View Full Version : How to get to 1000pts from the Battleforce?? (For Space Marines, Eldar, or Tyranids)

10-04-2007, 22:16
Some of you may have read my other thread where I couldn't decide between these 3 armies. How would one get to a 1000 pts using each battle force? I really want to get a battleforce because it saves a lot of money.

So for SM, the battleforce is...
10 Tactical Marines
Another 5 Marines
5 Scouts
5 Assault Marines
1 Rhino

10 Guardians (inc. HW platform)
5 Dire Avengers
1 War Walker
1 Wave Serpent

8 Hormagaunts
8 Termagants
8 Genestealers
3 Warriors
1 Carnifex

So, what would be the best/cheapest way to get to a 1000 pts for each earmy with these starting points? I was thinking for SM probably Terminators or Sniper Scouts. For Eldar either Scorpions/Banshees/Rangers. And for Tyranids probably Gaunts or Raveners. So, help! Thanks

PS. I'm really starting to lean towards Eldar.

10-04-2007, 22:24
well the nid battleforce is the only one that you can play with outta the box, making the warriors HQ and the gaunts and genestealers your troops and the carni a gunfex for support. even overtooled im comming in at about 850 for whats listed and thats with alot of biomorphes i would never take.

10-04-2007, 22:32
I believe the question is what to get next.

Obviously for Eldar or Marines you need an HQ. I think most Marine armies use a Chaplain, or you could get a Captain/Master for the crazy leadership thing. For Eldar, just pick the HQ you like best. I think Farseers tend to be more expensive in points, though not sure.

If you're getting Nids or Eldar, the best may actually be to get 2 of the box. Everything in the Nids box is something you can use more of, and with the Eldar, you don't really get full squads (with War Walkers or DA's) unless you buy two boxes, and it doesn't hurt to have an extra Wave Serpent. You may want to sell off a unit of Guardians though. It's odd that they don't give you anything worth transporting in the WS...

Or grab some aspect warriors for Eldar, most likely Scorpions or Banshees. Possibly a Heavy Support tank.
And for nids you could get a Tyrant and maybe some stealers, if you want to spend points. Gaunts wouldn't be a terrible choice but they don't cost that many points unless you upgrade them, which most people don't seem to think is a good idea.

10-04-2007, 23:31
for nids I would simply get another battleforce :) (be sure to paint up the first one before you by more = helpful tip ;) )