View Full Version : Which Dwarf Missile Trrops are best?

Josef Bugman
08-04-2007, 12:05
I did think whether i should use more quarrelers or more thunderers. Ive got a total of 20 thunderers and 20 quarrellers. Can Anyone help?!

08-04-2007, 12:08
As a general rule if you can force the enemy to come to you then thunderers are better but if you're going to them or they want to engage in a shoot out then the extra 6" of range makes a world of difference. Elves will quite happily sit outside of 24" and shoot away at you.

Depends a lot on what the rest of your army does.

08-04-2007, 13:16
The cross-bows I think are a better choice 1 because of the 30 inch range over the 24 but also they are 3 points cheaper. That would be 60 points diffence between the 20 man units.

The Dark One
08-04-2007, 13:42
The cross-bows I think are a better choice 1 because of the 30 inch range over the 24 but also they are 3 points cheaper. That would be 60 points diffence between the 20 man units.

i agree. i all ways take crossbows over handguns

The boyz
08-04-2007, 16:10
I much prefer the trusty crossbow compared to the Handgun. 30" range and quarrellers are a thew points cheaper too.

Josef Bugman
08-04-2007, 17:28
Should i take 20 quarrellers and 10 thunderers?

08-04-2007, 18:25
Depends on the game size. Personally, I rarely take more than 2*10 Quarrellers at 2000-2500pts. I've never considered Thunderers to be worth their points, especially as my dice always roll better for the Quarrellers!

Josef Bugman
08-04-2007, 19:01
Ok Ill use 2 units of 10 quarreller should work about 250 points

08-04-2007, 19:23
The cross-bows I think are a better choice 1 because of the 30 inch range over the 24 but also they are 3 points cheaper. That would be 60 points diffence between the 20 man units.

This is the only reason u should consider taking Quarellers over Thunderers.
I have a friend which plays Dwarven Gunline. He usually packs 2x Thunderers, Organ Gun and Flame Cannon. I'm playing HE with a lot of Magic and decent shooting ( usually 10x Archers and 2x RBT - pretty much standard).
We tested a lot and came to conclusion that Thunderers ALWAYS perform better, no matter what occasion: It's "+1 to hit" special rule that dwarven handguns have making them hit at 4+ even in long range, opposed to 5+ of Quarellers. Not to mention -2 AS penalty - very effective against cavalry and light chariots.
If you have 60 points free and don't know what to spend them on I would seriously recommend Thunderers.
Of course, maybe u don't want to play with so many shooting. In that case i don't know.

08-04-2007, 20:33
Here i would allways take the stunties with 24" range cos then i can sit back relax and shoot your army to shreds however when im wid u i suggest those dudes with 30" range[dice0][dice1][dice2][dice3][dice4][dice5]

08-04-2007, 21:43
Take 10 of each. Problem solved.

08-04-2007, 21:47
When I'm playing against Dwarfs I fear the Thunderers far more than I do the Crossbows. That plus one to hit at close range and extra -1 to the armour save is very nice indeed.

08-04-2007, 23:14
thunderers i say, mainly for the armour piercing

09-04-2007, 00:14
I'm a Dwarf player and got to say I prefer the Handguns over the Crossbows everytime. I usually field a Dwarf defence because trying to attack usually gets me outflanked and up the creek... :D

The +1 to hit is just too good to be overlooked, and when facing quite a lot of skirmishers Handgunners are the only unit except an Organ gun that usually hit them enough for a panic test. I never make the gunlines over 10 men just because I need the room in my deployment zone, so extra crossbowmen would just be standing behind each other looking goofy anyway.

Handgunners usually means 0 armor saves for most units, and they got a better chance of taking out Knights. (Though some Ballistas on each side usually does the trick against them). They've also survived and won nearly every shootout they've had against enemy missile units. (Though the enemy unit is usually a lot cheaper so taking one out isen't really a crushing victory...)

Just remember taking shields with them, makes them a lot bigger threat in close combat and minimizes losses against ranged units.

09-04-2007, 00:19
I forgot one thing. If you pick Handgunners it's usually smartest not being the one that starts the battle. If you are nr 2 you get to shoot each round ;)

09-04-2007, 02:44
I like the fact that handgunners are basically BS(handguns +1 to hit right?).

This means that they'll usually only need 4s to hit, maybe 5s against skirmishers.

09-04-2007, 05:24
It is, but you also need to know which your dice "prefer".

As I've said before my dice "prefer" my Quarrellers. Even with the +1 to hit of the Thunderers, I'll score more hits with the Quarrellers.

Case in point: 10K game, I have 2 units of 10 Quarrellers arranged 2*5 and a unit of 10 Thunderers also arragnged 2*5. Enemy skinks have moved into short range of all 3 units, and are in soft cover, all units on same level. 10 Crossbows, needing 6s, score 4 hits; 5 Handguns, requiring 5+, completely miss.

This sort of result for me is typical, and is the main reason I will always take the Quarrellers over the Thunderers.

09-04-2007, 08:52
50/50, almost always the best if you don't know your opponent(s).

Josef Bugman
09-04-2007, 13:45
ThanksIve Made an army list with 2 units of 10 quarrellers as my usual opponent is wood elves(played by riders of kurnous)