercenaries with their preference for close, guerilla fighting and hand to hand cmbat.

The Elljan 24th is at the lead of a force that has been despatched on a campaign around the Eastern front of the Elljan empire, close to Tau space. They have aready encountered many Tau expeditionary forces, though not always with victorious results due to their limited experience with the enemy. With them are Inquisitors Marietta and Dhuum supported by a large contingent of Sisters Of Battle from the Order of the Sapphire Rose, numbering at around 2000 women. The Inquisitor's campaign is seperate from the Elljan militaries, but there paths cross quite often. The upper officers have reason to believe that it has something to do with the appearance of renegade space marines in the sector.

The current leader of the Elljan 24th is the bombastic Colonel. Shrapnel, who is not afraid to lead from the frontlines. Supporting the Colonel is the frankly scary Comissar Naitovni, who was attached to the regiment despite being from the opposite end of tha Galaxy. His distinctive fur hat marks him out as being somewhat alien to their region...

15-04-2007, 19:56
Name: 23rd Aereleon Regiment

Home Planet: Aereleon (Aurora in old maps)

Commanding Officer: Colonel Abrim Kovert,Field Commander Major Tobias Hayden

Numbers/Size: 8 Infantry Companies,2 Heavy Support companies

Rambunctious Clott
15-04-2007, 21:59
Regiment Name: Praetorian XXIV (1st company)

Homeworld: Praetoria

Commanding Officer: Colonel Henry Mathers/Captain Archibald Gline

Regimental Doctrine: Typical of the Praetorian hive-gang raised regiments, the 1st company under Captain Gline O.T.E., upon its transports, the Gothic Class Cruisers Brittania, Lord Coghill and Lord Melville, were 'conscripted' by Inquisitors Helfire and Heironymus to investigate rumours of ancient Imperial Archaeology on the planet Vaticus Prime. Coincidentally, this meant that the 1st company avoided the massacre at Big Toof River, so now they are free to seek Heroic Last Stands against all sorts of opponents!

16-04-2007, 02:57
Name: 168th Guard

Homeworld: Kronus

Commading Officer: Commisar Choke

Background: After the battle between the races during the dark crusade, the 168th were ordered to take the planet back from the Orks and Eldar. During this they sent the loyal Commisar Choke to the battle to keep the troops in line. They landed in the spaceport on kronus and split attacks on the orks and eldar. Eventually the orks retrated from the planet, yet the eldar wouldn't retreat so easy. they attacked the spaceport where only 2 squads of 20 units and commisar choke were left. They took advantage of every single piece of terrain they could, they killed the whole eldar attack force with only 4 injuries. Commisar Choke ordered reinforcments and finished the eldar from Kronus.

Try Again Bragg
16-04-2007, 04:14
Regiment Name: 1988th Konami Contras

Homeworld: Konami

Commanding Officer: Colonel Bill "Mad Dog" Rizer

1st Officer: Major Lance "Scorpion" Bean (Pictured leading his hardened veteran squad.)

16-04-2007, 06:00
Regiment Name: 19th Guderian Armoured Group (A.k.a. the Gothan Iron Knights)

Homeworld: Guderia

Commanding Officer: Colonel Zacharia Black

Strength: (currently) 1 Leviathan Maximus, 1 Escort Troop, 4 Armoured Companies, 1 Recce Company, 1 Artillery Company, 1 Siege Company, 1 Anti Aircraft Company, 1 Heavy Tank Company, 1 Super Heavy Tank Company, 1 Mechanized Pioneer Company, 4 Mechanized Infantry Companies, various supply and rear echelon elements.

History: The planet Gideria is in the Gothic Sector. It has two small moons that both house Tech Priest Monastaries. Though technically Guderia is not a Forge World, many vehicles, arms and munitions are made on the moons and the industrial centres of the planet proper.

The Guderians (also known as Gothans) have had a long noble history of being stead fast in their call to the Emperor of man. They supply multiple armoured groups to the Imperium in was of annual tithe. As a regiment heads out into the vastness of space, their plantary banner is placed in the Hall of Heros within the vast expanse that is the Governor's Palace. When word returns that the Regiment has either been destroyed, allowed to retire and settle down, or has returned to Guderia, the banner is removed and placed in the Hall of Recruits. its history embroidered onto the banner and a new Planetary banner is made. Thus, each regiment goes into combat knowing its history and carrying the name of a great regiment.

