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10-04-2007, 02:35
Hey guys! With a friend of mine getting back into BFG, I think I have decided to do the same. I didn't have a whole lot of mini's the first time around so I decided to start a new fleet and just go with it... I wrote up a new fleet list and I feel really good about it! I feel terrible myself as I have a bad cheast infection that flared up this morning, but I'm even happy about that (A good omen of things to come!)! So without further ado, I give you Fleet Lord Sebaerrion’s Soulless Chaos Fleet of Nurgle!

Squadron Sebaerrion
1 Hades class heavy cruiser 285, The Anarchic Woe w/ Warmaster Sebaerrion, Champion of Nurgle
2 Murder class cruisers 340, The Decaying Fang w/ captain Lasserith and The Plague Bastion w/ captain Praelus

Squadron Predator
3 Carnage class cruisers 540, The Ghoulcraft w/ captain Gorchar, The Unruly Contagious w/ captain Golgoroth, and The Festering Terror w/ captain Milontus

Squadron Shroud
3 Devastation class cruisers 570, The Plague Snare w/ captain Aulorith, The Contagion Swarm w/ captain Cracklin and The Disease Cloud w/ captain thaelin

Squadron Render
3 Slaughter class cruisers 495, The Unyielding Death w/ captain Goroth, The Unrelenting Bubonica w/ captain Nallish, and The Phlegm Blade w/ captain Shaelith

The Diseased Hellequin
4 Infidels 160 led by captain Kanurian

The Plague Crusaders
4 Infidels 160 led by captain Pathanus

Total cost is 2515
Very cruiser heavy with 12 capital ships and just a small range of torpedo escorts to harass the enemy. I'll post in my "tactics" and strategies later once I get a little feedback. I have various plans for the fleet atm but in the end I also hope to add 1 Terminus Est (Damnation Fury Despoiler), 1 Despoiler, 1 Desolator, 3 Repulsives, 1 Hades, 2 Styx, 2 Acheron, 2 Murders,
1 Devastation, 1 Carnage, 1 Slaughter, 3 Infidels, 12 Iconoclasts and finally
12 Idolators for a somewhat massive fleet of 8,000-8,500 depending on marks etc.

So far I've got 2 cruisers down (1 murder and 1 devastation) with some decent nurgle conversions like tentacles for the murder and I made the bottom of the hangar decks giant boils so it looks like it spews out the fighters.

Can't wait to get back into the game and hear what you guys think of my list!

Zhai Morenn
10-04-2007, 09:00
Sounds like you will soon have a truly epic fleet. Consider using reserve rules to bring in a Planet Killer and I say your fleet would be perfectly epic.

11-04-2007, 03:45
hahaha, that sort of thing might take a while unless I replicate sprues :P. That's a lotta cruisers to do! I'm looking forward to a test game this friday against my buddy's Crons.