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13-04-2007, 02:19
Where to begin where to begin.....

Im not particularly good at this whole painting log idea as i never seem to be able to finish what ever the log is that i start, and the army in question never gets finished. This is due to me having an attention span shorter than a young child on crack cocaine (no offence intended, thats what i have been told...), as such i have decided to start the log you see in front of you now.

In this log i will be attempting to finish off several armies from this new eldar one that i have recently aquired, to the imp guard air borne one that i started here ages ago...
But ontop of this im just going to post what ever i have painted recently so i keep my motivation up and get some feed back from all the great denizens of warseer. So without further ado i will out line my plan of attack for the next few days and we'll see where it goes from there.

First up on the list is the eldar army that i just picked up off a friend of mine for tupence, have wanted to do an eldar army for some time so hopefully my motivation holds for long enough to get the thing done.

The backround so far for the army is that it is comprised of web way folk for the most and travels around the galaxy lending its services where they are needed in the battle against chaos. Thats all i have so far but i will expand on it in the coming days.

So onto the list of whats actually in this army:

1 X Falcon (90% painted up, see below)
1 X Wave Serpent (Undercoated)
5 X Warp spiders with exarch (stripped)
4 X Dark Reapers (stripped)
5 X Fire Dragons with exarch (stripped)
6 X Old rangers (stripped)
6 X New Rangers (one test mini nearly done)
2 X Old war walkers (under coated)
20 X Dire Avengers (various stages of painting)
4 X Warlocks (some painted some not)
6 X Harliquins with troupe leader (still in box)
1 X Death Jester (40% Painted)
1 X Shadow Seer (still in blister)

Ok so thats the army thats sitting on my desk waiting to be painted and built, my plan is to steadily paint my way through it and update this log every few days or so with what ever i have painted recently. I may also jump around from project to project at times so i dont get bored with the eldar or what ever i am working on.

Ok so now you know my plan of attack for this here are the required pictures of my work space and pet:
my desk.......wow how cool.......

and one of my cats Lazurus:

13-04-2007, 02:21
Sorry to double post on you, but the 4 pic limit is a pain sometimes.....heres some shots of the Flacon i recently painted, if anyone can tell me where i got the symbol from ill give you a cookie, as i have no idea where its from.............


Ill try and update again today when i get the ranger test mini done. enjoy and post here often!

13-04-2007, 06:48
As promised here is the ranger test mini:


It took a while longer than i thought as i first tried to do a wraith bone coloured long rifle and it looked off so i walked away and came back a bit later and tried this out for the rifle and i think it works alot better. Also the white dots are stars, not sure if they have come out well in the photo, i have to give credit to Exo-Cowboy for that idea, i tried it out on the inquisitor scale eldar ranger and loved it so im going to do all the rangers with stars on them.

C&C always welcome, also if anyone has any ideas on how to do wraith bone it would be appreciated if you could share them with me as i am at a loss on how to do good looking wraith bone, pics could help.

13-04-2007, 12:00
Nice looking ranger.

15-04-2007, 09:32

I just got back from watching the swans beat the snot out of the Lions at the SCG this arvo (AFL for those who dont know), and was pumped enough to get painting straight away, two hours later i have finished my Death Jester for the Harliquin Troupe:

I think i have done a decent job on him for the time it took (about 3.5 hrs all up), I think the bone has come out a tad bit too shiny but such is life. Also i did the stripes on the pants leg as i tried diamonds and they really didnt work that well (i couldnt stop my hand shaking so i was fixing them up and ruining the ones next to them and so on till i just gave up). The gems on the shreaker cannon and on his chest armour are the first i have ever painted (sadly the lighting and gloss varnish have conspired to wash them out...) and i think that they have come out ok, more blending prac. needed before i paint the gems on the falcon (or maybe i should use them for prac????).
Do you guys think that i should do all the gems and soul stones the same as the death jesters ones?(red) or change it up?
Also any help with the wraith bone would be great as i still have little to no idea how to do it well. C&C always welcome

