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21-04-2007, 07:56
Rules used

All experimental rules
Marine Armoured variant list v0.6.1
http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin....;t=9164 (http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=73;t=9164)
Relevant Marine changes from (no leader remove 2BM)

Ultramarine Armoured Fist

Heavy Tactical Detachment BTS
+ 2 Helios
+ Prometheus
Tactical Detachment
- 2 Vindicators
+ 2 Vindicators
Tactical Detachment
- 2 Predator Destructors
+ Razorback (Heavy bolter)
Terminators Detachment
+ Chaplain
Predator Detachment
- 4 Annihilators
+ 2 Annihilators
+ Hunter
Thunderhawk (Saturation Bombing configuration)
+ Close Air Support configuration


Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legion Battleforce

Nemesis Warlord "Judex Ultionis" BTS
- 2 Vulcano Cannons
- 2 Turbolaser Destructors
Goth Reaver
- 2 Quake Cannons
- Gatling Blaster
+ Multilasers
Hun Reaver
- Vulcano Cannon
- 2 Turbolaser Destructors
+ Multilasers
Wolf Warhound "Cave Canem"
- Light Plasma Blast Gun
- Light Turbolaser Destructor
Jackal Warhound "Caveat Venditor"
- Light Vulcan Mega Bolter
- Light Inferno Cannon
Wolf Warhound "Caedite Eos"
- Light Plasma Blast Gun
- Light Turbolaser Destructor


21-04-2007, 07:57

Blitz on Marine end was put a bit to the east. In AMTL end it near the dead centre of the edge. Both were a bit off from any terrain. AMTL ends other objectives had one south and little west about 40cm from blitz in an open ground near a hill. The other was east little over 40cm from blitz and 30cm from table edge also near another hill.

Neither side had Spacecraft or garrisonable formations.

Marines deployed the Heavy Tactical formation to west behind a hill. In east first (looking from centre) was Tactical 2, hidden behind a building. Then was Tactical 1 in an open ground between the hill and building. Last holding east are the Predators hidden behind a hill.

AMTL had the Goth Reaver to the west opposite of Heavy Tactical partially hidden behind a hill. Next was the "Caedite Eos". After that was the "Judex Ultionis" in the centre next to another hill. On the other side of hill (north of objective) was "Caveat Venditor". Then came Hun Reaver and last holding the eastern flank was "Cave Canem".

21-04-2007, 07:59
Turn 1 "Closing in"

Initiative: Marines

The battle starts with roar of triple rocket engines as the Thunderhawk (Saturation Bombing configuration) makes it's entrance and blasts directly towards the "Judex Ultionis" across the centre of the field. Bombs are dropped and battle cannon fires to drop 2 shields and generate a blast marker to the mighty war engine. AMTL responds (along with comment "Were not surrounded, but in a target rich environment.") by doubling the Goth Reaver towards west and a bit south, bringing the Heavy Tactical into view and weapon range. Quake Cannons fire and the Marine tanks are engulfed in blasts, which when clears reveals the loss of both Helioses and 1 unit of Marines. This causes the Marine commander to marshall his remaining Land Raiders and move towards the hill to get cover between "Judex Ultionis" and themselves. All blast markers are cleared.

Next is the "Judex Ultionis". However there seems to be problems with power lines and servitors scramble into work to see what's wrong. The warmachine holds and clears blast markers as well as repairing the lost shields. Enjoyed by the effectiveness of the air power, the Thunderhawk (Close Air Support configuration) is called in as well. It comes in from the east and turns to target the Hun Reaver. Multilasers blaring around the marine craft it firest it's load of the missiles and Turbolaser at the titan causing it to lose 2 shields as well. Seeing that the Marines are not moving the Hun Reaver goes into action. It doubles ahead to bring itself between two buildings and targets the Tactical 1s' Vindicators with the Turbolasers and Vulcano Cannon. Several hits are scored but only 1 Rhino and 1 Vindicator is blown apart. Next is the Thunderbolts which also enter from east and targets the lone "Cave Canem" that is now without AA cover as Hun Reaver moved ahead. However the Imperial navy only manages to remove one shield.

