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19-04-2007, 14:21
Hi there,

after some time lurking around in these forums i decided to start a thread myself. as the title says, im trying to build a bridge. as i have done almost no terrain before (only one cardbox house and a piece of jungle) i have to say i dont know what im up to, but somehow it will work out :D

the idea itself came after a night full of alcoholics and party, that was when i made the first concept:

okay... first a shot of the materials i have available for use (at least all the flock & stuff):

i went a bought a pice of foamboard.

its a pretty big piece. the edges are 22" x 22" - this is intentional, the bridge i want to build should need some time to cross for normal infantry, and also tanks in land raider size should fit on it. so i had to make it this big. well.. this is going to be a centerpiece of terrain i guess.

more to come ^^


19-04-2007, 15:02
Looks like you are of to a good start,
what kind of bridge are you gonna build?

19-04-2007, 16:32
I'm whilstling the River Kwai theme for you!:D

19-04-2007, 17:44
river kwai is really what i will be more or less.. but the riverbed will be dryed up a long time ago.. main theme is jungle and therefore its gonna be a wooden bridge.

i redid the sketch for the bridge, not very professional looking - but you can tell the difference between the background and the things drawn onto.

as you can see i decided to make rocks or something like that along the riverbed, for which i used this stuff:

and cut it into pieces of adequate hight for the bridge

after cutting a little more, i positioned the relative place of the "rocks" like this:
a few minis for actual size comparisson of the complete piece.

hope you like it so far, right now im really heated to do more.. well.. because what i have done so far, there is a lot more to come


19-04-2007, 17:56
mmm looks like that bundle of sticks is gonna make a nice bridge.

19-04-2007, 18:02
yepp - youre right. that will be one part of the bridge, with little wooden plates on top of it i think.
here is another pic of the height of the bridge

but here is a shot of the bundle of sticks

i cut of a pice of the right lenght, but it has not yet the right form, so i put it under some pressure

more to come... :)

19-04-2007, 18:37
It would probaly be more stable if you had some
X bracing on the sides, like

| |X| |X| |X| |

19-04-2007, 18:47
i suppose you are right, that way it will hold out much more weight. that part is still in planning and not fully decided yet.

anyway... i just somehow decided to put old newspaper with paste onto the piece..mh.. anyway - that is how it looks



19-04-2007, 18:57
you should build up the sides of the river so it liiks less like a wall...
(I never thought to use paper mache) good idea.
after you get a good shape glue on some pebles and sand.

19-04-2007, 19:45
uhm..yes.. it somehow looks like a wall, too bad thats right. that will be fixed later i think. but for now i let it dry with a few bottles on it to prevent the tile getting shaped out of place while drying.

so.. i will start making the bridge itself, for the wooden tiles across the bridge this will suffice i hope:

and something what will be usefull in unthinkable ways: the holy dremel!!

well.. the main bridge part will look about like this:

but the color of the wood wont stay bright like this

more to come ^^


19-04-2007, 20:24
all this colourless assembling off stuff made me yawn. i looked into my box and decided to do a small terrain piece inbetween. it took only 45 minutes or so.
here it is, not completely dryed - suggestions and critic welcome:

more to come... :)


19-04-2007, 20:55
well... i ve done something else along the way, i drilled holes into the wooden tiles, so i can use wire to attach them to the bundled sticks:


after that i gave them a mixture of scorched brown and water to make em darker, give em a more wood like look.
on this picture you can see still unpainted tiles in the much to bright original colour

with flash:

lied onto the bridge piece it looks like this:

fair enough for the first steps i think.. any comments or helpfull advice like before?

of course, there is more to come....


20-04-2007, 04:28
now that im back from work another little update.

i startet to cut wire into the right lenght for the wooden tiles. it looks like this: http://mitglied.lycos.de/bdomachtvielstuff/1PICT0029.JPG

the wire will simply be pulled through the bundled sticks and turned together, like this:


but its early in the morning, i think i will go to bed more,

yet, there is more to come....


20-04-2007, 13:19
here some pics that might help.

20-04-2007, 14:30
mh.. this are some helpfull pics.. i guess the third pic is very much to my liking.. lets see how my bridge will turn out in comparisson x_X

well.. i didnt like the look of the newspaper on my bridge, so i sprayed the complete thing black, also i finished the first steps of the bridge itself.
considerring the real life pictures there is something i have to change, whatever that will be - but there _is_ something what is somehow anyway, here are pics:


thats about the size of the bridge ^^:


here for the height another picture (although on this one the bridge hangs on side a little down - this will be fixed


.....more to come.....


20-04-2007, 16:05
yea it looks like you need some popsicle sticks going the other way ++++
just under you top layer. a few suports couldn't hurt either. ++++
(i realise you havent got that far yet)...

it would probaly help if you took some random bit of styrofoam
and put them next to your river banks to make it look more natural.
then cover with news paper if you want to.


(the bridge is the H)

_ _H_ _
\_/ \_/

21-04-2007, 03:45
the newspaper thing was somewhat odd, so i will think about it :D

the random stuff on the side of the riverbanks is a good idead - tomorrow i will post a few more pics for the sake of progress, today it is too late (early for some) to do more terrainwork after money earning work


more to come


21-04-2007, 15:48
here i am again, posting more and more posts into this threads ^^

i decided that the space between the riverbeds (the space where the bridge is _not_) should become inpassable terrain, the bridge itself is not high enough for modells to fit under it. so i did some sticks which will hold some wire, representing maybe barbedwire, or more likely i will put a generator somewhere on the piece and attach a little "danger! 10000 volts!" sign to the sticks themself. but here is how the sticks look like:


they are now marked for the spots where holes are to be drilled:


and this is the first piece i drilled holes in. not very even..anyone got tips how to make it easier to drill holes from exact the same angle?


