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10-04-2007, 20:00
Well Iíve been waiting for the right moment to start an all in one progress Blog here like others have done and I think now is the right time. Iíve been involved in the GW hobby on and off for the past 10+ years or so but I have just recently come back home after travelling for a good 16months, so Iím basically starting a new and itís great so far!

For Fantasy I have decided to go for Bretonnian because I think like their fluff, I like their look and I like their style of play, CHARGE! Iíve made a start on what will become a good 3000+ point army and after messing around for the past few weeks sorting out what, where and why Iíve purchased the whole lot just yesterday (hence this Blog). I donít plan to play until itís finished so you can be sure to see some fast progress.

As for 40k I have decided to go with the Tau as I think they look weird and different and will provide something so utterly different from Brets on the painting front that I will be able to switch between the two easily, as when I get bored painting knights and swords, I can paint armour and guns! :evilgrin:

So here is my working space -
Just bought the glass cabnit yesterday so it's a little empty but will be filled up in the next couple of months.

All the construction going on at the moment! That's 35 Men at Arms, 2 units of 16 Archers and lots of knights :eek:

10-04-2007, 20:05
Bloomin image limits! :D

Here is my BSB that is about 95% completed and he contains over 100 roses. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, hoping to get a new camera soon.

10-04-2007, 20:08
And I've made a decent start to my Battle Pilgrims.

So some done and a massive alot more to do, here we go. :D

10-04-2007, 20:08
Beautiful! I love that barding, its very well done and you don't see detail like that on bretts (or anything for that matter) very often. Cannot wait to see more.

10-04-2007, 20:12
Nice painting on the Pilgrims there, the colors look really nice together, Cant wait to see the Reliquae painted up :)

10-04-2007, 20:18
Now that is pretty... when you can, please take some more pictures of your BSB, I want to see more of it. :) Very nice painting standard on your rank and file too.

10-04-2007, 20:32
Yeah very nice as the others have said, I'll be watching this thread with intrest, will be good to see how quickly you can get stuff done to such a high standard.

10-04-2007, 23:48
Very nice painting on the BSB.

Brother Loki
11-04-2007, 09:56
I like your standard bearer a lot. You a George RR Martin fan by any chance? He reminds me of the Knight of Flowers.

11-04-2007, 18:33
The rosey BSB is wonderful stuff - great execution of a very classy idea. Luck filling that case up :P

- Salvage

11-04-2007, 21:14
Cheers everyone for the encouraging comments and I plan to do free-hand on all of my knights barding to varying degrees. (Any interesting ideas let me know as I’ve got around 30 to do.:eek: ) I just think Bretonnians are made for it and I think the hard work will pay off in the end.

I haven’t been painting today but I spent it on a massive amount of construction and making movement trays. So here is a total shot of the entire army that you will see completed. Everything is here except for a trebuchet that still needs to be made.

Wish me luck! :D


12-04-2007, 17:06
This is looking very nice, like the flowers!

A strange thought passed my head when seeing the pilgrims without a reliquae "I'd like to see them carrying Darth Vader's armour there". :wtf: :D

13-04-2007, 16:39
Well, as I drag my Bretonnians through the horrible process of prepping I gave myself a little respite from the endless filing and Green-stuffing of knights and peasants by constructing the first squad of Fire Warriors for my Tau army.

I trailed the net for some inspiration regarding the paint scheme and was inspired by this little dude on CMON, linky-http://www.coolminiornot.com/142815

I built and sprayed them this morning and Iíve just finished giving them all a heavy dry-brush with codex grey, a wash of black ink and the first layer of Scab Red on the armour and gun panels. This force will total around 2000points, be painted to a decent Table Top standard and be COD themed, so I decided to go a bit mental with the bases and have added all manner of bits and pieces to them. http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u170/goldsnake66/tau.jpg

Rogue 7
13-04-2007, 21:13
I like the dark red color. Perhaps a few closeups of individual Tau?

09-05-2007, 05:21
Well I’ve kinda let this lapse a bit, but it’s not been due to a lack of effort it’s just that it’s all been construction, GS’ing and Flash removal which isn’t particularly fun to see in pictures, so I thought I’d leave out all that boring stuff and return when I started getting to grips with some painting, so here I am. So at the moment I have roughly 2000points of Bretonnians built and primed and about 1200 points of Tau, Let the painting begin!

Here is my Ethereal -

09-05-2007, 08:31
Thats really nice. I love the colours you have used. I generally hate the ethereal models but the paintsheme is awesome and I love your fleshtones. Base is great as well, shame the bottom of the image is cropped.

09-05-2007, 09:34
I'm jealous of two things majorly - your huge working area (well larger than mine anyways - technically i have a larger table... but it's covered with books lol) and the Rose Knight! that's really great!

Although my preference is to have more highlights, on the roses and the tabard... but that's just me, and it's great as is.


09-05-2007, 15:06
Wow, 100 roses on your BSB is awesome

The colourscheme for the Tau is great aswell, and the etheral is fantastic, espically the golden base!

Fore freehand on your knights:
fleur de lys (spelling), theres one here if i spelt it really badly and none knows what i mean :D http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q93/Ninners_album/fleurdelys.jpg
simplified animals / animal heads like lion, bear, snake, hawk etc
chequered patterns
other flowers

hope that helps and keep up the good work

P.S how did you do the movement trays?

09-05-2007, 15:09
Hehe. You have the same IKEA display cabinet that i'm getting...

Good work on the Brets - that BSB is looking excellent!

07-06-2007, 20:55
Well itís only been a month since my last update and Iíve kinda been messing around a bit too much. Damn my attention span! Anyway, what I have done is pretty much complete the construction of 2500 points worth of Brets with around 500 to go. 3000 points of Tau and I've made a start on 2500 points of Lizardmen (I like the models) . As you can see in this pic my workspace is becoming fuller by the day. (As my wallet empties)
So Iíve ditched the red scheme that I was going to go with my Tau as I got a hold of some foundation paints and they are indeed sweet for base coating. I tried out the red but didnít really like the tone and it would take a good, three or four coats of the scab red to get the coverage I wanted and I couldnít be arsed with that. Hereís the tester for an idea of what Iím going for, obviously he needs some more work but I now I know where Iím generally heading with the 40 that Iíve just started to batch paint.

I've basecoated some fireknifes. (The 2 plasma rifles stand as one, I just like the way the models look with a gun on each arm.)

07-06-2007, 20:59
Good stuff. I love the pose of the crisis suit, he is like "I'm going to stare at this sunset for a while, then go kill some guys"

07-06-2007, 21:06
Tonight I've started to batch paint my Firewarriors. The steps are -

- Cloths a rough coat of codex grey.
- Armour basecoated Hormagaunt purple .
- Black ink wash on cloths.
- Liche purple coat on armour.
- Liche purple mixed with Tentacle pink highlight.
- Icons shadow grey then skull white.
- Chaos black lining.
- Eyes - dark angle green, goblin green highlight with skull white spot.
- Then bases...

So far I'm on stage one with 30 of them and stage 7 with 10 -

And finally, here is the start I've made on a lizardmen army.


As always comments and motivation greatly appreciated.

09-06-2007, 12:13
So tau, brets and lizardmen, well you certainly have you hands full!

I love you BSB, the barding is so well done, the firewarriors are looking really nice to, i like the bases especially adds some dynamism to them.

Good luck on all your projects!