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22-04-2007, 19:57
Here are some rules I came up with for fun one day. I decided to post them to see what people thought! :D

Super =][= 64

New Stuff

FLUDD or Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device
-Type: Heavy
-Range: A
-Mode: Semi(5/10/15)/Full(30)
-Acc: -5
-Dam: D3
-Shots: 120
-Reload: 5/1*
-Weight: 35
-Special: *=This takes 5 actions to reload normally, but only takes 1 action if the character is standing in water. Also, when a character has a FLUDD equipped they may use the Flight movement type, or may add 2 yards to their movement when they choose to Run or Sprint. Any characters that are On Fire and are hit by a FLUDD have their flames extinguished, and cannot be re-ignited for 2 turns (they're still wet you see).

Koopa Shell
-Type: Thrown*
-Range: E
-Mode: Single
-Acc: N/A
-Dam: 2D6+3
-Shots: -
-Reload: -
-Weight: 10
-Special: *This weapon counts as a 'throwing' weapon, with the exception that it will return to the 'thrower' at the start of the turn after it is used. It will spin around the character's feet when not in current use, so does not not need to be drawn, and cannot be dropped. When not in use they add +1 to the Leg Armour value per shell (which isn't affected by armour damage or Gauss Flayers). You can have a total of 3 shells.

PolterGust 3000
-Type: Basic
-Range: A
-Mode: Single
-Acc: +15
-Dam: *
-Shots: **
-Reload: **
-Weight: 20
-Special: The PolterGust 3000 is not a normal weapon, as it does not cause any damage - instead it allows your character to trap any other character's inside its vacuum bag. *When a character is hit by this weapon, they must take a strength test - if they fail they are trapped inside and every turn must make another strength test to see if they get out. Every trapped character adds +5 to the weight of the PolterGust. ** Because the PolterGust does not fire anything, it does not require reloading and never runs out of ammo. Any number of character's may be trapped inside the PolterGust (even all of them!) but when (if) they escape they may be placed anywhere within 2 yards of the character with the PolterGust. When a character escapes they are prone.

None of the following items may be used in the same turn, but they can however have effects taking place at the same time.
-When used, the character that uses the Mushroom has the skill Regeneration until they next take damage. It does not take up any action points and works automatically. In addition, your character must grow by 1/2 of its original size. They will count as being this size for the purposes of enemy character's attacking them. You do not need to change the size of your model (unless you really want to!), but some form of notification towards the other players must be given.

Fire Flower
-When used, the character that uses the Fire Flower counts as having a Hand Flamer for the rest of the game. The character loses this ability if he takes damage of any kind, but not if all damage is absorbed by armour etc.

Invincibility Star
-When used, the character cannot take any damage other than that inflicted by himself (plasma burns, grenade blast radius etc) for 2 turns. In addition, any enemy character that moves within 2 yards of the character with the Star active must take a test to see if they are hit by the Invincible character. If they are hit, they automatically take 10D6 Damage.

Raccoon Leaf
-When used, the character that used the Raccoon Leaf can do either of the following: 1) They may move using the Flight movement type or 2) They may turn themselves to stone. The latter action takes up one whole turn, and in the process the character cannot take any damage whatsoever. However, since they have turned to stone they will not be able to move or do anything else (at all). If this action is to be used, it must be the first action of the character’s turn and lasts until the start of their next turn. The character loses this ability if he takes damage of any kind, but not if he is turned to stone.

1-Up Mushroom
-When used, the character that consumes the mushroom has a guaranteed chance of reviving, as though they had True Grit, the next time they die. This only works once per mushroom consumed. 1-Up Mushrooms are so rare, that it is impossible to have more than one at any one time.


-Any character may use up one of their actions to perform a Goombop.
-To perform a Goombop, simply declare that your character is making a Goombop. Then roll to hit as you normally would for close combat attacks. Any enemy hit by this takes damage equal to 1/2 of the "Goombopping" character's Strength value.
-A Goombop can only be performed if the characters in question are within jumping distance* of each other. The character that performs the Goombop, may be placed anywhere within jumping distance* of the character that got "Goombopped". *= Character's Strength divided by 20.

None of this has in anyway been endorsed by Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, or even the mighty red plumber himself. God bless that 'tache.

Watch teh space

22-04-2007, 20:53
Might I ask what these rules are supposed to repressent? I just don;t understand what you're talking about.

22-04-2007, 20:58
Dear god how many forums must this crap appear on before it dies the slow, horrible death it deserves?

@Doomclaw: the rules are for items from various Mario games.

22-04-2007, 21:50
To die would instill facts that it had life. So it can't die yet, because it hasn't been given life. And it can't die anyway, because it can't be given life.

3 people aren't enough to sway my lust for making Inquisitor uber fun to play, rather than having a bunch of beardies spoil it for everyone else.

23-04-2007, 22:08

those rules are great.. reckon an ogryn/squat would make a good mario? as he is essentially a squat anyway ;-P

23-04-2007, 22:48
huh, this seems kind of cool. have you considered making rules for jumping on people and killing them?

24-04-2007, 20:02
If it is from one of those games, what does it have to do with inquisitor? I see no connection at all.

24-04-2007, 20:24
its a bit of fun?

25-04-2007, 02:05
think about it. now there is a reason for mario to kill bowser, he is a demon of chaos!

25-04-2007, 15:34
:cries: :cries: :cries: :cries: Poor Inq.

You made My Daemon Lord Cry. Molten Metal.

26-04-2007, 21:50
you forgot warp tubes, bricks with coins, and castles that are really small, but contain a really big inside.

28-04-2007, 02:04
and being able to telescope someone's spine by jumping on them!! !