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17-04-2007, 12:34
Right, I had my first game last night. 4 Nightwings vs. 4 Thunderbolts and 2 Lightnings. I lost 3 Nightwings to 2 Thunderbolts and a Lightning and was forced to disengage.

My main problem was being outnumbered and gaining priority. With having to move all of my planes before he did, he could either avoid me or was able to target one of my planes that was targetting another of his.

I realise that I should have moved my planes together and tried to force local superiority in one area at some point, but was unable to do it (some poor choices of manouvre didn't help) and got gunned down at medium range (autocannons are horrendously powerful!).

So, what do experienced Eldar players reccomend? How do you deal with being outnumbered all the time? How would you deal with using 4 Nightwings vs. 12 Hell Talons (or blades, can't remember the light one's name)? That seems the ultimate nightmare for me.

17-04-2007, 16:19
Well, I have only played a game as Eldar and it was 2 NW vs 3 Thunderbolts. I lost one NW and the game was over.

Dividing and reconquering is what the Eldar have to do. My first goal with a flight of NW would be to blow through the enemy's line - max speed at a lower altitude. I would start off tight on one side of the table, flying low (alt 5-6) and at max speed (9). In general this forces you opponent to either be down low with you (and slower) or to be high and out of range. The Eldar have some of the best thrust in the game and so can manage their energy a lot easier. Your opponent will have to dive down towards you when he is near at which point you promptly climb up above him and start turning to get behind him. The goal here is to get him really slow as he has to trade his lower thrust and speed for altitude. A slow enemy lets you have the opportunity to set up a shot the following turn, you just need to have your guns pointed in the general area of where they are going to be. Following turn drop in on their six if you can. Slowing down part of your opponents force also beings to separate the enemy force, making them more manageable bits.

The Hell Blade is your largest threat as it makes up for the lack of HP with numbers and is only a little slower (has a slightly higher min speed). So lets look at some theory on how to defeat them.12 HB operating as 6 pairs of 2 is very dangerous to any force, especially Eldar who can only bring 4 NW. The make them slow technique is difficult to do here, I am not sure what to do, need to play a few games.

17-04-2007, 22:49
remember it's above half so in a 2 plane game you would need to lose both for disengage.

17-04-2007, 22:52
True... made that mistake. still that is the hardship the Eldar face, elite, hard, but few in number.

18-04-2007, 00:28
when your so badly outnumbered as the eldar will usually be , i find that in smaller games where you just donít have the planes to be using formations i go for a couple of tricks vs imperials. Keeping in mind that 1. Medium range is bad 2. your opponent is slow and more importantly lack thrust. And finally you will be out numbered.
In the first few turns approach at a different altitude to your opponent, usually high but low can work epically if your opponent matches you. If your opponent has decided to fly at your alt, change your alt (power dives are brilliant for this) this means you will pass through his medium range at hopefully an untargetable altitude( the first pass is usually the worst for elder). from the first pass you should be able to maintain close range on your opponentís(using your better thrust and spiral).
In the following turns with most of your fighters pick manuvers that allow alt changes as well as rapered turns, but have a couple that will try to get out of the fight for a turn(again power-dive is brilliant for this), this will allow you to see some of you opponents hand and allow you to get shotís usually at close rage Vs these targets. I will usually go for sustained fire as life becomes so much better when you start to even the numbers.
Finally these are obviously not fool proof and should not be followed to rigorously, unpredictability is massively important in AI
Cheers Chris

Barney the Lurker
18-04-2007, 03:05
I'm the guy Anathama played the other night.

On the whole I think it was just a combintion of us getting used to AI and luck that handed me the win. I think it was just sheer luck in that turn where all of a suddun all your guys were in the middle with me around you. Just the weight of fire gave me the win.

You summed up what you need to do perfectly after the game - Play them as Eldar! Gang up on one flank where I cannot bring my nu,bers to bear and then use your manouverability to finish me off.