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28-04-2007, 17:12
I have just been made aware that secret weapon chainsaw do not earn spp for casualties inflicted. Probably a good job too with the amount of damage they do.

I believe they have 'no hands' either so except for the mvp they are going to be hard pushed for skills. My doomwheel also suffers from the same affliction of 'no hands' so they can never score a touchdown, make a pass or catch the ball. The doomwheel often gets knocked out in the first few turns anyway or trips as in the last two games. Once it goes down it is out of the game. If anyone scores a touchdown most of the time the ref ejects the doomwheel from the game.

Deng Ham
28-04-2007, 18:07
All this was very enlightening.. But I sensed a question in it somewhere. Was it just to inform. Or are there something more to this post?

29-04-2007, 00:13
Er do you like tuna?

Deng Ham
29-04-2007, 10:59
No not exactly. Not uless I get to chop 'em up with chainsaws...

29-04-2007, 19:33
The chaos 'flingas armes with chainsawa only nave 'no hands' after you start the chainsaw. I'm not sure how this compares with other teams. They also don't have stunty so are un-affected by range penalties for passes.

Deng Ham
29-04-2007, 19:41
hm this is a loop hole one must take advantige off

30-04-2007, 21:30
Well done fredox lets help the opposition.

30-04-2007, 23:06
I play chaos 'flings in another leagus I'm in so I'm helping myself really.

01-05-2007, 01:29
Not by telling people who aren't you, you aren't!

Deng Ham
01-05-2007, 10:39
But don't worry... By lad's are to found of chopping up enemy star players to bother with tossing the ball...

01-05-2007, 17:13
Yes i can see the dilemma, play tactical bloodbowl or just go on a kill frenzy with power chainsaw.