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Screaming Evil
27-04-2007, 11:35
I was thinking about making a new army for the Nemesis Crown this summer and wanted to try something a little different to my dwarfs. So after looking through all the fluff and pictures on GW's site and instore i settled on WE or Empire.

I like the looks of both armies, and will most likly be getting one of each eventually, but for now i think i am leaning more towards the empire. I was thinking of doing a themed army rather than a straight up generic force and have settled on a zealous witch hunter style army.

So i was thinking, what advice do you guys could give me both on sutible units (I was thinking, Warrior Priests, Flagellents, Pistoliers so far, maybe some sutibly zealous knights) for the army and any general advice maybe on playing the force or something i haven't thought of.

Thanks in advance

27-04-2007, 11:43
First of all, make some suitable terrain for your witchhunters to run around in. If you have some hunted mansions, graveyards, trees with nooses and dark forests, and you get a lot of the vibe for free.

Other than that, load up on flagellants, free companies, warrior priests and other "rabble". Oh, and crossbows kills vampires dead, not handgunners. ;)

27-04-2007, 11:58
Interesting, I am just about to start a witch hunter themed empire army too.

Like the article published on the GW website on converted State troops Command, I too am going to use warhounds as musicans in my state troop units, along with the throne of judgement banners and maybe even an inquisitor from the mordheim range.

Here comes the dirty trick, even though there are Mordheim inquisitors, they aren't the prettiest, so if you know how to handle Greenstuff, you're better off making one yourself.

I also have a WD with Witch hunter conversions, so if you'd like, I can scan that article for you.

Hope to be of your aid...

EDIT: First post here, so; "Hi!"

Screaming Evil
29-04-2007, 00:44
I also have a WD with Witch hunter conversions, so if you'd like, I can scan that article for you.

That'd be cool if you could. Would help me out a fair bit, some new ideas. Welcome to Warseer too, hey there.

I just managed to get my hands on the new empire book, and so army selection is starting to take place. Definatly an Arch Lector and at least one other warrior priest, then flagellants and general rabble (read: Free Company) seem to be the order of the day.

Supportwise i was thinking of some Greatswords, knights and pistoliers/outriders. What do you guys think?

Oh yeah and a quick flagellant question, how many do you need in a single unit for effectiveness? 20?