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09-04-2007, 14:29
I've got the opportunity to plan a small campaign (6-8) games. I hope to start it this weekend. I think it will start with myself and another guy, but it could grow if it goes smoothly.
White Dwarf has published several articles on this topic and I wondered if anyone had any luck with these. Has anyone used the 'dark grows the valley' layout outside of a game store? Also, is the information on campaigns in the BGB any good? I've been using the BFM book, but if it is worth it this might be a good opportunity to pick up the BGB

09-04-2007, 14:55
The best campain resource that gw published is the Lustria book. It deals with node campaigns and are ideal for small games.

The question is how complex do you want the campaign to be.

Pick a map that suits your setting, simply do a search on the net trough google images.

Open that image up in ms paint. Draw circles at points on the map that represent stratigic points & will be your battlefield (or at random if you want).

Draw lines between the circles, making sure each is connected to at least 1 other circle.

Decide how easy it is to move along each route(the lines between the circles). Each route is given a value that must be beaten on a D6 to cross it. These should be 2+ for easy routes, 4+ for normal & 5+ for hard.

Have a campaign turn where the players move their armies on the map & then play any resulting games. If you want to add more complex aspects like resource gathering and army building then its up to yourself.

If you want to do a Cities of death campaign then this is a comprihensive set of rules:


Adapting them is simple enough, just use the dots to represent extra doctrines you can take. For everything else just use common scence.

10-04-2007, 02:35
I've got the lustria book, but that may be a little much. I don't want to get to detailed to keep it from bogging down. The guy I'm will be playing most mentioned something about a campaign outline in the BGB and I don't have it. Would this be a good opportunity to pick it up? Is it even worth it?

P.S. Sorry to bump something so mundain

10-04-2007, 05:22
I personally think the campaign Information in the BGB is really helpful, and the rest of the stuff, like the hobby section etc. is also worthwhile, It's a really well put together, dare I say "Pretty" book. So By all means, yeah, I think you should buy it.

10-04-2007, 08:32
After spending months prepping to run a narrative campaign online, I will offer simple advice:

* Create a backstory. This will give your armies reasons to be there and hopefully goals to pursue.
* Decide what the first game will be.
* Set a date when you'll tally the scores and see who did how well.
* Wing it from there on. Decide what the next game will be after each game.

Much of the potential material we created for the Tiorl campaign didn't get used. Once the players got ahold of the story, it took on a life of its own.

Heck, you don't even have to really create a backstory - just use the core elements of one of the campaigns that has already ended.

Example - Fall of Medusa V (again):
On the doomed world of (insert name), a Chaos Sorcerer is trying to ascend to daemonhood, the IG are busy evacuating, the Eldar want to recover an ancient relic, the DE are just taking slaves from the chaos of it all, the Orks have to repair a crashed ship, the Necrons are trying to advance their ancient plots, the Tyranids have found something rare to eat for it's genetic potential...

Okay, so this new planet will be in a decaying orbit, and has to be evacuated before it drifts so far in that everything on it is cooked to death by the heat.

What armies are we playing? SMs and Chaos?
It's up to the Marines to stop the dreaded enchanter Tim from performing his dark rituals and becoming a daemon.

An Ork player wants in? All right, guess whose Space Hulk just crashed into the planet. I wonder if he'll form an alliance with Tim or try to krump everybody...

10-04-2007, 12:28
If you want a one on one (ie orks vs marines) campaign planner and events system, check out my site below. Incubi lord has plenty of good points there, but one thing I would suggest is to avoid maps, nodes make more sense and a pre-planned sequence is best of all. I think the most important thing, regarding campaigns, is to have pre-set goal for each army that determines which game is fought at the end (see my war generator for some examples of this). Also concrete ramifications of victory/defeat imposed upon subsequent games, in a balanced manner, of course. Another thing is to get as much variety as possible. This can be achieved by regularly changing points values and foc's. Even to the extent of going from 3000pnt slaughterfests, to combat patrol or even kill team. It would be interesting to have opposing characters duke it out in an "arena of death" type of thing too, maybe as the result of a failed parley. You could possibly use Inquisitor for this.
But, the one thing to think about above all else is avoid unecessary clutter. No-one wants to get lost in a sea of paper work. Things like ammunition expenditure come to mind.