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18-04-2007, 01:31
I was wondering? Which army could you take where you take no options like magic items, command, heavy Armour, banners ,etc.... The only thing you give your general/heroes is equipment up grades only no magic items. And do you think they can hold up in a game.

18-04-2007, 06:51
Not quite sure what you're asking here, I figure English isn't your first language

Well, do you mean is there an army which can be viable without having to take magic weapons, armor, talismans, banners etc.. on the heroes?

Short answer is: No

Well in small games certainly you can get away with just plain heroes, but in higher point games, there's no real reason why not to take magic items.

I don't know any players who use heroes without any one magic item, in fact many players bring more heroes just to carry more magic items (dispel scroll carriers most commonly)

Non magic heroes will certainly die quicker then magic heroes, especially if the heroes are fighting each other.

If you wanted to take Heroes that will preform well with no gear, i'd say Ogres, their base stat is strong already (4 Str 5 attacks and 4 wounds on a basic Bruiser), though even an Ogre can be spanked by a Skaven hero, especially if that rat is fully decked out.

Basically unless your playing a 500 pt game, you should always put magic stuff on your heroes. Magic items can be well worth their points, and certainly don't hurt your heroes any. But if you must, Ogres are probably your best bet for plain non-magic heroes.

18-04-2007, 08:11

Tomb Kings are rock hard and their chariots and infantry would do well without counter magic items and spells..

Same with VC