21-04-2007, 17:01
i updated the conecpt sketch a little:

i know there is still nothing about additional stabilizers for the bridge on this drawing (whatever the correct word for something like that - i lack englishspeaking skills x_X), but they will be definitely there.

anyway.. the part on the sketch where you can read "minefield" wont be just a minefield. i will use a part of the wreck from the mcgragge box on the right side of the bridge, maybe there will be wire around it too, or the minefield (which i have absolutely no idea how to make)

on the other side there of the bridge there will be a few barrels, most of them with significant holes and damage, letting a lot of green toxic waste leaking out, maybe a few mutated plants beside the green toxic puddles.

i also drilled a lot of holes on the meantime, with a lot of sticks to sort out. this is whats left:


after i decided what to place beside the bridge, i put lotsa stuff onto the board. the inside of the riverbed should be full with small stones i thought, in the middle smaller and finer than on the outside.later there will be lots of plants and stuff growing everywhere (more or less).

on the left of this picture you can see the height, which i think is actually okay for a riverbed side. the right side needs more glue and little stones...


also im still thinking of making minature ropes to glue onto the wooden tiles of the bridge. so that it looks like the tiles are actually tied together and thats the reason why the bridge doesnt simply break down into the riverbed...

anyone any idea where to take "miniature rope" from?


p.s.: there is more to come ^^

21-04-2007, 17:38
lookin good,

you should check out my stuff
it could be helpfull.

23-04-2007, 05:31
a day and a half have passed, and nothing happened... im still busy glueing (spelling wrong?) all those little stones onto the layer of stones lying beneath them. one thing i learned for sure is to place a few more polysteren (again, spelling?) around the places which i want to have higher.. and not just glue massive amounts of small stones onto more small stones. anyway, that is how it looks like right now:


and i thought that i could show a pic of the jungle piece i did before, maybe it has still a too flat ground. but look for yourself:


hope you like it

anyway..sooner or later there is more to come...


23-04-2007, 16:54
and heres another quick update - i think ive finished glueing down all little stones for now, here you can see on sider of the riverbed and the angle in which the stones pile up to the outside:


and here is the other side, in both pictures you can see new acquired glue x_X


also a close up shot of the unfinished wire, so you can see what it will look like more or less:



24-04-2007, 15:59
Really nice work there. You gotta love polysterene and holy dremels!

24-04-2007, 19:42
here comes an update :)

so i did some work and rearranged the tiles on the main bridge part. they just looked out of place and it really was something i could not leave as it was, once i noticed that i didnt like it. so here is the new arrangement of tiles. the large ones in the middle are not painted yet, and the others have to be fixed a little.


i also started to make something to be placed on the edges of the bridge, connecting it with the ground level. the right one is still clean and looks like out of the factory, while the left one is dremeled. i hope you can still see it:


and i also started to add some sand to the terrain piece, which will be covered with a lot of jungle stuff later i think.:


oh, and one thing i shamefully forgot: thanks for all the nice comments up to now.

thats it for now, but more is bound to come.


25-04-2007, 16:30
yea looking better with the weathered (dremmeled bits).
Yea you new arangement looks better too.

25-04-2007, 21:40
thanks N810, i think the links to the pictures you posted helped a lot to improve the look of the wooden tiles.

also i did a little more work on the poles which will be placed beside the bridge, tied with a rope (i found some mini rope! :) ), here are the poles. the light is a bit off, but they are not finished:


but now i have to head off for work. will be posting later a pic of the mini rope - or maybe tomorrow


28-04-2007, 03:21
argh, just noticed that my webspace is really having some trouble. i hope it will be fixed soon, otherwise it will take a little time to reupload and link the pics.

this will be fixed x_X


it is fixed ^^

so here is an update, (only a small one, had lots to do)

the mini rope i found turned out to be whool which is used to make pullovers (although i dont know if it is comfortable to wear stuff made from this...)

the stuff was originall white, but i coloured it a little bit:

tomorrow we will see how it turns out.

i also started on a little test for the landmines, which i think i will use (or so to say, already started to use because im to lazy/uncapable to think of something better x_X

here is a pic, the wooden thingy will be painted black with a red dot on it to represent the trigger for the grenades scattered around (i put wire which connects the grenades and the wood thingy on the test piece as well, but it vanished :eek:

and something what has to do jack with all this: a test wall piece i made of foam board .. with a not so good painted scout in front of it:

thats it for now. i would be happy about some more replies, because if nobody (or only a few in this case) says something, i wont know if someone thinks my work sucks or maybe has some criticism.

anyway, more will come


29-04-2007, 21:15
Don't give up... you stuff is looking better and better.
that wall looks pretty sweet.
it will be interesting to see how that rope looks when its dry.
your land mine piece could use some sand to go with the stones.
Ps. I just updated my project log http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=77887&page=2

29-04-2007, 21:38
haha.. N810, just a few minutes after your post you can see results.

unfortunately the rope didnt work out so well. i will bath it again in a mixture with more paint and less water in it (or maybe paint it directly, although i think that will be a work which will take some time).

here you can see that it is still too bright, for a rope which might hang for a few years in the jungle...