15-04-2007, 09:40
Like your Death Jester, but how did you get him so early? (sorry if you said and I missed it....)
I like your Cat, Lazarus (awesome name dude :))
I miss mine.. :( anyways
Like the cloak on the ranger, very cool :)

15-04-2007, 10:04
Hey thanks for the reply, the jester has been out here in australia for about one and a half weeks so it is out here but not sure where you are so im not sure if it would be aailable where you are.
i didnt name him but it is very fitting for a cat eh?
and yeah the cloak is the only thing that i am really happy about on the ranger atm, when i get around to the squad in the next week or two i will try out some new things.

15-04-2007, 10:13
Come one then, lets see some more!
nice work on the jester, keep it up. When painting the jems on the falcon, i would suggest using different colour, but not too many colours. Maybe limit to 3. then pain the gems so there is a symmetry to the falcon.
If you want the bone to be less shiny and have mre depth, try doing about 3-5 layers of browns to bone, progessively getting lighter and thinner lines.
Good Luck, and thanks for choosing a decent team ;)

15-04-2007, 10:32
ha, thats ok.

Yeah i did work the bone up but it didnt end up as planned, oh well still looks good imho. Also ill try your ideas with the gems thanks for the advice mate. Look for another update by about wednesday arvo or so.

15-04-2007, 11:23
Interesting colour scheme. Looking forward to more. Cat looks cute!

15-04-2007, 12:12
Looking nice but where are the falcons shuriken catapults?

For painting wraithbone I found that spryaing black then lots of layers of graveyard highlighted with bone and chestnut inks worked well.

15-04-2007, 12:17
Hey i was wondering when someone would notice that i didnt have any catapults on it. Ok the story behind this whole army is that it belonged to a friend of mine that couldnt be bothered stripping and repainting it so he sold me a 2000pt army for $90 AUD (read about 30pounds, or 50 USD or so). Now when i got the army the falcon looked like it had been taken to with a hammer and those huge house painting brushes so i have saved it as best as i can, and am in the process of finding a cannon for it and another one for the turret. Also thanks for the wraith bone tip i'll try it on something soon.

16-04-2007, 07:43
Look for another update by about wednesday arvo or so.

Argh, you do realize that means that now I must have an update by then too, to show Im not slacking? Grrr.
Anyway, keep it up. Bone can be diffucult to do, so practice is always helpful.

16-04-2007, 14:32
hey guys i need to get your opinion on this mini before i spend any more time on it or start the unit. Its the old fire dragon exarch for those who dont know, now im planning to do the plates of armour so they look like they are white hot at the bottom (see the few already done in the pic) now does this look ok or does it look off?

Also at the moment the tabbard of dragon scales is a dark blue that im going to dry brush and then high light of something so that the unit ties into the rest of the army but does it look ok or do you think the bone coloured helmet spine is enough to tie in the unit and do the tabbard thingy a dark green or something else?

Warwolt the skaven
16-04-2007, 14:46
I love that blended red! Looks awesome.

17-04-2007, 06:57
The 'hot' armour plates look good, keep going as your are. Maybe my only suggestion is to mak them a bit brighter or blend them in using more bright red, because the rest of the model is pretty dark already.
The tabard looks good too. Every pic is getting better so far, so keep it up! (but not too much faster than me ;) )
Keep going!

17-04-2007, 13:04
Thanks for the comments guys.
@ Reclecter: The photo is rather dark as it was taken at night with only my bedroom light on so that could be it, i do admit it is a dark paint job but it gives a nice smouldering look to the mini. Still not sold on the tabbard though, im thinking i will switch it to green and do the traditional dragon scheme and let the helm tie the unit to the army, also dont worry that much about my speed it will drop off when i get around to painting units, single minis i can knock out in a quick go but doing a whole unit takes me a while.

Still look for an update tomorrow night or somewhere around there, hopefully i will have the fire dragon finished and the ranger will be fixed up as the test mini looks like crap (way too rushed). Once again thanks for the support.

