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Dat Wildboy
06-04-2007, 10:14
everyone else has a project log so i thought i should have one. my painting isn't great by any stretch of the imagination. just tabletop standard. i like my models to look dark and grimy, so black ink takes a large role in my painting.

i'll show you my Hobgoblin Great Khan (black orc warboss) but my Gobbos are taking a back seat along with my Bad Moon Orks. i'll post pics up of them every now and then, but this log is all about Dark Eldar.

underplayed, underloved and with some awful models, i woke up one morning and suddenly loved them. so i got my paints, my codex, emptied my bitz box, mixed the greenstuff and got ready to make an army.

i have a WIP unit of warrior rabble made up of many eldar and dark eldar models given a variety of guns- mainly splinter rifles and kroot rifles with a few cut down eldar long rifles which all count as splinter rifles. theres a dark lance guy and a blaster guy too. this squad will get a raider painted in red camo colours and will be almost like rangers, hence the ranger models (the old ones which i love). in games, they'll support my lord and his retinue in their raider.

however, instead of the bikes route i'm going to go for hellions. i love the bike models, but i love hellions even more. these will also support my lord in his raider, and a dracon will join them too. pics of the dracon who is as of yet unnamed are included here.

a core of 4x 10 warriors with 2 dark lances per squad will be the basis of my army, fleeting into range and shooting like crazy.

a squad of 'wyches' in a raider will be included at some point too. they however, will be represented with harlequins in a brightly painted raider.

i better get buying, i'll need 70 pounds for the rest of my troops, plus a raider to get before i have a playable army. then incubi and hellions can be added.

so, pics of the kabal of the bloody sword!

all the bases of my dark eldar are going to be redone, so ignore them. C&C please. be nice.

log ended. i don't have the time or patience to keep posting and uploading pics. plus its slightly insulting having only 2 stars. i'll keep working and post up bits and pieces from time to time, but its not worth a log. so log closed.

Getifa Ubazza
06-04-2007, 12:48
Ive just started Dark eldar too, so will be looking forward to seeing lots of piccies to keep me inspired. Im going Reaver heavy with Sniper squads as the back bone of the list. As well as pics, can you also keep us upto date on games you play, how you got on and lessons learned?


Dat Wildboy
06-04-2007, 13:07
sure i can! i've just made a scenic base for my dracon. well, not scenic. just larger, with sand on it in deasert shades like the others. they just need theirs redoing.

i've got my sybarite for the squad converted and ready for priming. i have run out of greenstuff however. when i go again to GW next week i'll get some supplies. my elf flesh is running out, blood red is running out, red gore is drying up, i need some more red ink too. plus some superglue and now greenstuff. plus 2 lots of warriors with dark lances and a box of plastic warriors.

my sybarite is a black guard musician. the drumstick has been replaced with a splinter rifle. the drum counts as gruesome talismans. its ominous beats are the last thing the squads victims here as they go down under a hail of fire. pics up when she's finished, hopefully later on today. each basic trooper takes me at least 50 minutes, but i'm busy today, so she'll have to wait.

i've also got my warrior with a splinter cannon for the retinue done. i wanted to fit in with the heavily armoured incubi, so i used the old dark reaper exarch with shuriken cannon. the cannon was replaced with a splinter cannon, vanes and gems removed and a crude looking skull mask made of skin was placed over his face, only the bottom jaw being visible. pics later.

i don't expect to be playing that many games as i'll be taking a train journey for every game, but i'll be playing more than i am now.


Dat Wildboy
16-04-2007, 16:32
finally an update! i've been hindered by a busted pc and lack of funds and materials, but everything is flowing once more.

my sybarite (the one with the drum) and the warriors with dark lances need filing (i hate mould lines and usually don't bother with them, but one warrior has one right across the thigh pad, so its needed. they'll be sprayed today and painted sometime this week.

i unearthed some guardians a friend had given me the other day. the paint jobs are pretty crappy, and i wanted to use them as DE warriors. uh oh. shuriken catapults. well i had some spare kroot rifles and splinter rifles, so they got the weapon swap, but they still looked too craftworldy. my complusory choices of warriors i had decided to look like rebels, runaways, pirates and young dark eldar themselves, with a few fallen rangers. a rabble of eldar misfits if you will hired to fight for the archon.

that helmet which guardians have. it outlines their cheekbones and eyebrows and where the mouth is, making and angular facemask. it is too distinctive, having a faceplate like that. its very un-dark eldary. so instead came a skull like mask. makes them look evil, but fallen, not always evil and perverse like normal dark eldar. they actually have armour too.

also i found a haemonculus. he was painted very brightly, so i gave him another paintjob. i'm pleased with him. he'll need rebasing too.

anyway, pics. plus my ms paint guide to the helmets because pics weren't clear. i've done the wastes proud with that. more pics in next post


Dat Wildboy
16-04-2007, 16:33
here we are



i've also got a bike that needs painting. more of that later in the week.

Getifa Ubazza
18-04-2007, 19:33
Thats a real nice paint scheme on your Haemonculus, very Dark and Evil. Im doing my Warriors midnight blue/black/silver, like the ones on the codex cover.

Keep up the good work.