oh.. and of course i wont give up - after all i attracted through this terrainbuilding two of my friends to the hobby- for me that is quite a motivation to keep things coming and motivate them on the other hand to paint their minis a maybe build a little terrain, too. you know, i only have three guys i can play with around (one of them moves next week ~500 miles away) here. i also have two armies so other friends who think wh40k is too expensive can play, too. so... tomorrow i have a test game against one of the soon-to-be-gamers and i thought i would need maybe a little more terrain, so i built a bunker out of a plastic box, some flock and a little papermade mache (dont know the correct english word for this-sorry-, but i hope you know what i mean). its still WIP, but you get the feel of the look already.


comments on this?

but now i have to head off for work x_X
tomorrow i will continue with the mines.

oh and yes, there is no sand between the mines, because they will be placed inside the riverbed, which uses the same stones as the ones on the test piece.

more to come


29-04-2007, 22:29
hmmm I just noticed you river could use a little bit of fine sand around the edges. Yur rope looks ok. After you string it up drybrush the top and sides with a little grey then drybrush just the top with a couple shade of green. Then they should look like they have ben in the jungle a while.

Ps. What country are you from
Im over here on the east coast of the US of A.

30-04-2007, 03:47
"a little bit of fine sand around the edges" *writes a notice for later*. the drybrushing seems to be a good idea, i still have had my problems when it comes to withering and the like, thanks for the idea, i will try it.

im in germany right now, and i suppose that it will stay like this for the time to come.


30-04-2007, 18:26
Hey, bdo, this is looking really good so far! I must admit looking at your pics gives me Dremel envy :p :D

01-05-2007, 16:02
thanks :)

and yepp.. the dremel is a very very good tool in my opinion. but if you dont plan on woodworking, or the use of sandboxes and similar stuff i would think twice about getting one. when i first got it and tried it out a bit, a friend of mine wanted to use it no matter what to cut miniature parts from plastic sprues. needless to say that he stopped that, after he massacred the first sprue.

but even when you have a dremel, there are times when you cant use them, because it is too late at night. thats what happened yesterday/today (depends on point of view) when i came from work:


triggers for the land mines i filed off the little wooden stick. man, thats really a pain to do by hand and not by dremel.

i also discovered that the soon-to-be-bridge-piece on which i started working warped pretty bad, so i flipped it on top, put it on some bottles

and put water on it, so it could set, dry, and warp in the other direction - this are the parts which are really nervewrecking. they just take too long.

more to come.. right now im tying the wooden tiles onto the bridge (something what i shoved in front of me..)

so, you guessed it:

there is more to come...


01-05-2007, 16:52
did you scrap the stick bridge? this one looks different...
oh just a thought Cotton rope might dye better.

Doh I just realized im looking at the bottom to the whole piece of terrain.
yea those suckers will warp if you din't watch them.
A thin layer of wood glue on the bottom and some weight might help.


hey i just found a webpage whith a bunch of weathered textures wood/steel/rope/whatever
(warning lots of pictures)

03-05-2007, 01:41
thanks N810, the pics you linked will sure as hell help me getting the right texture for my ground floor.

here is what i did in the last days (not that much.. but the warped piece had to rewarp into the opposite direction.. with pva and water it really worked well).

i finally glued on the triggers for the minefield and a lot of explosives into the riverbed.

i know its not the best picture, but the grey things are grenates/rockets/meltabombs placed around, acting as explosives for the mines, which in turn are activated when you step on the wooden thingys (did i already mention that these things will be painted black with a red dot in the middle to make clear, what it is?)


i also started to add some barrels on the other side of the bridge onto the riverbed, i think it looks okay up to now, BUT im not a guard player and need more barrels on a very tight budget, so im afraid we will have to wait a while until we see more barrels with leeking out liquids. (when we see more, that will be the moment when one of my oponents gets more tanks.. : / )


the "water" will be primed black too, then painted green and ill try some water effects on it. in reality its just the glue you use in superhot-glue-pistols (correct english name for this thing? i dont know).

oh yeah, nearly forgot: more will come


03-05-2007, 03:12
* Hot Glue Gun <---


you where pretty close.

here's a nice walk through on making a river
http://www.quindia.com/studioarticles.htm <-- the article
you want the long line of thumbnails near the bottom.

03-05-2007, 04:03
thats one nice article, but i was tempted to organize resin anyway.. all those project logs with rivers made of resin are truly something someone wants to have :)

but i guess that will take some time, as i have to finish the piece i am working on before i start the next, or nothing will be finished..

on the other hand, i still got a rhino, a few scout snipers, a lictor and a ravenor to paint... and repainting about 30 marines (including the finding of a solution for good ultramarine shoulderguards - the transfer sheets suck). next month i wanted to buy a nid battleforce box...

so... i am working on this bridge right now - i hate it when things dont progress, but here is a (very) small update: ive added more stones around the explosives/mines to make them look more "dug in" - i also spilled a bottle of pva over my table.

no pics in this post :angel:

and i found out that you can buy barrels and stuff here (http://uk.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.uk?do=Individual&code=99229999041&orignav=10) - but it does not tell how many barrels come in the set with the barrels. on the picture are 6, but on the upper sprue i can only see 6 parts, which i assume are half barrels.

so... how many barrels are in this box??


03-05-2007, 12:42
you can also use varnish (water based variety).if you do it's probaly a good tho do that in a bunch if layers instead on one big one.

you might want to shop around there is probaly a cheaper place to buy just barrels. unless you have some bits of plastic pipe you could cut in half and clue some bits of paper/cardboard to for the ends and ribs.