17-04-2007, 16:09
The freehand symbol on the falcon is really nice. I agree with the other comments, the fire dragons armour is great, definately keep it like that.

Keep up the good work!

17-04-2007, 16:57
Looking good :)

There's some nice highlighting on the ranger and fire dragon, and I like the look of the colour scheme.

One criticism is that some of the paint, especially the bone on the falcon and the White on the DJ looks a bit thick.

Overall good work though :)

PS: Nice cat! :D

18-04-2007, 06:34
yeah the falcon has about 10 layers of paint on the damn thing as it came from a mate who had kinda painted it and i couldnt be arsed stripping it so i salvaged it as best as i could. The death jester photo is just really shoddy, the mini irl looks like it made from pearl so it shines a bit.

and damnit the cats getting more feedback than the minis!!!!!!!!!!

18-04-2007, 08:38
and damnit the cats getting more feedback than the minis!!!!!!!!!!

But the cat's far more important than anything we Humans can do! At least in his mind anyway ;)

20-04-2007, 05:49
haha, thats so true, i'll have to remember that in future.

Sorry i didnt update on wednesday, apart from the normal goings on in life i had to do family stuff so my painting time got cut short so there is little to show since last time. Hopefully i will have started the rest of the rangers by this evening and i'll see if i can get them posted by tomorrow morning or late tonight.

20-04-2007, 07:48
haha, thats so true, i'll have to remember that in future.

Sorry i didnt update on wednesday, apart from the normal goings on in life i had to do family stuff so my painting time got cut short so there is little to show since last time. Hopefully i will have started the rest of the rangers by this evening and i'll see if i can get them posted by tomorrow morning or late tonight.

*gasp* No update on Wednesday!?! Even I (who recieved 4hours out of 40 of sleep) managed an update by then! those rangers better be pretty damn good *grumbles*. Cant wait to see em :D
BTW, will hey be used as rangers or pathfinders? I will be starting an eldar army when my tyranids start coming to an end, and searching the forums, people seem to think pathfinders are way better.
Anyway, cant wait to see that update! ;)

20-04-2007, 08:29
yeah yeah i know (granted i did update on tuesday, so that should count for something...or maybe not).

And yes they will all be path finders. The fact that a 5 or 6 to hit makes the shot AP1 is a gem, i used them about a week and a half ago against a mates space marine army (assault cannon army of doom) and had his entire army wiped off the boad by turn 2. The path finders had picked off one entire tactical squad and then pinned another of his squads while my falcon and warp spiders jumped around killing everything else with some help from a squad of dire avangers who massicared a unit of termis in one go. So yeah when combined with other elements in an eldar army they cause mass damage, especially when put into hard cover where the 2+ to all cover saves makes them have a 2+ cover save! They are a bit costly but it think its worth it in the long run as they always seem to get their pts back in the end.

21-04-2007, 05:56
ok so i know its not pics of the rangers but i still havent finished them yet and i dont want to show them until they are finished which should be the wednesday update if not sooner, so to fill the gap i have a test Dire Avenger body, it was an experiment with doing the blue and if you guys like it i will probably do the two units of them the same way.
the light wasnt the greatest so you may miss some of the highlights but other than that enjoy!

21-04-2007, 08:21
Nah, the Avenger looks great. Managed some really crisp highlights. I say keep the colour scheme like that, but just wondering what colour the head, guns etc are going to be? Bone?
Keep it up and looking forward to the update!

29-04-2007, 14:44
quick word before an update hopefully tomorrow arvo at latest.