The 19th gained its name at the battle of Bristol in the year 003M32. During the battle the 19th was the spearhead against 7 enemy armoured units. During the fighting, the 19th was able to destroy 8 enemy tanks for every one of theirs either immobolised or knocked out of action. Crews of disabled tanks were said to have left their charges and proceeded against the enemy with krak grenade and las rifle. Accompanying infantry regiments said that the Guderians fought bravely and stead fast, like "Iron Knights", and thus the name was awarded to them by the Lord Marshal after the battle.

The current 19th is waiting to embark on a crusade in the Awatto System within the next few months....

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Name: Salusan 2nd regiment, 9th Mechanised Company

Home Planet: Salusa, Necromundan Sector.

Commanding Officer: Company commanader; Capt. Idaho

Regimental Strength;
1 Super Heavy Co. (3 Shadowswords) 3 standard armoured companies (10 Leman Russ MBT) 1 Company Demolisher Tanks.
10 Mechanised Companies, 1 Hydra Company, 1 Recon Company, 1 Artillery Company, 1 Logistical Company.

Company Strength;
1 Mechanised Infantry Platoon:- Command section, 5 Infantry squads, 6 Chimeras.
1 HQ platoon:- Command section, 2 Anti-tank squads, 3 Chimeras.
Recon squadron:- 2 Salamander Scouts
Attached armoured platoon:- 3 Demolisher Tanks (4th Armoured Co. 2nd Platoon)
Attached; Tech-priest with servitors and Chimera.
Attached; Logistic support:- Trojan
Attached; Hydra Platform

Raised as a mobile formation from a planet recieving logistical support from the Hive World of Necromunda. Deployed to FIBOS SECUNDUS, the regiment's senior officers were "Found Wanting" by the assigned commissars. Further details of these incidents are unknown as all commissars met with unfortunate accidents within 6 hours.
Members of the Ecclesiarchy have been expelled from the regiment, though Tech-Priests remain embedded.
The loyalties of the regiment are under question but the matter seems undecided at this time.

Adding a couple of shots in 40K and Epic;

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regimant name: valasan 1st regimant

commanding officer: lord tiberiaus nentrak of valasa


strengh/numbers: 10 infantry squads, 5 leman russ batle tanks,3 basilisks, 3 valryikes, 3 armoured fist companies, 2 hellhounds, 3 sentinal squads 2 amagedon pattern and 1 mars pattern, 4 stormtrooper squads (not kaskin models),4 ogryn squads, 3 heay weapon teams 2 hvy bolter tms 1 mortar tm, thinking of adding a titan but no money :cries: :cries: :cries:

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Name: Mordian 88th, 1st Vokes Colonial Guard

Commanding Offiser: Lt.Colonel Oscar McRayne

Regimantal Organistion: Siege and Urban Warfare

Strength: Varies. Major losses during Taros and Medusa Campaing...

Homeworld/Stationed: Mordia / Vokes Prime

Backround: Company was formed during Eye of Terror Campaing from remnant forces and where ordered as a colonial planetary defence force to Vokes Prime. During the Taros conflict the Colonial Guard was sent to reinforce the Tallarn forces. The mixed parts of old companies where torn apart by the Tau forces and wery few survided the campaing.

Sometime after Taros they where sent to the world of Medusa to help hold the lines. Low on man power, tanks and other vehicles they didn't had any chance to defend the civilian habitats and where yet again majorly destroyed.

At the time the company is still in colonial duties at Vokes Prime and the company is getting stronger. During their wartime they have tryied different fighting methods and now have strong doctrines to excel in...