03-05-2007, 13:51
mh.. the idea with the plastic pipe is good. need to check out my necromunda selfmade stuff...(lots of cardbox sticked together with isolation tapes & nails, mountains of empty toiletpaperrolls, and just a whole lot of crap - enough to cover a 4x6 board up to 50 cm high x_X - we had some games with 6 gangs running around.. it was quite fun) i guess there will be something i can use.. no.. there must ...

mh.. varnish.. thats something i totally forgot.. i was at a loss when i tried to paint the front lights ony my whirlwind/rhino.. thanks for rememberring me about that :)

but i guess i will stick to the resin when i start that river.. my father works in a buisness where floors are made. the ones you know from bigger shopping centers with all kinds of glitter and relief. i suppose he uses resin on his work to seal the floor when all the work is done... just need to catch him when hes around - but as i said.. it will take some time before i start with the river - so no hurry

in this post there is no pic, too - but right now there is no need. at the moment im trying to enhance the carrying capacity of the bridge holding pillars - right now they can only hold one empty beer bottle before the weight becomes too much and the bridge bends downward.

much to do, more to come


03-05-2007, 15:19
add X braces it should streinghten the bridge a lot.
like this --> http://www.excalibursteel.com/photo/frameerect/x-brace.jpg
or this---->http://1stclass.mylargescale.com/flatracker/gm16r.jpg
I posted some jungle pics

03-05-2007, 21:44
quite helpfull this pics, you sure are the lord of da inspiring pics :D

as i had no time to build anything today i accomplished a great goal: getting another person into the hobby.. and hes going to start serious with a spacemarine megaforce and assault terminators were going to order in the next two weeks.

i also have now access to resin. lots of resin for about no money - family can do good things :)

so next week im going to get it to my house and start a little experimenting, you can for sure expect a test lake - maybe i should rename this thread (if possible to a more generic name)

so.. now off to work - you can expect better pictures of the mines and explosives when im back.

so.. there is more to come


04-05-2007, 05:01
back from work, very tired.. but holding a camera i made some shots with a little higher resolution so you can see the mines better:


while i was at it, i also made a better shot of the barrels. these two are a little bit "cut in half and layed down flat onto the ground" - but the next ones i will add (when i found something good to make barrels...) will have different angles. hope you all are thinking of sending me some barrels :D :D - unfortunately i havent found any good plastic pipe yet...

but here is the bigger picture of the barrels

now.. bdo needs sleep & food.

more to come

04-05-2007, 16:19
The GW battlefield accessories sprue comes with 6 half sections to make 3 full barrels, but you can always make them up and cut them at jaunty angles to make 6.
Forgeworld also sell barrels here (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/acatalog/FEUL_DUMP_STRATAGEM.html)
but as usual you get a hefty price tag for 4 fuel drums.
Alternatively you could try Battlewagon bits here (http://www.battlewagon-bits.com/product/47-0710) which is the tank barrel and gives you some floating jerry cans as well :D

Hope this helps

Oh yeah, almost forgot, the bridge is awesome. Keep up the good work.

04-05-2007, 17:08
hmmm I was just thinking that maybe old markers, pens or hi-lighters could be choped up to make barrels.

04-05-2007, 20:06
thanks for the replies :)

swamp_slug: thats 3 complete barrels.. uh.. i guess i have no choice but to force my fellow gamers to contribute something to the terrain, too.
those FW ones are a little too expensive for me, as i would be tempted to buy something else from FW.. im ordering after all.. and when im at it why not something more...

N810: i already searched for old pens and the like.. but nothing had the right size.. but i will find something.. i hope

but.. i havent done much, just sprayed a few areas black, so i can go on with the piece.

here is a close up of the minefield

who can count the number of explosives on this pic? :D

and the reason why i was distracted: i managed to loose the front plate of my rhazorback.. so i had to cut and carve and file some plastic and came to this solution:
this is WIP (like everything in this thread so far).

any comments? i know its very simple.. but i think it will do.

now off to build those x bracers for the bridge...

04-05-2007, 20:18
Looking Good ... Did you use the spray paint I suggested?
If so what do you think of it?

the tank is lookig good too. Does it open in the front?

Keep at it.

04-05-2007, 20:24
this is some other spray paint i still had laying around - i still havent found a store who sells this stuff in germany..

no the tank doesnt open in the front :D - i first thought about it, as it has openable doors. i also wanted it to have an openable upperhatch, but i scewed up and will glue it down. but there will be more bits attached to the front, so it will look less like a mini landraider imitated assault ramp...

06-05-2007, 01:47
so.. its late at night (more or less, depending or where you are right now) and im posting some more update pics.. a few minutes ago i applied a scorched brown water mix to the inner riverbed to make it look a little more like mudd thats on the ground.. but i guess there will be lots of green and plant like thingys added later.

i also started to paint the wrack, which still needs heavy weathering and some other fixing - but it is not even dry as i type this.

but here are the pics ( alittle bit larger this time)



sorry about the flash, but under the light conditions i have right now, there is no better shot possible, so we will see tomorrow how it turned out when its dry.

the x bracers for the bridge are still WIP as im figuring (spelling?) out the exact places where to drill holes to connect them with wire and tie mini rope around afterwards, so that this construction actually holds the bridge and makes sense... so no pics of it yet.

but more is still bound to come :)

06-05-2007, 13:14
back again after a few hours of sleep. i managed to make better pics of the wrack, i think for now it looks okay.. would really like to hear comments on this:



i also started to add the first layer of green (can be seen on the left side), and im also quite happy how the brown/water mix in the middle turned out, i will apply another wash but with a dark green in the other areas inside the riverbed, and then maybe some brown again.