Havent been able to paint much due to uni, and the weather (cant spray if its raining and i hate painting when its cold).
Picked up the foundation paint set today and all i can say is that they are what they were promised to be and are very nice...as long as you want to use the colours!
Also it seems that i will be building and painting a friends nid army in the next few weeks if my uni work gets done on time, which means i get to dabble with nids alot sooner than i thought. At the moment im planning on dipping them so i get them done very quickly and hopefully they wont interfere with the eldar and what ever else im painting. Suggestions for schemes welcome as all my mate said he wants is blue on there somewhere, so anything really.
Also if i get sick and tired of painting eldar i have another mates Black Templars and Tau that he asked me to paint if i get a chance so you might be seeing some different stuff on this log over the next few weeks.
Lastly i have managed to accumulate a large number of space marine termis and was thinking about putting them together and using them a death wing force but i dont really want to paint them as death wing and was wondering what you people out there in internet land would think of a flesh tearers death wing?
so yeah apologies for not updating on time, i think from now on it will be with in 7days of the last update, that should give me some leway with uni and work and life bearing down on me all the time....

30-04-2007, 06:39
Also it seems that i will be building and painting a friends nid army in the next few weeks [snip] Suggestions for schemes welcome as all my mate said he wants is blue on there somewhere, so anything really.

Yay! We get to see some Nids!!
Maybe something like this... (http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e204/ig_yarrick/Tyranids/TyrantFace001.jpg)

looks fairly simple. Black body with blue carapace and bone bits. Hmm, I might do something like this, or brown, for my own MC's

Also if i get sick and tired of painting eldar i have another mates Black Templars and Tau that he asked me to paint if i get a chance so you might be seeing some different stuff on this log over the next few weeks.

Hmm, maybe you could charge a small sum? only seems fair, ya know, having to paint everyones stuff :D

Lastly i have managed to accumulate a large number of space marine termis and was thinking about putting them together and using them a death wing force but i dont really want to paint them as death wing and was wondering what you people out there in internet land would think of a flesh tearers death wing?

I dont really know the flesh eaters colour scheme, but you could try a rusty grey look or something

so yeah apologies for not updating on time, i think from now on it will be with in 7days of the last update, that should give me some leway with uni and work and life bearing down on me all the time....
:eek: :eek: just not good enough :D

30-04-2007, 10:43
:eek: :eek: just not good enough :D

I know, i know:(

As for charging a small sum well, i wanted to paint some tau at some point and i think i ended up getting him to buy me brushes and paints and what not so i could paint em so i think that is payment enough. And the guy im doing the nids for bought me the foundation paints as payment so once again payment recieved!
well on with the history essay for next monday, i dobt i will get a chance to paint sadly but i promise tomorrow will see paint on minis, also if i can find that camera i will take some photos of something tonight to tide you all over. peace

03-05-2007, 10:56
Well i know i said i would do this on wednesday but one day late isnt that bad i guess. I havent done that much as i am drowning in history essays for uni and they are stressing me out so i have little to no time to paint,
BUT i did get time to knock this guy out the other day in about 30mins.
He was just a test mini for my mates Black Templars and i also wanted to see how good the new foundation paints were, verdict: they rock! This guy is painted exclusivly with them, well ok the black is chaos black but other than that its all foundation paint. Im rather happy with this guy and i still have to do his backpack and base but other than that he is done. Im not sure if it comes out in my craptastic pics but his eyes look as if they are glowing which is by total accident but i like it and will try to replicate the effect on all the other BT's i do from now on.


this next one is a side shot showing the crap writing on his chainblade, i will tidy it up or re-do it when i do the base and backpack probably


also in other painting news; i havent touched the eldar rangers, you see i told you guys i got bored rather easy and would jump about a bit but oh well...
Will try and paint some stuff this weekend and post it.

03-05-2007, 12:03
Looks good so far.
I cant tell from the pic, but have you done much highlighting on the black armour? namely the helmet and arms?
I like the change of the convntional robe colours as well.
See. More. Soon. ? . :D

03-05-2007, 12:12
Nooooo!!! Not Marines!!!!!!


Some Muppet
03-05-2007, 12:26
the white is quite a bit too thick, and there appears to be lumps in the paint,

other than that, good

03-05-2007, 12:45
thanks for the quick replies!
@Reclector: the pic is absolute crap, the armour is completely highlitghted using the halo of light technique. If I dont have a complete mental breakdown from my history essays you should expect more in the next few days.