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Regiment Number 1:
Macragge 333rd Mechanized Infantry Regiment
O/C: Colonel Dexter Trivium
Planet of Origin: Macragge, Ultramar, Ultima Segmentum
Current Assignment: Army Group B, Aurelius Crusade
Size: 8 Mechanized Companies, 4 Armor Companies, 3 Artillery Companies, 1 Anti Air Company, 4 Super Heavy Armor Companies, 1 Leviathan Command Vehicle
(most built in Epic eventually all of it, may build a supported Mechanized Company for 40k)

Regiment Number 2:
Macragge 339th Airborne Regiment
O/C: Colonel Favian Sevetius
Planet of Origin: Macragge, Ultramar, Ultima Segmentum
Current Assignment: Army Group B, Aurelius Crusade
Size: 9 Airborne Infantry Companies, 45 Valkyries, 16 Vultures
(right now 2 Valkyries for Aeronautica Imperialis, more to come for AI and Epic and maybe 40k)

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Name: Lenico 132nd Special Infantry Division

Commanding Officer: Lt. Colonel Aarhus Garro

Strength: Three-hundred men, thirty-seven sentinels

Homeworld/Stationed: Lenico Belt

Background: Regiment created after the Lenico Rebellion in which three of the five planets across the Lenico Belt attempted to break away from the Emperors rule. Veterans of the fifteen year war were drafted into a specially created regiment designed specifically for the infiltration and elimination of elite rebel organisations and high ranking figures of rebel pockets that still pop up along the Lenico Belt.

In more direct warfare the division are deployed behind enemy lines to disrupt the enemy and strike them from the rear. Although small the division has held its own on more than its fair share of battle grounds, earning it high respect amongst the Lenico Guard. It is considered the highest honour to be elevated into the ranks of the Special Infantry Division.

They are well known for their near suicidal attack on a Chaos supply line whilst fighting on Medusa V. Fully half of the Lenico Navy was deployed to give the division covering fire when the landed behind enemy lines in the final days of the campaign. Their attack brought enough time for the rest of the Lenico Guard to make an orderly retreat. The attack broght the division down to half strength leaving it at what it is now, but the majority of men from the Lenico Belt survived because of that sacrifice.

Neighbor Kid
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Army: Tharo's Third Armored
General: General-Commissar Strangler
Regiment Detail: Heavy Armor Regiment
Tactic: SpearHead
Orgins: Planet Tharo's

The Highlander
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1st Caledonian Highlanders
Nickname: “The Highlanders”
Homeworld: Caledonia
Commanding Officer: Brigadier Alan Munro
Motto: Wha daur meddle wi’me?
Authorized Marches: Hielan’ Laddie, The Haughs of Cromdale
Larger Formation: 51st Brigade, CO Brigadier Alan Munro

Hardened Fighters
Die Hards
Iron Discipline*
Close Order Drill

*This doctrine represents the close ties that exist between the clansmen, and the fact that the officers are often senior clan members.

Regimental History.
The planet of Caledonia is a world of two halves. Located in the north of Segmentum Obsurus, Caledonia consists of the flat and fertile lowlands in the south and the wild and mountainous highlands in the north. When the first imperial contact was made with the lowlands, the imperial envoys found a friendly and hard working people willing to become part of the Imperium. In the highlands however, the envoys encountered a very different society. There the people lived in family clans and survived chiefly by raiding their neighbors and the lowland farms. The clans were headstrong and fiercely independent, when a delegation to several of the largest clans demanded that they submit to imperial authority the clan leaders simply killed the envoys and sent their bodies back as an answer. Enraged, the newly appointed governor sent a military expedition to conquer the Highlands by force. The clans had been united by the Imperiums arrogance and cut the expedition to pieces in the wild, trackless land of the north. This action was the prelude to 1000 years of guerilla war as succeeding Governors tried time and again to subdue the wild highlands and their fierce people. Every expedition ended in failure as the Clans, fighting on their own lands and by their own methods out maneuvered and outfought the imperial attackers. In-between the imperial attacks, the Highlanders raided imperial bases and Lowlander farms and towns. However, despite several inquisitorial investigations no taint of chaos or xenos influence was ever found in the Highland clansmen. They simply did not like to be bossed around.

