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Lothar bubonicus
17-04-2007, 18:33
Ok so I have started a salamanders space marine army and the only names I have found to be associated with said chapter are Vulkan and Xavier.

Anyone identify the style or origin of these names so i can find more that fit the theme?

For example Ultramarines having roman names, Dark angels having Biblical names, Salamanders having ................ names?

17-04-2007, 18:48
Vulcanus is a roman god of smithing and handicraft ...
Xavier doesn´t have a connection I´m aware of.

I imagine Salamanders having the roughly same pool of names as the Blood Angels: roman or italian first names. It just sounds right ...
Or to put it another way: you´re absolutely not restricted on which names to choose.

17-04-2007, 19:01
Hephaestus is another good name. It was the name of the greek equivalent of Vulcan.

Other than that, just go with traditional latin names: Quintius, Aurelius, Gaius, etc.

Lothar bubonicus
17-04-2007, 19:03
Thats what I was thinking too. Just finished reading the Emporer trilogy by Conn Iggulden. So my head is full of Roman names.

Lothar bubonicus
17-04-2007, 19:03
thanks guys btw :D

18-04-2007, 16:16
try this