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14-04-2007, 21:15
Im a long term roleplayer and wargamer and love Inquisitor very much.


Im confused as to how to play it in a long term campaign sense, so far we have been playing it as a roleplay game and using the miniatures purely for action scenes to lend some kind of form to it. But I feel this isnt how Inquisitor is meant to be played.

How do you lot play it? how is down time structured?
do you bother setting up the table when the characters are only in the local town?

15-04-2007, 17:13
You're quite right that INQ is not an RPG. In fact, I expounded on the difference, over at the Black Industries forum not long ago.

The easiest and most popular way to play INQ is to treat every game as part of the larger story of your characters. So a game against player A is related somehow to that game you played against player B last week. But how they are related is up to each player to determine together at the start of the game.

So, for example, in the course of a big game, one of my PCs was captured by a friend's Inquisitor. The next time we played a pick-up game we agreed that our respective bands were meeting to negotiate a prisoner exchange.

Likewise, another PC has a metaquest - i.e. an overarching objective and task she is constantly working on; in this case, cultivating genestealer cults to lure the Hivefleets into the paths of pre-warned (usually) Imperial forces. Thus, any game she plays will somehow be related, if sometimes tangentially, to this metaquest.

As a result, my own PCs have fought with and against one another on different occasions, and have cross paths with dozens of other characters under the control of fellow players, all of those games forming the meat in the stew of my PCs larger stories.

This obveiates the requirement for a structured, GM-managed campaign structure and allows regular pick-up games as and when.



15-04-2007, 17:22
Oh right cool, simillar to the way that 40k campaigns might be played out yes?

16-04-2007, 09:47
Er... Not in my experience, but I suppose it could be done that way in 40k, too...


24-04-2007, 16:43
People play Inquisitor in very different ways.

In my group, we only ever play Inqusitor as part of a structured GM-run campaign. I've never played a one-off game of Inquisitor in my life (I've GM-ed three campaigns and been a player in 1).

My latest campaign involved a very flexible campaign tree with four separate gaming sessions. Two games per session, four players per campaign (excluding GM). First two gaming sessions were 2 player affairs, third gaming session a mix of 2 and 4 player missions, and the last session a finale with all players involved in both missions!

In between gaming sessions, stories are written by the GM to advance the plot in a desirable direction. In my last campaign that meant A LOT of work. Each player gets 2-3 stories in between gaming sessions, and each is about 6 or 7 pages worth of Size 12 font on Microsoft Word. That's 300-400 pages worth of stories per Inquisitor campaign.

I don't know anyone else who plays a campaign this way, which only reinforces what I said in my opening sentence. Play the game as it works best for you, and to hell with everyone else.

26-04-2007, 22:13
Ever played Morrowind? if not, go out and buy it, its the best PC RPG of the last century. if you dont have a computer, then listen up:

the entire world is set for you and then you run around undoing all the triggers that the creators have made for you. you have total free will and can do whatever you want to. most importantly, you can anyone can add things to the game and save thier changes as a file for others to use. my favorite part of the game, and coincidently, the part im using for Inquisitor game that I am running, is the role that factions played in the game. Inside the game there are several different factions that all have different aims and goals. Each faction has three or four people that give you missions to run.

in my inquisitor campaign, I have setup around 60 people that all have missions to give to the players. there are a total of six factions, ten people in each faction, and different Ranks throughout the factions. I have them arranged on a push pin board in a circle so that people will "know" people around them. This provides interaction between different factions. As the game master, I create characters and assign them different personality traits.

At any point, I can come up with some sort of terrain scheme, set an objective, and the mission for one of my players will be to achieve the goal. This provides the opportunity for quick one off games that can be done with new players or old returning players that just want one random Mission. if a player so chooses, they can request a mission from one of the people they "know." completing a mission successfully will result in status increase and acquisition of assets. While I believe there is some specialist-game-produced material on assets, I just use assets as whatever I want them to be. If a player need something , either before or after a mission, or during a mission, such as a evacuation plan or a jump back to infiltrate the facility, they can draw from their pool of the assets and see if they can use something like that.

Example: Inquisitor Sarison needs to sneak into a prison to break out a bodyguard of his who was resently arrested. because Inquisitor Sarison is on the good side of the law and this prison is run by heretic cultists, he asks his good friend Brok Carver to cause a distraction at the front desk while he sneaks in the back door. He also instructs Scott Denifold, a pilot who owes Sarison a favor for looking the other way on oscura smuggling charges, to fly Scott's C-15 Jumpjet over the roof of the building once Sarison signals him. the best part of this campaign method is that each player gets to decide their own fate.

The one thing I hate about any role playing game is the part where "you are surrounded by guards and must surrender." Thats grox-dukie. I am a full blooded Inquisitor, and while my boltgun may be out of ammo, I watched Gnarf beat a man to death with one in the pits of Gafell V. I will surrender only when I want to surrender.

27-04-2007, 00:10
inquisitor campaign, Beeeeeee-atch!

27-04-2007, 13:22
Sarison, may I recommend paragraphs - they're very useful.

28-04-2007, 01:16
ok, i got voice recognition so i can talk like three times faster than i type, and it comes out all together.

28-04-2007, 01:36
you know, this reminds me of baldurs gate. you go around, meeting people, killing people, robbing people, doing the occasional mission, but generally having a good time. tht is what inquisitor is all about. forget the random encounters, the way its described in the book is basically
Wrestlemania 40,000.

30-04-2007, 05:53
how do you connect games that are played by completely different people? we have a few people in our group, and they dont gather regularly. how does a game against A and B effect the next game of B vs. C or the one of C vs. D?
and what if we have three or more people? does any one know how to run a game with many people and still keep the outcome relevent? cuz in our experience, relevance makes or breaks a game.