as you most likely notice i also forgot to add some more floor-like texture in the riverbed, nature doesent simply stop growing here and there because it surely doesnt think "oh no, there is this dryed up riverbed! i better do not anything grow there.. damn where is that river...? anyway.. im growing around that riverbed.. yes.. thats what i will do".


so.. i will have to redo some spraying and hope the wreck doesnt get that black again :D

07-05-2007, 12:45
Wow this is starting to look good, your wreck looks great.
you might want to put some sediment (fine sand) around the front wreckage.
Like as if the river deposited it in the dirrection of the river flow. leaving a sand bar. I see you allready have it built up. basicly sand will build up on the up stream side of any object that has been in the river for a while.
kind of like this --> http://www.wallingfordsoftware.com/images/articles/2003/sediment_01.jpg

07-05-2007, 21:56
mh.. yes.. i think i will take a closer look at some pictures and add some sand... but i progressed a little, i also nearly finished the bridge holding construction (well.. "nearly" means there is still a lot to do :D ), but there is one thing i totally forgot: the pic of my workspace (kinda messy right now)


i will tidy up soon.

but here are two pics of the piece in overall:



now ill head off to work.. maybe i do a little more when i come back and post more pictures... hihi..

so.. more to come.. you know... really more on thirsday.. resin... yoohoo...


07-05-2007, 22:53
Lookin good ...you might want to use some wood stain on your bridge before your done.

08-05-2007, 01:13
yepp... the wood pieces are by far not completed yet... the x-bracers are something what gave me really a headache.. also the pillars placed beside the bridge made the x bracers look a little off.. so i had to insert the holdingpillars into the bridge itself, that alone took some dremeling and filing work.

that is almost done now (shortest shift since new year with 2 and a houlf hours), the thing which needs to be done on almost every wooden part of the bridge is "dremel-wood-weathering" and a good dark brown wash to retain the colour of used wood..

so.. much to do now :)

08-05-2007, 02:24
looking good so far, keep it up!


08-05-2007, 21:59
thanks, i will :)

and as proof, here are some pics of what i did - the holding pillars are not done yet, but you get a first sneak peek picture of how it will look...

and i got some barrels.. i went to my local hobby store and bought some tamiya vehicle accesoires...(spelling... this time for sure..)

so here is what i got for 12 (both sprues where included two times)


i started to use them directley and all of this new stuff you can see on the pics is still in production and very WIP (mh.. i guess that is what this thread is about... a WIP terrain piece)

but i will let the pictures do the talking.. please some comments
note that the first pic is with flash... tomorrow (the day i get my resin *laughs slightly disturbing*) there will be better pics i think. then they will do some more talking.


10-05-2007, 13:42
I can't wait to see some resin on the river.

10-05-2007, 21:56
oh.. i think either you missunderstood something or i was not clear enough in my words (most likely).

this piece wont see any resin. yesterday i was at my fathers place to take some resin home, but that didnt work because the resin comes in 20l barrels resin and 10l hardener. i have no way to store that - neither had we a good closable "bucket" for transport. so i will get the (now hopefully dry) testpiece tomorrow to see if it will work. that resin is used in large amounts and small hights usually, so tomorrow will show if i begin the project "river and dam for the bridge" - of course only after i finished this one. if the resin is useable i will have to make the complete riverbeds before i can pour any resin in.. and i think that aint just a few pieces...

so... to the actual bridge:
i finished the wood and pillars, also painted here and there, pulled the red wire a little tighter so that it does not "hang". and now i have to go to work. lucky enough that it wont take so long today. so i will be back i about 3 or 4 hours to post some pictures, for the sake of displayed progress :D

10-05-2007, 22:09
Did you see the tutorial I posted ?

10-05-2007, 23:18
Looking forward to seeing the finished bridge :) whats after the bridge ?

11-05-2007, 01:29
N810: yes i have seen it, if i had some cotton twine lying around i would already have tryed it. but in the last days i hadnt that much time for building this piece, so i just threw my "rope" in another ink/water/colour bath for the night to dye.

did i mention that the wreck on this piece was the first thing i ever inked?

Deadleyheadley: a really good question. either it will be a generell project log encompassing my terrain creating log and also my nid/ultramarines painting motivation, or it will be just one of these things :D

for the terrain: if the resin i can get my hands on works fine, and doesnt get to dull after drying i think i will build a city/jungle (overgrown city parts) dam, a few river pieces and more jungle overgrown city pieces or jungle pieces,

mh.. im really not sure about it, i also wanted to make a big square place with a statue in the middle of it, sandbags all around - or maybe a building with lots of supplies, weapons, ammo, repairstations, servitors and lots of heavy machinery. it could serve as storage backgroundpiece for my ultramarines and my mates imperial guardsmen or a stratagem for CoD.

so.. i think i will have to answer: i dont know. i need to finish this piece first, or i will start too many things at once and get nothing done.

time will tell ;)

11-05-2007, 02:19
oh yes.. i nearly forgot.. the pictures.

okay.. here are two pictures showing how i made the wire a little tighter,

first, it looked like this:

i used some rubberband (okay.. actually this is a hairband) to bend the outer pole into the right direction, so the wire will be under more "pressure". i could only do this, because the pole on the other side of the row was very firmly "melted" onto the ground. the other pole, bended by the rubber(hair)band was then "melted" onto the ground, too.
it looked like this:
(on this pic there is no sand yet, and a basecoat of pva & sand was made before any superglue was added - due to the fact the "rock" into which the stick was stuck (that sounds funny.. maybe i used the wrong vocabulary?) consits of polystyrene inside.

