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12-04-2007, 15:58
So after playing Empire and HE for a while, I got out of the hobby for a couple of years, but I'm looking to come back in. I was hoping for a June HE release so I could continue on with my elves, but it looks like they aren't being updated until the end of the year. So now I'm looking at starting another army in the meantime.

My thoughts naturally lean to the armies that have the newest books: Dwarves, WE, Empire, and Orcs. I know I don't want Dwarves, and I also don't want 2 elven armies (for now), so that leaves Empire and Orcs.

I think the Empire book looks great, but it doesn't seem much different from 6th edition. They fixed a lot of my coplaints, but I'm worried that Empire is too similar to HE for me to run both armies and be satisfied. (I realize they are not THAT similar, but they're both "good" armies that I would run as infantry-heavy backed up with cav and shooting.)

So my question is on Orcs. I haven't gotten the new book yet, but I've heard many of the new changes, and they sound good. Are people generally satisfied with the new army? I think Orcs might be a good army to have alongside HE, giving me a lot of variety in my choices.

Any thoughts on the new Orc book, or any of the other armies mentioned, would be most helpful.


12-04-2007, 18:25
I think it get a good rehash, but the general feeling on warseer is that the new OG badly beat down the OG and made them not that good.

I personally think they got some great flavour.