@Arhalien:Sorry about that i just got bored out of my brains writing the other night and it was the most interesting looking mini on my desk and it also allowed me to try out the new foundation paints so thats why marines. Eldar stuff should be back on the menu this weekend.

@Some Muppet:thanks for the C&C mate, the photo turns up problems that i cant actually see in real life due to lighting and so on. The white on the shoulder pads is one coat of Dheneb Stone, and then one coat of skull white mixed 50/50 with Dheneb Stone. And both were watered down. Im finding that the foundation paints are quite thick and need to be watered down further so i will take that into account on the next mini. Also the lumps you mentioned are a problem with the moulding, these guys are crap in terms of the moulding, the plastic is that really weak light grey and there are mould lines everywhere on them, so thanks for pointing that out i will make sure i fix it.

night all!

15-05-2007, 12:59
dont worry im not dead or anything, just had to get the history essays out of the way so i could pass my courses this session at uni, any one who is a double major knows the pain of essays......

So suffice to say that i havent done any painting since my last update. Hopefully i get something done this week, not sure what it will be but i will try to do it anyway.
In other news im thinking about selling the eldar on ebay at some point as i think my heart has gone out of it (if it ever truly was in it) i will keep the harlis as they are great minis and i will paint them at some point but all the other stuff would probably be worth more to someone else.
Turning back to guard if i do sell the eldar, might finish the air borne or maybe the sons of sek, not sure, im kinda all over the place at the moment concerning the hobby. Even considering having a sabatical from it just to see what life is like with out inspecting everything for use in a conversion or checking out how peoples clothes fold and crease to check highlights and so on.......

01-08-2007, 13:03
*brings in team of cleaners with hoovers and dust busters who get rid of all the dust and dead bodies*

Ok this thing hasnt been updated since the 3rd of May, which means it been a good 3 months in the grave. Its been out of action due to a variety of different reasons, firstly it was uni papers being due, then it was uni exams, then holidays where i spent far too much time eating drinking and making merry, then i met the most wonderful girl in the world who has proceeded to take up most of my time and is still doing so.
But considering ive joined the tale of the 40k painters i thought i would get this going again with some side projects and also with random wip pics of my tale of 40k painters stuff.

For those who dont know im doing the big three (all three arms of the Inquisition) for the tale, starting with the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Malleus. I suggest that everyone who hasnt already checked out the tale of 40k painters thread do so because there is some damn fine work there and i guess you can also have a look at the first instalment of my grey knight termis.

Ok, onto the next bit of business for this thread:
I have sitting around at the moment a decent sized Imperial Guard army that i tend to use these days when i play 40k, its pretty much a grenadier force with thirty storm troopers and one or two platoons of infantry and three russes depending on the pts limit of the game. Now these guys are kinda painted but not to any good standard and i want that to change, so change it shall! (although i assume it will be a decently slow change...lol). Some of you may have seen my thread in the 40k backround forum on the Jantine Patricians, after reading "First and Only" again ive been inspired to repaint my guard like the Jantine Patricians, and considering i have a decent number of the forge world cadian upgrade packs it should be no problems making them look like heavy shock troops.

The Jantine according to "First and Only" wear purple and chrome battle dress with silver and gold braid and frogging. They are also described as having very good armour and better than normal las weapons. This to me translates as THEY ARE KASRKIN, as such i have started doing a test Kasrkin sgt. to see if the scheme looks ok. His fatigues are one coat of Liche purple with a purple wash over them to shade and darken so it looks more like something you would wear in battle and less like my girlfriends car seat covers!



Now youve seen the pics i need to ask some questions:
DO you think the scheme looks ok atm?
DO you think that it may be better to use the Hormagaunt purple foundation colour for the cloth?
How the hell do you paint chrome?
I think thats it...

Expect another update tomorrow some time when i get home from uni.

01-08-2007, 20:32
Ah an update!

Personally, I don't like teh scheme as a concept; however, your painting of it is looking good so far; I'm interested to see how this turns out.

