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18-04-2007, 03:47
Well hello there everybody. Path to War, my latest log. Reason for the name is unlike my past log, I will be focusing my effort on one army, painted to high standards with other devoted works. I am currently working on several things at once. In preparation for the Eight Week Campaign I am launching in May, I am collecting a large Chaos Army, although the main bulk is compossed of the Thousan Sons and their fanatic followers, it includes the Lord of Decay and the Plague monks of the Aiserland. Soon there will be fluff to support this. Another feature I will be included is a few step-by-steps on certain models. Although the Lord of Decay is already nearing completion, a new Terminator Librarian model shall be the first of many to be painted step-by-step. Although I shall not be attempting new techniques such as OSL and continuing my study of Nmm, I shall be painting the models as realistic as I can. I am only in High School and money is scarce for me, but at the rate I shall be painting I shall be able to afford what I do not already own. The models shall be a test at painting realistically. I require portfolio pieces for my AP Art class and the teacher is willing to accept photos of my models. Unfortunatly due to the late timing of this post and the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills testing this week, pictures will be coming tomorrow.

Throughout the project there will be small updates where I repost what I have already completed so everyone shall not have to suffer searching page by page to see models.

My log will also feature group projects from Iron Citadel, the official GW club. I am in charge of the Games Workshop side as the club also plays Wizkidz and other game systems. So hopefully I shall be including Club Events and other exciting information here.

I know everyone hates terrible photography, but on some updates it just can not be avoided. As I said, I am in High School, and have little money. The camera I would normally use is only available when I stay with my father, but most of the time I only have a small Samsung that does not like to be used in Macro mode.

As I did in my last blog, this one shall also feature any art project I am working on for class. Currently I am working with photography for a arts festivle in my town once a year. The school district allows us to sell our work and I am hoping to earn $250-$500 for my photos.

Well I hope I have not yet bored you with this long-winded post that explains my plan, but this should be the only of its kind. The rest shall be answering questions or posting updates.


19-04-2007, 00:36
Although I'm sure yall were looking forward to model pictures with this post, there are none. Merely what I am working on for art. Model pictures shall come later tonight.



Both of these were taken on my trip to Peru in 2004, we were in Machu Pichu and got a lot of great photos.

19-04-2007, 01:32
Ok now comes the ones yall want to see. Models! yayyy!!

Haha ok first off is the Prince.

And his sword I am very proud of


Next is a WIP priest. Not the best pic, certaintly doesn't do him justice.


19-04-2007, 01:33
Next up is the first of the painting step-by-step with Astador pics, the unprimed Librarian.