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17-04-2007, 20:49
I think the title explains much of the idea.
At first it would be something for a diorama, then it will be a small army (display), and, if I'll be able to find enough ideas (and money) it is able to become a small (max 1000pts) army suitable for gaming.

The ideas I have at the moment:
Priest of Morr: made with the new plastic Empire Wizards sprue, a WE scout head and if it fits with the total model a skull, on his open hand maybe..

A(n Army Battle) standard bearer, I'm not sure about the model, but the standard will of course be the Morr standard from the Empire General kit.

Black Guard of Morr: made of DE Executioners (they have to have big two handed swords, some kind of heavy armour and have to look a bit creepy). The swords will be replaced with the plastic 2 handed swords carried by Militia (which will be used for something else (ahum VC ahum)).

The Knights of Morr: I'll wait till there will come a new Empire Knights set (I thought that was the case, a rumour on these Forums..) before making these. If I get the chance to take a better look at the Bretonnian Knight I might consider them as well (see below).

I hope you're able to provide me with ideas, comments and the like.
If someone can tell me if the Bretonnian Knights can be turned into Knights of Morr (The stuff on the helmets off, and other bits so they're better suitable) I would be very happy.


18-04-2007, 16:12
I assume you are planning to use the Empire Army list for this?

If so just use the empire Knights and put some Skull and Crossbones on them.


18-04-2007, 16:22
I assume you are planning to use the Empire Army list for this?

If so just use the empire nights and put some Skull and Crossbones on them.


Well, that's one of my problems.
Black Guard are assumed to be the following things:
Fearless ('oh, *sigh* another vampire.. :o )
Very good fighters (able to take on a vampire, when needed)
Very heavily armoured (obsidian)
Almost causing fear themselves.
Great weapons, and they can fight very well with them

So that isn't exactly as a normal group of State Troops, right?
High WS, Ld (immume to fear/terror?), high AS.. Even Greatswords aren't good enough. I'm still looking at an existing Army list I can use, and I'll need more different army choises then. No shooting, I think, but other fighting units..

18-04-2007, 16:25
You could use greatswords and give them the banner that makes them immune to fear. They have a 4+ save and Great Weapons. Plus they would then be stubborn and immune to fear.


18-04-2007, 16:28
Thanks. I don't have the Empire Army book, but now I know this I might use the Empire list for it.

21-04-2007, 11:22
I've bought some Executioners now and some Militia (for the Greatsword-like-swords). The Knights will be made out of normal Empire Knights with some components of other models. If I've glued and painted them I'll post some pics.

Are the Greatswords allowed to have a magic banner themselves, or do they need a BSB then?

As a 750 pts army I think there will be 2 units of 6 Knights, a Priest (Amethyst Wizard), a captain and a unit of 20 Greatswords. What do you think of it?

21-04-2007, 13:23
If you have a General Of The Empire as your army general then one unit of state troops, e.g. Greatswords, can carry a magic banner.

21-04-2007, 14:00
You don't think 1+ save is heavily armoured? :eyebrows:

21-04-2007, 15:38
I can't see any way the DE Executioners miniatures going well with an Empire army. The armour, the proportions, the style, ... just no.

21-04-2007, 17:07
Well, there won't be many normal Empire Mini's around. The Wizard will look nice with them, and the Knight also won't look very Empire. Am still thinking of something else than the normal Knights. So I hope it won't be a very big problem..
Still thanks for replying.

21-04-2007, 19:19
Here's an Army of Morr made by precinctomega of the DakkaDakka forums:

Looks very Enpire so don't know if it will give you any ideas.

And here are some examples of knights from GW:
This one is from "THE ORDER OF THE SACRED SCYTHE" (undead killers)

You could always use Cold One Knights minus the cold ones if you don't want to look Empire.

21-04-2007, 22:38
I also agree that Executioners really don't look like they have any place in an Empire army.

As far as making your standard state troops seem more brave.. you can easily include a warrior priest in their squad to give them all hatred. This will atleast help boost them first rounds of combat and as long as they're winning combats. If they fail to win, ofcourse, it wears off.. which I think reflects the fact that bottom line is - they're still humans. I would definitely take Swordsmen. I mean, they have high WS for just core troops. I can easily see some elvish players complaining on the fact that Empire has regular troops that have the same WS as their infantry.. who are already supposed to be a century or 2 years old. It'd be cool to arm them with shields and hand scythes or sabers.