Near centre the "Caedite Eos" is ordered to move and it doubles westwards to be on top of a hill. From there it can see the Heavy Tacticals first Land Raider and unit of Marines. It opens up with its' weapons but both plasma shots miss while the tough Marine armour saves the vulcan mega bolter shots.

In east the Tactical 1 activates and doubles ahead causing the formation to string backwards as there isn't enough transports for the entire formation. However Vindicators and missile launchers track the Hun Reaver Titan in front of them and it loses the last 2 shields. AMTL counters with double from the "Caveat Venditor", which quickly runs in front of the Hun Reaver and targets the Tactical 1 with it's weapons. 2 Tactical marines are burnt to crisp as the ruins are no protection from the light inferno cannon. Next is Tactical 2 which doubles as well to bring them into a building on east side of the Hun Reaver and "Caveat Venditor". All weapons are pointed to the Warhound which loses both of its' shields.

In AMTL end the commander of "Cave Canem" is vary of aircrafts and misses the call from command net to move out and fire on the arrived Marine tanks. Instead it holds and just spends time to remove BMs and regenerate the shield it lost. Comments about Legate and it's non-existence in the army can be heard.

Last to activate are the Predator Annihilators. The tanks double ahead to bring themselves west of the Hun Reaver and cause crossfire with Tactical 2. After a quick check on the rulebook, Warlord is noted to have the Thick Rear Armour (I didn't remember that) but Reaver isn't (my opponent didn't remember this). The fire is not that accurate with double, but 2 damage is done to the mighty Titan none the less.

End Phase

All aircrafts leave without entering into AA range of the Reavers, however the Thunderhawk (Saturation Bombing config) leaves from the opponents table edge and receives a blast marker.

All marine units rally. On AMTL the Reaver fails to rally, while rest do so.

In the east of the battlefield the two Titans are being surrounded by marines.

In west the Heavy Tactical formation is being beaten to pulp by Legions finest.

21-04-2007, 08:00
Turn 2 "Smashed"

The Terminators teleport in east near the lone "Cave Canem".


Initiative: Marines

Again it's Predators turn. The Marine player grins evilly as this time however they sustain fire at the Hun Reaver. They score 10 hits of which 1 is lost to the shields and 6 is saved with 5+RA, which leaves it 3 damage and 1 DC left! The Reaver is broken and falls back, but it is not destroyed and even doesn't get critical. The Marine commander grumbles about the Reavers ability to survive the situation. However to offset this the Terminators retain with orders to engage the "Cave Canem". The heavily suited Marines go into close combat and start ripping chunks out of the Warhound with power fists. 3 damage is done to the machine and it's legs are torn apart felling the machine. It manages to hit twice back but the Marines save and thus no losses is done. They consolidate back into forest and southwest towards the "Caveat Venditors" battlesite.

In centre the "Judex Ultionis" surveys the field and goes for advance. The Turbolaser destructors and vulcano cannons start to track the Tactical 1 and then they all open fire. The torrent of fire is awesome as the formation is almost completely wiped out. Only 1 Rhino and 2 Tactical marine units survive the carnage and they withdraw backwards to a building broken. Retaining the "Caveat Venditor" takes advantage of the situation and sustain fires at the Tactical 1. The marines survive the inferno, but vulcan mega bolter rips apart 2 of the Vindicators, the formation is not quite broken but not far from it.

In west the Heavy Tactical mounts one Tactical unit into Land Raider and marches east, hiding behind the same building with the broken tactical 1. One of the Heavy Tacticals units cannot fit into LR and is thus lost from the battle. However the Goth Reaver is not letting it's prey escape and it doubles after the Heavy Tactical moving southeast. The quake cannons reach the building and second template gets both of the Land Raiders underneath as well. However the marine armour saves the hit. Unfortunately Rhino is blasted apart and BMs remove one unit from the Tactical 2, which is reduced to single unit. The tactical 1 being too far apart is forced to move and they marshall removing some BMs (but not all) and move back within the coherency.