here is my recipt to glue sticks onto flat surfaces (to "melt" them onto the ground):
first put superglue on the side of the stick which will be glued onto the surface and then glue it onto the surface. all it must be able to do is not to trip over.
when thats dry add alot more superglue on all sides of the stick. while the superglue not dry pour fine sand onto it. it must be that much that the sand nearly gets completely soaked with superglue. after that, add another load of superglue onto the sand, then sand again. if you repeat this last step on more time you can make the sticks "unremovable/unbendable".

that is the thing i did with the outer poles of each row, so they wouldnt bend back to their former state after the rubber(hair)band was taken off.

and here are two pics of the complete piece. please ignore the green liquid in front of the barrels, as it looks quite bad right now - i will have to learn how to blend colours into each other smoothly.

the colour of the wooden tiles on the bridge is still somewhat off, but better pics are bound to come

14-05-2007, 05:52
a few days have passed and no update :(

but thats it with the silence... this is an update for sure.

so.. i came around to take a look at the test resin piece. i dont know what to make of it, as i am quite confused if this would work or not. maybe it all depends on the height of the resin...

okay.. to stop this ununderstandable muttering: i got my resin testpiece. is not very clear to see through. basically there a few different stones thrown into a paint bucket lid, then resin poured onto it. the height of the resin in this testpiece is 1cm (~0,39"). and now the pics... the first two are with flash and without, so one can see the density a little bit better (thats what i told myself all the time while making the pics)

without flash:

and with flash:

you can see that i used different stones for testing.. here is a closeup of one stonekind (you can see my lamp reflecting in the resin...wow.. wish there was something else to be reflected.. like something...errm...i guess the right expression is "something solid"...)

14-05-2007, 05:56
and here are two more pictures of on other stone sort (i came to like this stones somewhat...despite their brightness)

hooray.. more reflecting lamps on this pics... i also worked a little on the bridge, but mostly planning for the ramps on the side of the bridge and just a little flock here and there. pics will come tomorrow, provided i dont mess everything up and got no time the complete day.

so.. more is to come.. but for now i would really like to hear opinnions on the resin. useable? better not? are there some tricks to make it a more less important factor how dense it is?

oh yes, i also tried to let some green ink dry ontop of it. maybe that would look better i thought, silly me. everything what came out after 2 days of drying was just...trash.. so i washed the ink off and you can see the original piece.

so.. ideas...? im somewhat at a loss right now.

edit: oh whoops, the resin actually does reflect something solid, here are two pics i just had to take:

anyway.. thoughts?

14-05-2007, 06:23
That resin will look great under the bridge (great song), are you going to colour it in any way?



WOOT 500 posts

14-05-2007, 12:31
do another experiment, add some ink to the resin when your mixing it.
blue and a little green and maybe a little brown.
I kinda thought the resin would be more clear? oh well.

15-05-2007, 02:11
sheep: there wont be any resin under this bridge, as i said before.

N810: thanks, i will try that the next time im at my fathers place.

i thought it would be more clear, too :( :cries:

Wolf Scout Ewan
15-05-2007, 12:14
Thats why I dont use resin its just too unpredictable!

I one saw someone build a board and put the resin on and noone told him that the hardener was red! Poor guy. I was upset for him!

Envirotex all the way baby!

I know you said the bridge was gong to be "dry" but it needs some water under it!

16-05-2007, 06:19
thats one though thing to say, for me as i still havent figured out how to make good water without spending large amounts of cash. but that doesnt change the fact that youre right. there has to be some leftover water... ahh... i still dont know if those barrels with toxic liquids leaking out is enough.. oh well.. guess i have to either redo this thing and force a full load of up-to-now-not-so-good-looking-resin onto it, or i just finish the ramps on the side of the bridge :rolleyes:

sorry no pics again, my cam needs some recharging; and honestly: there hasnt been much progress.
but progress will follow... in the next update (maybe i finish my rhino until that moment comes, too - but thats not for sure)

*sigh* so much to do and so much less time

16-05-2007, 12:48
you'll have to check the instructions, some of those resins become cloudy
if the ratio of hardener to resin is not quite right. also tempeture and humidity may affect it. What brand are you using? :confused:

18-05-2007, 21:38
what resin that is, i dont know. and i will have to wait two weeks or so until i can find out (father on buisness trip) and do more testing... so to return to the problem:

there has to be some leftover water... ahh... i still dont know if those barrels with toxic liquids leaking out is enough.. oh well..

i think i know the answer now: they are enough. simple as that.

but.. i was really lazy and this update is really late.. but im happy that i made it before the weekend, as i dont have the amount of time i wanted to have for terrainbuilding and painting..

for now.. i added lots of flock, consisting of these elements in random mix ratios on different spots:


those little green balls are made of polysterene (spelling wrong, for sure) and i kinda liked them, so i just threw in a bunch to the mix, here is a shot of one side, a little closer:


and here is a shot from top, maybe a little blurry but i think you get the picture (pun not intented - is this even a pun?)


i also made a little progress on the toxic liquids around the barrels, here is a more close picture (the flocking around these barrels doesnt look good, i know - this will be changed in colour and maybe shape)


when the sun rises i will make some better pictures...

i still have made no progress at all with the ramps, they are there on paper - but a chill is running down my spine when i think of all the filing involved in the process... buah....

but more is to come, as i mentioned in nearly every post before.

19-05-2007, 14:38
so.. the sun is up and here just some more pics without further comments from my side:


more comments, please ^^

19-05-2007, 15:11
wow that toxic ooze is lookin good'
I might blend some flock to make the transitions a little smother.

