View Full Version : I need the help of a Spanish speaker por favor

Light of the Emperor
26-04-2007, 16:30

I'm currently working on my IG army and have been using a particular bit for my conversions. It turns out GW US, UK, and Germany no longer sell the bit indivdually. However, I found that the GW Spain store still carries it.

I would like to order 6 of the zzap gun chassis (at the bottom): zzap gun (http://www.games-workshop.es/storefront/store.es?do=Individual&code=99060103095&orignav=10)

Of course, I don't speak spanish and don't want to screw up information.
So, would anyone be so kind to order them for me? I'll send you the money for them and shipping via paypal.

Send me a PM and we'll talk.

26-04-2007, 19:28

seeing that all the codes of the other parts of the model seem to be the same in Spain and Germany (and probably UK as Germany and Spain order their stuff from there), I'd suggest calling your local GW (or maybe GW UK?) and ask if they can still order the chasis for you (# 9947010309504).

Or did you try that alraedy? :)

Light of the Emperor
26-04-2007, 21:05
I've tried all of that already;) . I've looked on the websites, the GW catalog and I've called in as well. Nothing on all accounts.
The GW Spain online store is the only place where it is still listed.

27-04-2007, 14:32

I can help you , if you PM me with your data, shipping adress, etc...

I know the trouble that is shopping in another languaje, as i do not speak english very well.

24-05-2007, 20:13
Spain makes their mail orders directly to the UK Mail Order, so if we can get this item, you would can get it too