In west the "Caedite Eos" moves to take cover behind the hill where the Heavy Tactical was.

Then the airpower of the Marines is left. First comes the Thunderbolts, which target the Hun Reaver. They score one hit, which is saved. Then comes the Thunderhawk (Saturation Bombing), which fails to damage the Reaver also. Much to chagrin the Thunderhawk (CAP) is also used to attack the Reaver...

But with rolls of 1,2,2,2 it's unable to do anything! The Marine comm net is filled with a great sigh as the commander ponders the toughness of the Reaver Titan and the Marines inability to destroy it.

End Phase

All the aircraft leave the table without any BMs as the unbroken Goth Reaver is standing near the centre of the board.

All Marine units rally, with a little help from a Supreme Commander to the Tactical 1.

AMTL fails to rally Hun Reaver, which falls back near blitz. While the rest of the war engines rally normally.

21-04-2007, 08:01
Turn 3 "Suprise!"

Initiative: Marine

In east the Terminators start this turn. The Marine veterans move out on the double and take cover within building keeping three units within range of one of the objectives. Then they open fire with the assault cannons and strip shields from the "Caveat Venditor" causing a single blast marker. Next the Tactical 1 retains with a little help from the Supreme Commander and sustain fire. Since the Warhound is in crossfire it's save is reduced to 6+RA however it still manages to save hits and suffers only 1 DC damage. That however is enough to break it and "Caveat Venditor" withdraws towards the blitz on AMTL end.

In the centre of the field the Goth Reaver sustains targeting the remains of the Tactical 2 in the building. This time the blasts are more effective and the Land Raider with two units of Marines inside is blown apart. This breaks both units which just take cover and the lone Tactical marine moves behind the building this time to stop the barrages being fired at them.

Then the airpower is called in in form of the Thunderbolts, which go after the "Caedite Eos" in west. They manage to hit once leaving one shield still intact.

Once more its the Warlord "Judex Ultionis". The huge war machine move out in advance and target the Predator Annihilator formation in the east. The Turbolaser destructors and vulcano cannons spit death once more, however due to range only 2 Predators and 1 Hunter is wrecked, leaving the formation still unbroken.

Next is the Thunderhawk (Close Air Support configuration). It also targets the "Caedite Eos". Following the route of Thunderbolts the missiles and turbolaser are fired. The remaining shield is stripped and 1 DC damage is done which breaks the Warhound. At this point there is jubilation in the Marine command net as that was the last activation left to AMTL. So here's the game decision roll. The Predator Annihilator formation is ordered to march to secure the blitz, it's successful and the Marine tanks move out in full speed securing the objective.

As last activation the Thunderhawk (Saturation Bombing config) comes out from west and targets the Hun Reaver. The battlecannon blasts and bombs drop managing to hit twice and destroying the Titan at last.

End Phase

With checking the victory condition, marines win by 2 - 0 with 'Take and Hold' and 'Blitzkrieg'. The Goth Reaver was little over 1cm on the Marines side so 'They Shall Not Pass' was denied.

The AMTL blitz is taken by a swift movement of the Predator Annihilators, while a broken Warhound is nearby.

21-04-2007, 08:59
Thats a great bat rep Hena!

Pretty inspiring too with the Marines charging head-long, taking on a Titan Legion!!

Dang, I was supposed to be haveing a game of Epic today with my Siegemasters vs my mate's Blood Angels... now I thirst for a game!!!

21-04-2007, 11:44
Good read and very nicely painted models. An all around stellar battle report. Thank you, I enjoyed it.


21-04-2007, 12:21
I'm happy that it's liked, gives me more incentive to keep writing 'em :).

21-04-2007, 16:27
Thanks for the Batrep Hena (questions over at Tactical Command).