20-05-2007, 03:37
thanks, the ooze gave me really trouble and needed several attempts of repainting - but im quite happy with it, too.

so here is a little update: i tried to make the transitions a little lighter - a really good suggestion. so here are the results.

oh yes, the rhino is almost finished, too. just a little tidying up here and there and a few transfers... and its done :) - it was dropped by a thunderhawk which then just flew away leaving it there to be photographed :rolleyes:



yet.. this is not finished i think... i need lots of small plant like thingys - need to check my terrain-stuff box

21-05-2007, 15:05
hey I found a page with tips on making a river... maybe it will be of some use.

Wolf Scout Ewan
21-05-2007, 18:04
Too much scatter imho. But some Noch style Wild Grass mat would be good!

22-05-2007, 03:30
aaahhh... finally-- more critique :) so i can finally see what others think could be changed - thanks Wolf Scout Ewan

okay.. so thats why it does look a little bit off. i was planning on adding more plants, but had more or less no idea how.. after you posted the words "Noch style Wild Grass" i did a little search on their products and must say: sweet stuff

i think i will have to stock up my terrain making box with some of their grass / turf / flock products next month, or i will have problems with getting food :D

...and i still didnt start the ramps for the bridge.. someone give me a kick so i do it :skull:

23-05-2007, 22:26
...and i still didnt start the ramps for the bridge.. someone give me a kick so i do it :skull:

well here you go

KICK :evilgrin:

23-05-2007, 23:33
WOW!!! That thing is amazing so far, good work cant wait to see the finished product.

27-05-2007, 11:30
Mmmm, that's one sexy bridge.

Wolf Scout Ewan
27-05-2007, 19:52
I really hate criticising others work when my own is far from perfect.

But... you wont go wrong with that wild grass!

04-06-2007, 13:19
Hey BDO built those ramps yet? :)

04-06-2007, 22:02
no i havent :(

i really had no time to do anything for this bridge... i involved two more people into the hobby - was quite time consuming. i also had not that much free time in the last weeks. and when i had time i did a little painting and basing on my minis. but i will say that the ramps will be completed by the weekend (at least the general construction). i need to do something or it will be a long time until i get the motivation to complete this..

anyway, here is what i did - mostly the bases,

no pics of minis directly here because i dont want to change the focus too much.

and the pictures are a little wide :D

first few (http://mitglied.lycos.de/bdomachtvielstuff/tgenes1.JPG)
some more (http://mitglied.lycos.de/bdomachtvielstuff/twarriors1.JPG)

now off to work....

04-06-2007, 23:28
Nice they look great, I especial like you basing -very jungle like- :D

Wolf Scout Ewan
05-06-2007, 16:13
Very nice bases indeed! Tell us where u got the stuff from?

06-06-2007, 02:41
thanks, i am glad you like the bases :)

to make them isnt that hard, and most of the components can be bought from those 1 euro discount shops.

here is what i used:


or, to be more precise:


1: small grey stones in various shapes. i am sure you can buy them in shops which have stuff for gardens and such, also can be found outside.

2: the label on this read "natural moss, blue coloured" - from a discountshop

3: the label on this read "natural moss, white coloured" - from a discountshop

4: the label on this read "natural moss, green coloured" - from a discountshop
this stuff is really soft and can easily be cut or ripped apart in several smaller pieces.

5: the label on this read "natural forest moss, dryed" - from a discountshop.
in reality those are just little grey wooden-stick-like thingys which are a little bit more flexible.

6: decoration plants - can be found in various colours, lengths, shapes and stores.

7: green little stones - those are a little more hard to come by than the grey ones. i really dont know where to get them, i found a jar half-filled in my basement.

8: green flock, simple as that.

9: brown flock, also very easy to get.

10: static grass, nothing more to say about this.

to make this componnents look like the bases i did do the following:

apply pva or similar to the place you want to have "jungled". then throw on some stones, in a amount large enough to cover some small spots, or an amount to your liking.
directly after that i put some of the moss variants onto the base, random placings, random amounts, random mixes.
finally cover the whole piece in a mix of green flock, brown flock and static grass (all parts equal in the mix - or change to your liking). after that turn the thing over the top and shake a little bit, just so that the excess static grass mix comes off. let it dry and shake again. done

hope that helped :)

Wolf Scout Ewan
06-06-2007, 11:58
Very interesting old chap! Thankyou for the heads up! I am sure that many people who dont post here will find that invaluable!

The reason why I asked is that I have seen forest floor scatter for sale on certain websites, and wondered if you had bought some!

06-06-2007, 13:17
the green stones look like their fish tank gravel, you can that in a massive variety of colours

08-06-2007, 22:08
i am glad to help :)

i didnt know there was stuff you could buy for jungle basing... but that wouldnt be an option for me. because

a) right now my budget is somewhat limited
b) i need to put blood, sweat and curses into the things i make... otherwise its just a non-loved, most likely unfinished, ugly thing thats lying around somewhere hidden in the shadows of my room.

gna.. i need to stop painting and go on with this bridge... but i cant help it... that ultramarine honourguard ancient is just a too awesome model to not paint it.. cant resist... *takes brush and leaves the scene*

urr-- those ramps will be delayed *ducks & covers*

Wolf Scout Ewan
08-06-2007, 22:52
A change of scenery is good for your creativity! Bad pun intended.

