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Wolflord Havoc
17-04-2007, 21:18
Okay reading through the titles of some of these posts I was suddenly struck with a multi game scenario where a desperate attack against some dams must be carried out by an Elite Squadron of Marauder Bombers in a daring night attack. Success will styme the enemies ability to advance and give the Imperial Ground forces breathing time to regroup. Failure may very well doom the Imperial Ground forces in this area and turn the tides fully into the enemies favour.

I imagine that the attacking player(s) must secretly plan 3 different routes into and out of the area of operations (3 dams) via mapped sectors while the defending player places night fighters and AAA batteries into these sectors. This then becomes a guessing game as the enemy player can chose to spread his forces thinly or strongly reinforcing certain areas. Also it then does not become nessersary to own Forge worlds production run of Marauder Bombers.

Part one of the campaign the bombers must make it through the night patrols.

Part two is a series of Battles that represent the attacks on the dams.

Part three is the return through the night patrol/AAA belt.

Part four the survivors retrun to base for warm beer and medals.


17-04-2007, 21:35
Sounds good for a structured mini campaign!

Part one would be easy enough I guess, have the bombers having to go from end of a 6ft table to the other, travelling at ultra low level perhaps (so having terrain actually having an effect - bottle necks perhaps) and maybe have counters ala Bombers Over Sulpha River, the defender places them, with each counter only being revealed/active at a certain point (say when the Bombers come within a certain distance or the defender chooses?) Maybe only have ground defences? But to avoid detection the bombers have to stay at such an altitude that they're going to be at risk at all times potentially.

Part 2, not sure how you'd do the bombing run itself, but ground defences with defending night fighters in reserve - not knowing when theyll arrive.

Part 3, a reversal of Part 1, the Bombers have to cross the board again, but this time can fly at any level - but now Night Fihgters are in persuit?

Lt. Co Steel
18-04-2007, 13:15
Well you could have it so that the night fighters persue if they are in an ajacent sector, or roll a dice each turn to determine wether any turn up, you could randomise it further by using a scatter dice to see which table edge they turn up from, (this could show the night fighters either getting the jump on the returning bommers or them being caught out by the unecspected raid)