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19-04-2007, 17:57
I played BB back in ist second edition with the wonderful astrogranite playing surface... I am tempted to play again and noticed on amazon that an omnibus of the three BB novels if coming out soon.

Do they capture the old spirit of Blood Bowl? The humour and the violence? Does Blood bowl the game still still follow those themes or has it all go po faced like 40k and takes its self too seriously?

19-04-2007, 18:13
Yup, I've only read the first one but I'd say it was well worth it. If only for the fact that they're hilarious.

20-04-2007, 12:55
Depends what you're looking for in a book.
If you want a masterpiece, look elsewhere.
If you want a book you can pick up, read, have a laugh at in a few places, and put down again that doesn't involve using to much brain power, then they're fine - not brilliant, bit not crap either.
Oh, and the 2nd book is the worst of the three.

They capture the spirit of the games fine though, if not the current fluff so much.

29-04-2007, 03:06
I agree with Darkson about book two. It was quite slow and the part were they go through the woods was boring. Actually the first book was the best of three and that was the reason I read all three.

If you enjoy BB and want more insite into the madness of that world read on. Book three was a very enjoyable read and regardless of what we say here, if you like BB you WILL read all three.