Keep it up!

02-08-2007, 15:02
Ok, i have done some more work on the Jantine Storm trooper sgt. Atm his fatigues and body armour are done, so are most of the golden parts.



sorry for the crap photos its midnight and im using the phone camera again...
Something im stuck on at the moment is what colour to do the sgts. belt, pouches, straps and all of that stuff? so any suggestions would be fantastic because its got me stumped.
I worked out that a coat of mithril silver over bolt gun metal makes things look chrome like so the body armour is nice and shiny and looking the way i want it to so im pretty pleased with that.
I should hopefully have this dude finished by tomorrow sometime.

Ok the other thing i thought i needed to share with you guys is this:

Forge World were happy enough to refund my baneblade (i was given it ages ago and there was a huge moulding flaw with the turret and tracks), now my mother is actually in the UK at the moment on holidays so i sent the baneblade over with her so i could get a new turret and she called me about an hour ago and i spoke to the GW guy at warhamer world and he pretty much convinced me to take the 140 pound refund and wait till the plastic baneblade comes out in october. Now i had already sent a shopping list over to the UK with my mum so she could pick me up some goodies such as Imp armour 5, some death korp grenadiers and the new death korp command squad as i love the minis and what the hell. Well somehow my own mother just convinced me to use the 140 pound to buy more death korp, i swear the thought hadnt even crossed my mind before she suggested it.

So now i have this coming back to australia for me: 1 death korp command HQ, 1 unit of death korp grenadiers, 1 grenadier heavy flammer team, 1 grenadier with heavy stubber and melta gun, 1 unit of death riders (YAY, these guys are probably the best in the whole range and thats saying something), 1 command squad, 1 infantry squad advancing and 1 infantry squad firing. And i also got her to pick me up a steel legion commissar to space fill till the death korp ones come out. And she tells me that the very very kind people at forge world have agreed to post their part of the shipment to me to save my mother having to cart it around the UK and Europe for the next three weeks. So my night has been pretty awesome, im going to try and not think about my bank balance for a bit though as that will surely kill any buzz i have going...

So look out for death korp in this log in the not so distant future (depending on how well the crappy australian postal service works...they could get here in three days or three decades).

02-08-2007, 16:43
I like DK. Really! :D

Looks good from here, although it's kind of hard to tell with the dark pictures...

Either way, keep it up!

02-08-2007, 19:51
It's growing on me ;)

02-08-2007, 22:24
Thanks for the replies, yeah the photos are crap quality its a phone and taken at around midnight with my desk lamp, im going to see if i can borrow my brothers girl friends camera today and take a decent couple of shots with it.

Im actually liking the scheme the more i do of the sgt. It reminds me very much of pre-heresy emperors children with the purple and gold. But yeah it looks quite good in RL. Still have no idea about how to paint the straps and pouches on these guys, i was thinking maybe Fenris Grey (foundation paint) which is the colour i used to do the tubing going from the power sword to wrist and hell pistol to back pack. Or maybe a white grey colour.

But yeah should have this guy finished by the end of today and pics posted tonight and then i can start on the rest of them, at the moment there is going to be somewhere in the realm of 40 or so Kasrkin in the army so i need to get painting, and im going to assume that when my DKOK get here im going to be working on them and these guys wont get any time.

08-08-2007, 11:58
Ok small update:

still havent finished the Jantine storm trooper sgt as im stumped as to what colour all the straps and so on will be. But once someone suggests something or i try something interesting i will finish him and get started on the other stormies.

In other news i played a smallish game of 40k on the weekend against my power gamer friends Raven Guard with an interesting guard army, pretty much four tiny 5 man squads of storm troopers, evesor assassin, command squad, 6 ratlings and a platoon of normal guard. The mission was recon (which truth be told i havent ever played with guard), pretty much it was a very very very tight game, he ended up winning as guard sadly cant stand up to space marines in close combat, there was only about 100 pts diff in the VP's. Highlight of the match was the first turn charge with my evesor that saw off an entire tac squad in one turn. So that was some quick fun over the weekend.