On a side note: Does Morr have anything against using black powder? I'm almost tempted to make a Morr army as well, but I'm curious what I should do about my pistoliers, cannons, etc.

22-04-2007, 08:46
The Knights look pretty good.
But the normal soldiers.. no.

The Black Guard of Morr are the only foot soldiers mentioned in the books I've read till now. They're armoured with Obsidian plates, so black stone actually. They have great swords, or 'zweihanders' like they're called in Witch Killer. They are very good fighters, and 'The Witch Hunters Handbook' says, altough Witch Hunters normally fight only with other Witch Hunters, in times of great need they're allowed to be aided by Black Guard.
They have helmets which cover the face. And they really look fearsome, not only because they're the servants of Morr. And say whatever you want, but the State Troops do not look fearsome. Actually, there's no model in the whole Empire army which looks fearsome. The DE Executioners are exactly what I thought of when I read Witch Finder (there are 2 Black Guard soldiers in there, and 1 captain, the same captain who plays a big role in Witch Killer).
And they look fearsome, for foot soldiers.

Maybe I'll add some Huntsmen to the army, with cloaks and painted dark. Than I'll have some shooting.
I also don't now if Morr allows blackpowder. Maybe he does. It's black after all..

22-04-2007, 13:21
What books have you got this idea from? I think it's really cool when people get inspiration from books & do armies like this, I have two friends who've made their armies based on books (one an Iron Warriors army & the other Soul Drinkers).

Not sure executioners fit what your looking for from description you've given, mainly because of the chainmail skirts on them. Sounds like you need something with platemail, could you not use greatswords with some sort of head-swap? Or if you can work with GS maybe VC Grave Guard with a head-swap & then GS to put skin over the hands & odd arm that show bones?

22-04-2007, 16:28
I've already bought 3 Executioners and gave them the 2-handed swords you get with the Free Company box. I also filed of the hooks/barbs (hanging from the sword), because they shouldn't have them. (They don't like fishing that much :p ). I didn't glue them already, because my super glue glued itself for some reason.. :wtf:
They don't look Empire like of course, but I didn't exspect that. They should be a 'stand alone' unit.
More plates would maybe be better, but I want figures who handle big swords, look very heavily armoured and look scary. Executioners fit this better than any other figures GW has. (And because of tourneys I've to use GW mini's). Right, Chaos Warriors also are armoured, scary and strong, but not as I wanted it..
Greatsword mini's are nice, but they aren't as I imagined them, and the Black Guard have to stand out from normal Empire mini's.

I don't know if there's any book with good info in it about Morr's soldiers, but the info I got is from: Witch Finder, Witch Killer, The Witch Hunters Handbook.
I'll try to add a raven, black roses or other signs of Morr to the Executioners so they'll look more Morr, and less 'Executioner'. (Skulls will make them more Executioner, I'm afraid..)

22-04-2007, 19:55
It could work, a well-painted black scheme and some different weaponry might do the trick as you say. Try bulking out their waists with daggers, skulls, scrolls and "human" accoutrements if you have any available.

22-04-2007, 21:39
I...unlike some people, apparently...really don't see a problem with the Executioners...since they look the least Elven of the Dark Elves (as long as they have the helmets and face guards up). You said you changed the swords, which is good. And as Mr. Shutup said, add a few "human" bits to the waist and they should look just fine.

23-04-2007, 11:01
Can we see a pic of these executioners when they're finished? I'd like to see the results.

23-04-2007, 11:13
When I read C-Coen I got the impression that part of them being so fear-inspiring was that everybody knew that they where servants of Morr. Sure, they describe the captain as being big and in heavy armour but the respect he inspire in everybody are just humans, who know exactly what the servants of Morr are all about. :)

23-04-2007, 18:13
Of course I'll make pics and post them here. I'll have a small holiday soon, so time enough for some painting! :)
I think the fear-inspiring also is a bit because you don't see their faces, and because they were black armour etc. I mean, Chaos Warriors also look quite scary. Black, big, armoured and strong. (And the blue Tzeentzch guys look funny.)
I'll try to get an hourglass, and a raven would also be cool. And the Morr standard from the General kit. That will make them a bit more human.

30-04-2007, 09:25
I really waqnt an hourglass for my 40K army. the only model I can think of is Inquisitor cotez(sp?), but I don't want to buy the whole model just to carve off one tiny peice. Let me know if you find a better place for one.

30-04-2007, 10:10
The new plastic Empre wizard sprue contains one, and I thought the Empire state troops also had one, but I'm unsure about that one.