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14-04-2007, 23:45
Greetings all. I played my first scenario yesterday. We played in my living room on my poker table (think 4x4 hexagonal table) at 1,250 points. We rolled up planetary assault and I was defender. Not wanting to use up all of my expensive computer ink, I only printed up the .pdf with the small planet on it.

My list:

1x Apocalypse (new,l wanted to try it out)
1x Tyrant with 45cm batteries
1x Gothic
1x Dictator
3x Falchions (also new, love the models) teamed with 2x Cobras
Ld 9 admiral with 2 rerolls

His list:

1x Repulsive Grand Cruiser with Mark of Nurgle and his Warmaster.
1x Slaughter
1x Carnage
1x Devastation
3x Iconoclast
3x Infidel
3x Idolator

I rolled up 110 points for planetary defences. I used the Orbital Dock and two fire ships. I deployed my squadron of Tyrant and Gothic (S12 torps!) between the planet and an asteroid field close to one table edge.

Turn one his force came on the table and focused all of its fire on my battleship, crippling it on turn 2. My forces orbiting the small planet could not get turned into the Chaos fleet before the Chaos force got right in on the planet, preventing me from using my one nova cannon and my torpedoes. The orbital dock and fire ships were actually my MVPs (sad, I know. My battleship did 1 point of damage and 1 fire ship causes three fires on two cruisers, crippling both).

Result: I successfully disengaged my battleship, my Tyrant, and my Dictator (each with 1 hit left!) leaving his force nearly intact. I destroyed one cruiser, crippled another (fire ship the both!) and killed a few escorts. My rolling for coming to alert status was terrible. Massacred.

In retrospect, my small poker table did not favor this scenario. Turn one puts the attacker in range of the planet's defenders with 30cm guns...:eek:

Anyway, I figured you guys might enjoy a little batrep of the dissection of a newbie. And I have a question. If a ship/squadron is fired upon, do they automatically go on alert? We couldn't find anything that said it did; so we played it that a ship still needed to pass the Ld test. My Dictator didn't wake up until it was crippled. :cries: Did we do it right? Also, could I have used one of my commander's re-rolls to try to pass this test?:confused:

Admiral Koppenflak
15-04-2007, 06:56
You played Gothic on a poker table!?

"A" for effort... but I can't say much for the tactical thinking behind this decision!! That would have really hurt...

On the topic of standby, yes, you did it right. The point is that the scenario is an ambush; the defender didn't know it was coming, so his ships have to pass leadership tests before they go to full alert. Until that happens, they are sitting ducks and are at the mercy of the attacker.

Gothic really needs to be played on a table at least 150cm long. I myself have a large 180x120 board that I use, which tends to favour larger battles (as you could imagine)

Playing in an area where both sides can basically shoot in their first turn is simply not right... If this were a game againt eldar, it would have been like shooting fish in a barrel. You really need to replay the scenario on a full board, because its hard to discuss tactics when you're extremely limited by what you can before you even start the game!

15-04-2007, 08:19
Wow, I haven't gotten an A since... :P There was no tactical thinking involved, it's just all I have until I figure something else out.

Thanks for the clarification on standby. No commander rerolls, then. Ugh.

I think I'll give in and go to the hardware store and buy a 6x4 plank. (small apartment living room is still a problem though)

Zhai Morenn
15-04-2007, 08:47
yeah, I've been in the same boat with you as having to settle for substandard tabletops- untill tonight- I bought myself a round picnic table 5 feet in diameter- kinda hard for those very square battlefield centered scenarios but I think my buds and I will manage (everything else was a lousy long and narrow fold out table). Normally Imps should be able to do a little bit of attacker wrecking as defenders on a PA- the defense points are great and Nova cannons can harass targets on their way in, not to mention well directed torpedo salvos. Better luck next time, bud.

16-04-2007, 04:51
Mines, use mines as defence as well.

16-04-2007, 08:39
dont buy a 6x4 - 3 2x4 is far more storable and manouvreable in a small house

(and easier to fit in the back of a small car!)

16-04-2007, 13:20
Almost the same here: I have 3 pieces of 60cm x 125cm (we talk BFG here, cm's is the way to go!).