18-06-2007, 15:12
BDO you still out there? :D

11-08-2007, 09:14
...somewhere... remotely in my mind... or maybe more beyond i felt a kick...

ah... you were the one N810! okay... im still there/here. some of you might have noticed that this thread has somewhat dryed up. no posting, no pictures, no updates, no replies. but that has a reason. in the last few weeks my computer went up in flames (really... it started to smell a little bad, then 3 seconds later a flame came out of my computer... a really shocking moment), my internet provider made a lot of problems, and i did only a little on the bridge.

however, i will provide updates. it might take my life or more to post regulary, but unregulary updates are better than no updates at all :D.

sadly i have no pics for this post, but let me tell you one thing: i started with the ramps, one side is nearly completely finished, one side of the piece has a new edge which isnt that high from the floor, and i put some more plants on it, so it looks a little more realistic. i also pulled another 2 people into the hobby and managed to paint the honourguard ancient, my close combat terminator sergeant and a handfull of genestealers.

when i get better chances to improve my internetconnection (computer at my parents house) i will post more often, but for now bear with the fact that it will take a little while until i can read your replies.

so long, work and weekend ahead... lets put some terrain together (yes, YOU too. just looking at other peoples thread in which happens nothing wont get you terrain.)

hope this post wasnt to weird, but i am awake for 32 hours now and will start my weekend with sleep.


11-08-2007, 22:24
Ok this is my third time trying to post...
Warseer seems to be having problems lately...

Any way welcome back,
I have actually seen pc's catch fire before.... scary.
I can't wait to see how you have progressed on your bridge.

go get some sleep.

Comrade Wraith
28-08-2007, 09:21
Keep up the good work, you r bridge is looking pretty good so far, i hope to see more of it soon! Brilliant.

08-09-2007, 16:28
thanks comrade wraith - glad you like it so far ^^

heres a little update:

1) due to poor storing the ramp i constructed was smashed into a thousand (okay.. maybe a little less) pieces and dumped into the trash. started to build a new one.

2) i added a few plantlike thingies

3) because of the effect known as "edge warping up" i had to find a solution. found it, the deal goes with acrylic stuff.

here are pics, maybe i will be able to provide more regular updates


08-09-2007, 16:52
Looking Good bdo .

Yea It Stinks when stuff breaks.

your grass and shrubs are looking good.

08-09-2007, 16:58
yupp.. that was kinda frustrating.... however, i am sure the repeated use of the dremel will sharpen things up :evilgrin:

oh.. yes... here is a shameless plug to my painting thread in the science fiction project log (http://warseer.com/forums/science-fiction-project-logs/101737-bdo-and-friends-a-newbie-to-midlevel-painting-experience.html)

now lets see what components i collected during my offline time for terrain building...

more will come

05-12-2007, 02:21
Well, I'm a little late to the party but no more updates????

I'm wondering what it turned out like.

Please don't leave me on a cliffhanger.

05-12-2007, 06:29
hehe, that is not really a cliffhanger.. since there was no real progress.

first the piece fell down from its storage place, making two and a half turns midway on its way down. seemed like slow motion to me when i saw it :(
luckyily there was no real damage done, just a few of the "fence sticks" broken of the polystyrene.. it just reminded me that i had to work on the bridge, which led to several problems:

after testing the bridge in a few games i found out that the size of the bridge was not a very smart choice. its hard to say how to use this piece best. its very big, so a nice obstacle. but you can either cross over the bridge or go beside it, or with the rules we played: you can move over the piece but have to take a dangerous terrain test if you were to enter the area around the wreckage, the toxic pools or would want to cross the fence.

its so big, it should block LOS. Wrong. should you advance through the riverbed...you will see that you can still be seen from every side (my gaming group and i like area terrain - but only when its impossible to model appropriate). left, right, front, behind. normal infantry models are hard to conceal.. i really wonder why that is.. i originally wanted to be able to hide troops in the riverbed, but... err... no, wont work. same is also true for using the bridge itself.. but thats not really surprising.

also you will sure ask yourself why on earth a riverbed is right here ??

there is nothing at the sides of it.. nor a fence in any direction... neither a continued riverbed or something remotely like it.

i would have to build lots of other pieces for a riverbed, but right now that aint an option (lack of storage room; "normal" terrain pieces have a higher priority right now; way too much work involved, for the fact that that we wont use the riverbed everytime, as opposed to some jungle pieces...)

i dont really know what to do with the bridge... but you can expect me to post a decision by the end of the week for sure.

in the meantime you could look at my other project log *points to sig* ;) :angel:

and thanks for ressurrecting this thread :skull:

Wolf Scout Ewan
05-12-2007, 11:55
Yay! Updates! Good job BDO!

Comrade Wraith
05-12-2007, 15:34
I thought this thread was dead, yay for BDO!

05-12-2007, 16:42
err... but you did read post #98?!

05-12-2007, 20:27
Hmmm I kind of thought you where going to build more river sections... :eyebrows:

05-12-2007, 21:21
yeah... i thought that, too. but ill have to cut things here and there.. the time i have on my hands right now is a whole lot less than it was when i started this log.

but i cant see myself throwing this piece away... i think i will still do the riverbeds, but other things come first, so its just stalled... or in the "i will do something on it when i get the feeling to do so"-phase. that could be once in a week or once in two months or so..

still thinking....

05-12-2007, 22:30
yea I got a lot of stuff on that list too.

10-12-2007, 17:29
okay... this thread is closed for now.

i have lots of other more important stuff to do (real life wise, and 40k wise:angel:), so this project is stalled.

mind you, its stalled, not cancelled/aborted!

in the meantime, you can take a look at my other project log in the science fiction logs (http://warseer.com/forums/science-fiction-project-logs/101737-bdo-and-friends-a-newbie-to-midlevel-painting-experience.html), as there will be other terrain of mine in it, too.

so long :)