View Full Version : Mortifactors Vehicles

Captain Galenus
06-04-2007, 14:33
I have a full company of Mortifactors, and have just added dreadnoughts and armour to them. But, what colour would I paint them? I know "Warriors Of Ultramar" decribes them as having black Thunderhawks and Strike Cruisers, so would I paint them black or two tone like the marines?

06-04-2007, 14:52
The tanks, I donīt know. The dreads however I would paint in the same pattern as the marines.

Captain Galenus
06-04-2007, 15:37
I thought about doing the dreads two tone, but having a problem pick ing which bits to paint black or bone. Any ideas?

06-04-2007, 15:55
I donīt remember the Mortifactors paint scheme: are the thighs or the shinguards bone? Iīd so the same on the dread.
Upper arms like the shoulder pads, lower arms (I am sure these are not the correct terms, but I guess you get what I mean) like - well, lower arms. Sarcophagus in black.

Thatīs how Iīd do it.

Captain Galenus
06-04-2007, 17:44
Thanks, I might post a pic for opinions when I get one done