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18-04-2007, 16:27
So what tournament capable lists are you seeing with the most AP3 or better weaponry. I'd count rending as falling in this category.
Please use support, and note this is not intending as a troll thread.

My top 5:

*lustwing-terminator heavy with demonettes. Theoretically every mini has the equivelent of power weaponry.
*armored company. Again, your basic "troop" has a nice AP3 battlecannon. Again, every troop has the capability of it.
*deathwing. Theoretically every mini and vehicle has the equivelent of power weaponry.
*min max las plas army O doom. how many P fists/weapons and lascannons plasma cannons are we looking at in that? yikes.
*SAFH dropping guard O doom. Here's a rare list-a dropping 1500 point IG list with 43 plasma/meltas.


18-04-2007, 16:31
Well us Eldar do pretty well on the AP3 or better front as in number of weapon choices. I mean fire dragons, Dark reapers, War walkers, falcons, fire prisms, Vypers, Warpspider Exarch, autarch,the avatar, hell even guardians with a platform fit the bill.

18-04-2007, 16:40
Would you say your average tourney level eldar list has more or less AP weaponry than your average tourney level marine list?

18-04-2007, 16:42
If you're counting rending, how about the Genestealer horde? ;)

18-04-2007, 16:45
Would you say your average tourney level eldar list has more or less AP weaponry than your average tourney level marine list?

I'm really not qualified to answer that since I'm not a tourney player. But with an average list I guess so.

Edit: 30 Fire dragons
9 warwalkers with lances(or 15 Dark reapers if you prefer)
6 guardian squads with platform
9 Vypers

Not AP1. But still a damn lot of ap3 or better weaponry.

18-04-2007, 16:52
Someone has a guard lsit in the tactics forum with 42 plasma guns.

18-04-2007, 16:52
STEINER!!!!! sorry couldn't resist.

Ayah if a genestealer swarm list is tourney level it would qualify. Its sad but I almost miss rending gaunts.

edit: yes thats the guard list I'm referencing.

18-04-2007, 16:53
Dark Eldar can put 41 Dark Lances, Disintegrators and Blasters into a 1500 points list. And they hit with that stuff, not like IG ;). They donīt have CC potential on that level, though. It amounts to 57 shots with AP3 or 2 which hit 2/3 of the time and donīt fry themselves. In 2K points this gets to 51 guns with 75 shots plus two agonizers in a full minmaxed FOC.

Slaaneshi Slave
18-04-2007, 16:56
A SoB Horde army, I can fit over 120 AP 1 bolters in a 1500 pt game. ;)

18-04-2007, 16:57
A SoB Horde army, I can fit over 120 AP 1 bolters in a 1500 pt game. ;)

Ouchie! good one. But you do have to spend faith points for that the bolters per-se aren't ap1(by stats) :P. But still, extremely good post.

18-04-2007, 17:05
when i first read the title of this thread, i thought dark eldar; like bloodknight has already mentioned.

But it seems as though a lot of armies can fit this bill, so perhaps we should also discuss which armies have the least amount of ap3/2/1/rending weapons?

when lookin at it like that i think necrons and orks (orks can field a lot, but how much will those rokkits hit? (though i'll admit, i dunno enough about all the recent/new stuff, in order to fully know)

18-04-2007, 17:10
Maybe a better refined search? Of your tourney lists, or equivelents, what amount of weaponry do you have that would fit this bill?

18-04-2007, 17:39
well in my IG lists i go for firepower with concentrated anti-tank teams

in theory you could get 33 lacannons not in a normal squad and 8 more in your infantry platoon (2 squads plus hq) HQ and 3 in your heavy weapon platoons hq's

additionally you could get 12 sentinels with lascannons and with others you can have more

sorry for not having points but internet acess is away from my dex's but as you can see thats an awful lot of AP 2 weaponry

and also you can have 13 melta guns in that list as well

Dribble Joy
18-04-2007, 18:07
Bad Moon Flash Git army with the blasta upgrade.

120 of them and the WB (who comes with a KMB for free) for 1500 points.