And lastly due to my main guard army being split into the Jantine Patricians and the DKOK (when they turn up!) im going to be left with alot of bog standard infantry and so i have decided to paint them up as inquisitorial guard, the pics are of the two test minis C&C welcome.


thanks guys

09-08-2007, 09:29
The red areas could do with touching up; the appears to be a lot of black ink on the raised areas which could do with some blood red/red gore to highlight it.
May I also suggest some colour on the lenses as well?

12-08-2007, 04:31
Hmm, i really hate photos they bring up all your mistakes......

Yeah i see what you mean, but its not black ink. The way im doing the red is two coats of mechite red over a blk undercoat and then washed with watered down scorched brown, makes it look darker and a bit dirty which is what im going for but i do need to tidy it up.

The lenses at the moment are just bolt gun metal.

In other news the Death Korp stuff still hasnt turned up, but i assume thats due to the industrial action by royal mail over the last week or so. So fingers crossed that it turns up tomorrow or the day after so i have something to do while uni assignments start to send me crazy.

And ive run out of simple green (i swear my mum has used it as a cleaner on more than one occasion when i expressly stated that it was for stripping minis and only for stripping minis!!!) so i need to buy more of that...

Anyway will try to update in the next day or so if i get time to paint.

12-08-2007, 06:44
Looking good.

21-08-2007, 13:34

Hey everyone,

Sorry i havent updated sooner, uni work and several 21st and what not has stopped me from painting or doing anything really.

First up; my DKOK stuff came in the mail this week! YAY!! All i can say is that these are some of the best miniatures i have ever seen. They are a sight to behold, if you havent got some, get some!
Along with the miniatures i got AI 5 for some light reading. Sadly i dont think i will be using the DKOK siege list any time soon, this is due to the financial side of things and the fact that you are forced to take an army pretty much based around hordes of guys with a bit of artillery support. But after saying this i do think its an excellent list for someone who has won the lottery or something like that! Also i will be using some of the entries from AI 5 with my DKOK (using the IG army list for most things) as i want to use the Death Riders and the Grenadiers, and i seriously doubt my gaming group will have a problem with this.
Looking through the colour sections im contemplating a grey colour scheme for my Death Korp and once i get some time to really sit down and paint properly i will do a test mini and post for C&C.

I traded away my FW Vulture to another warseerer (check out whiteshields1690's log on it, damn good painter) and in return got an Armageddon pattern Medusa siege tank. This is the start of the artillery that will accompany my guard armies in Apocalypse, im hoping to add a full basilisk company to this as well as some static support pieces over the next few months, oh btw here are some pics of it (bloody nice paint job, sadly i think i will be repainting it when i have a scheme for the Death Korp)


21-08-2007, 13:48
Due to pic limit i will have to split this over two posts or so... sorry

I have started on my armoured fist squad for my DKOK, i have decided to use my only steel legion squad for this at the moment as they look kinda the same and i have had them laying around for quite some time and they are seriously nice minis.
So far i have one trooper painted, the Sgt painted and a heavy bolter team done. The main things i was going for was speed (no highlighting, totally inked, only a few colours) and i wanted to see if i could make decent looking trench like bases. The colour scheme is just something easy to paint and i doubt my DKOK will get the same scheme unless everyone loves it... so here we are trooper 1, sgt and heavy bolter team!


Hope you like them!

In other news; the Jantine havent been forgotten im just in the process of stripping a whole lot of Kasrkin so i can batch spray and paint them in the next week or so, and im also trying to buy a few chimeras on the cheap for them as i want to use them as a mechanised unit for apoc. So look out for an update in the next little while on them.

The plastic cadians who were on there way to becoming Inquisitorial guard have been put on hold till i work out with a mate how many traitors he has, and they may be turned into blood pact or sons of sek so we have a decent sized enemy force for apoc when it comes out.

Thats all for now...

21-08-2007, 14:08
looking good, especially the medusa!