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15-04-2007, 12:25
New to WHFB from 40K would it be possible for somebody to give me a rundown on the strengths/weaknesses of each army, what they're strongest unit type is and the best/most common style of play for the individual armies.

15-04-2007, 13:30
Lizardmen: Strong all-rounders.
Strengths: One of the best basic fighters in the game, excellent manouverability, potentially one of the strongest armies in any of the four phases. It's also very forgiving, with the cold-blooded rule making it one of the most reliable armies around.
Weaknesses: Expensive choices. This makes it difficult, should you choose to specialise in any one or two areas, to maintain power in the other two. It also means that if you choose to generalise, it's likely the enemy will still outgun you in at least one or two areas.
Strongest unit: Basic Skinks. They have a surprising amount of killing power partnered with speed and manoverability, making them possibly the best harassing unit in the game. Salamanders are possibly the most potentially destructive, but they're very high variance.

All-Goblin Greenskins: Funny but not really good.
Strengths: Insane numbers. It's not unusual to see 1000 point armies with somewhere around 150 models and still containing scary hitting power. Also, due to the inherently random nature of a lot of the army (Squig hoppers, Fanatics) and the unreliability (everything!) they have a huge potential damage output for very low prices.
Weaknesses: Highly unreliable. Between Animosity and the fact that all your best hitters are about as likely to attack you as the enemy, it's very difficult to come up with and stick to a battle plan without your army refusing to cooperate. Also, the basic troops are exceedingly weak - and common Goblins are overcosted. Night Goblins are generally considered a better choice.
Best units: It's debatable, but I personally favour Squig Hoppers, Shamans and large Night Goblin blocks with Fanatics, since by taking Goblins you've already committed to a high-variance army, so you may as well take the choices that reward you most when all goes well!

15-04-2007, 13:45
you dont ask for much do ya? ;)


Good all round army, lots of heavy cavalry, decent infantry, useful and flexible magic, lots of shooting and war machines,

not as good as other armies at each specific area, very jack of all trades and not really very 'fantastic'

Orcs + Goblins

Low Points cost troops, powerful characters, very powerful elite troops, useful and damaging magic, lots of unusual troops and war machines

very unreliable, not particularly shooty, not heavily armoured


Massive amounts of firepower, the most in the game, devastating war machines, magically resistant, solid troops

Little offensive magic, no cavalry, very slow, somewhat limited tactically


massive range of troops to choose from, 3 entirely seperate armies which can be mixed in together, the best close combat troops in the game bar none, lots of fear and terror causing units, powerful magic, lots of monsters

Almost no shooting, expensive troops, the sheer number of units on offer can lead to weak armies with no focus

High Elves

Stupidly powerful magic, solid troops, lots of heavy cavalry

Several severe weaknesses which are currently being addressed in the new army book, fragile troops with high points cost

Dark Elves

very fast and maneuvreable, lots of shooting, effective war machines, powerful offensive magic

Unreliable heavy cavalry, expensive troops, struggle against heavily armoured enemies, limited magic items

Wood Elves

Highly maneuvreable, lots of snipey shooting, solid combat troops and subtle magic, Beatiful model range

Fragile, high points cost.

Tomb Kings

Potentially Maneuvreable, useful and totally reliable magic, nasty war machines, powerful characters, troops which never run away and cause fear

The worst troops in the game, fragile and poor quality, magic isnt very destructive

Vampire Counts

Very powerful characters, powerful and destructive magic, reliable troops, the ability to increase the size of your units, troops cause fear

Slow and shambling, moderately expensive low quality troops, currently a poor model range IMHO


The cheapest points cost in the game, very powerful and effective magic, powerful war machines, some troops (plague monks, plague censer bearers) are also very damaging

Very poor combat troops in general, vulnerable if flanked, war machines and magic often do more damage to you than your opponent


Very powerful all round army, the most powerful magic in the game, very tough characters, cheap tough troops, very useful and numerous skirmishers

Massive points cost for characters, if characters are killed it makes it very hard for you to win, no war machines


Very powerful cavalry and lots of it! flying units of knights, the whole army gets additional protection from the lady's blessing, very powerful war machine in the trebuchet

Very low quality foot troops, limited tactical options and army variety

Ogre Kingdoms

very powerful characters, the tyrant is probably the toughest general in the game, useful magic, tough wizards, cause fear, models are cheap money-wise and you only need a few of them.

Not particularly powerful in any areas, very difficult to build a powerful army. Many people dislike the range also!

The other 2 armies people use are chaos dwarfs and dogs of war, however neither of these armies has its own army book and I dont know anyone who plays them so I can't comment!

There ya go, hope that was of some use!

15-04-2007, 13:48
Dark Elves:
Strengths: Manouverable (very fast, even the standard trooper is faster than average), very nice miniatures, very rewarding if you win a game (:p ), very different approaches possible
Weaknesses: Realatively expensive units (pointswise, =>"Elite army"), don't do well in longer combats, no unit does well on it's own, the units have to work together to break the enemy, miniatures range isn't too well-supported by GW, lack of plastic models is seen as a con by many people (quite expensive army)

Beasts of Chaos:
Strengths: Raiders special rule, many skirmishers, very good and cheap standard troops, mix and match with Hordes of Chaos
Weaknesses: Leadership, no missile troops