The end of this conflict came as a complete surprise to both sides. A small fleet of chaos warships appeared out of the warp and attacked Caledonia. By chance, the chaos invasion occurred just as another Imperial assault was finishing (with the same result as previous assaults) and the Chaos forces landed in the border between the Highlands and Lowlands. As the imperial forces engaged the Chaos troops, they began to notice that the chaos numbers seamed to be shrinking faster than could otherwise be expected. Also, the chaos forces had failed to launch any major attacks since they had landed. The reason for these mysteries was soon revealed by the first aerial pictures of the invasion site. The chaos army itself was under massive attack! The Highland forces that had been procuring the retreating Imperials had run straight into the chaos invasion as it landed. The Highlanders were well aware of the threat of Chaos from captured prisoners and launched an all out attack. As a result, the invasion forces were trapped between the Imperial defence lines and the Highlander assault and were utterly annihilated.

Following this momentous event, an agreement was finally reached between the Highland clans and the Imperium. The clans would be able to maintain control over their own lands, as long as they did nothing to endanger the security of the Imperium. In return, the Highlanders would provide regiments for the Imperial Guard. And so the 1st Caledonian Highlanders was formed.

The Highland regiments are unusual among the forces of the Imperial Guard in that different arms (infantry, amour etc) are integrated at a regimental level. This means that while they cannot muster the same level of firepower as most contemporary regiments they are much better suited to independent action without the need for the support of other units. The Highland regiments are also unique as they contain no commissars at all; the Highlanders independent attitude makes the risks far too great. The 1st Caledonian currently comprises of five and a half companies of infantry, supported by two mechanized and one armored company along with a battery of anti-tank guns. The regiment also had a company attached to it from the Royal Caledonian Infantry to provide extra fire support (most heavy weapons in the highlanders are fielded in the platoons) along with engineering and other specialist support. The half company is a specialist unit comprised of the most experienced men in the regiment and is known as the grenadier company. These men are all veterans of many grim battles and are selected for their ability in the brutal brawl of hand to hand combat. This company historically acts as the personal bodyguard of the regiment’s commanding officer, a function now only performed on ceremonial occasions. The company’s battlefield role is to act as the regimental reserve, committed at key moments to turn the course of an engagement. Finally, the grenadiers are responsible for maintaining discipline in the regiment in place of commissars. In addition a large number of units from several different formations have been spotted fighting as part of the 1st Highlanders. These include a recon platoon from the 21st Kovnia Rifles, at least one squad from the 95th Bretonian rifles, two Griffons from the 12th Cadian field artillery and a Hydra from an unidentifiable unit. Some of these troops are likely to be former POWs, released and rearmed at the time of the chaos invasion of Caledonia. Others are thought to have become detached from (or are the only survivors of) their parent formations who have attached themselves to the Highlanders.

Overall, the 1st Caledonian like all the Highland regiments is a dependable and effective formation. Due to its unusual organization it is more suitable for independent service, since it is less reliant on supporting formations. The Highlanders are ferocious in close assault and immovable on the defensive. Overall, the 1st Caledonian Highlanders can be considered as one of the best all round regiments in the Guard

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Name: 9. Kaitan
Homeworld: Kaitan ( lost to Chaos in 989.M41, reconquered under destroying casualties during 996.M41 and 998.M41 )
Size: 3 Companies at 350 men each ( second is just about 80 for real, third just fluff yet ). There used to be more, but they fell during the reconquest of Kaitan.
Regiment Leader: Major Akira Soleis
First Company Commanding Officer: Colonel Konrad Chevez (<- pronounce like 'saves' )
Second Comany Commanding Officer: Commissar-Captain Rabbin Ferin ( shot SO in the FIRST battle the second comany ever made in reality, so I the fluff shall reflect that ;) )
Third Company Commanding Officer: Captain Anika Leiz

Doctrines: Light Infantry, Iron Discipline, Sharp Shooters, Hardened Veterans
Others: Due to having destroyed everything that could not be evacuated ten years ago ( rather than allow the ruinous forces to capture it ), the regiment does not possess any vehicles other than Mars and Cadia Pattern Sentinels.
Inquisitor Lardek is inspecting the planet, so which hunter support can be asked for at any time.

EDIT: he's inspecting, not inspiring, of cause.