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14-04-2007, 12:20
Hi guys/girls, I am trying to locate a WD, it is actually the cover art I need for a conversion.

The WD was somewhere between 100 - 130 (I think) and it had a picture of a marine shooting into a small crowd I think he was shooting one guy in the face. The marine had bright red power armour (I think he was a Blood Drinker) and one shoulder pad was Gold. ( I also think it had the word Necromunda on the shoulder pad somewhere).

Anyone know what number it was and if possible a link to a pic of it, if linking to a pic possibly breaks GW IP then the number will do fine.

Many Thanks


14-04-2007, 13:19
Scrap that guys it was WD 137.

Art Is Resistance
14-04-2007, 13:40
Just as an aside to this - the artist is Les Edwards - the same guy who did the cover for the Lost & The Damned, and did quite a lot of freelance work for GW in the mid/late 80's - his work was collected in 'Blood & Iron' - a great referance for those of us who play Call Of Cthulhu.....

Heres his site - http://www.lesedwards.com/

You'll have to post the conversion when you've done it!

15-04-2007, 10:22
Hey, the issue is my avatar isn't it?

16-04-2007, 14:42
Thanks people.