View Full Version : Gear Kreig/Jovian Chronicles?

New Cult King
02-08-2005, 07:20
Anybody here on Warseer play either of these games?

I'm looking at the minis on www.dp9.com and really liking what I'm seeing.

Any input would be greatly appreciated :D

02-08-2005, 15:35
I play Heavy Gear by the same company which is a great game. I think Gear Krieg is similar mechanically, but I'm not sure.

02-08-2005, 17:05
I've played Jovian Chronicles Lightning Strike and Heavy Gear. my group thought JC:LS was a hoot. DP9 doesn't really seem to support it anymore though. Most of the books coming out are aimed at Heavy Gear.

New Cult King
03-08-2005, 08:03
Jovian Chronicles and Heavy Gear appeal to me the most out of the three.

This is promising - I might go hassle my local Indy guy, see if he has any of this gear :D

19-08-2005, 13:55
I'm starting up Flames of war soon. So I was wondering. Is infantry based in a similar way for both games?

anyhoo I'll probobly buy some walkers just for the heck of it.