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16-04-2007, 13:44
hello all

I'v been playing BFG on/ off since it got released many years ago

now i havnt played a game of BFG for along time so I'v desided to buy myself a new fleet, and as my 40k Ulthwe eldar army is a rather large its only fitting i have a CW Eldar fleet to go with it

now before i splurge on a gw mailorder rougthly how many of what ship should i get? anyone with an example fleet list for me to look at? experiences/ pros and cons of the CW fleet?

I'v done a forum search on CW fleets and couldnt find much, so any help would be greatly apresiated

Zhai Morenn
16-04-2007, 14:03
The CWE fleet has some bugs that need working out of it but here's typical concensus:

Wraithships are good, (a full Eldar cruiser that actually is legal in a Convoy scenario!), usually at best effeciency when armed with a pulsar and torp bay- though I have one or two with LBs as well just for fun.

Dragonships are amazing, being able to take on grand cruisers and battlecruisers without flinching. Typically favoured when loaded with batteries (16 always closing) and launch bay since it can get assault boat upgrades.

Dont stock up on Shadowhunters- a few are novel and fun but really they are the least capable Eldar escort in existance.

The Flame of Asuryan is pretty cool too- very pretty and very very well armed.

EDIT: Don't bother with Ghost ships (they dont fit thematically with Ulthwe anyhow)- if they fail a SO attempt they do nothing- which is pretty much death to Eldar.

16-04-2007, 14:03
Versus the Corsair Eldar the Craftworld fleet is a little weaker. The models are very good. On the Specialist Games site you can find more information on them in various threads.

Have you already downloaded the Doom of the Eldar & Yriel's Raiders PDF from the Specialist Games site?
Note: The High Admirality is re-working the CWE list as far as I know.

An example fleet list for 1500 points:
Admiral + 1 re-roll 125 points
1 Farseer 30 points (on Dragonship without Admiral)
Dragonship with a-boats & aspect warriors 290 points
Dragonship with a-boats & aspect warriors 290 points
4x Wraithship 640 points
3x Shadowhunter escort 120 points

Total 1495 points.

* Do not bother with Ghostships
* Always take the following weapon lay-outs:
- Dragonship: Weapon Batteries + Launch Bays
- Wraithship: Pulsar Lance + Torpedoes (You may change 1 Wraithship to batteries if wanted or 2 in smaller battles).

When expanding your fleet buy the 'Flame of Asuryan - Yriel's Flagship'. In my opinion the best looking ship in the whole BFG range. Just use stats as they are but rename it to your Ulthwé goals. Keep in mind you need to upgrade your admiral to an Hero to field the Flame of Asuryan, he costs 150pts without a re-roll but does allow Craftworld Eldar to take Corsair Eldar as reserves or vica versa.

And if you ever go tired from the official Eldar rules you can always try the Eldar MMS rules. (Shameless self promotion!)

25-04-2007, 03:12
Can someone provide a link for the rules of the CWE fleet? The one at GW website aint working... Thanks

25-04-2007, 04:42
It's here, under the names "Doom of the Eldar" and "Yriel's Raiders."


25-04-2007, 13:33
Warp Rift 12 will feature some Special Craftworld Neatness.

25-04-2007, 17:58
Warp Rift 12 will feature some Special Craftworld Neatness.

neat, i liked the previous issues :-)

oh and, next time, check your private msg box! ;-)