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Mr Zephy
29-04-2007, 21:37
Hi, as a medium term Tau player, I've decided that a new army would suit me very nicely. The Idea: Aztec themed imperial guard.

Ideas so far:
Aztec style imperial eagle on banners e.c.t.
Aztec headdresses on officers
Bright green/other green colour scheme, for jungle-y type thing.
Cadian models (catachans are too muscled and yankee)
Lizardmen cold ones for rough riders.
Ravenwing bitz painted bright colours to emphasise Aztec theme.

I've written some background, and hope to do a project log, but for the moment:

Thoughts? C and C? More Ideas? (I don't yet have the codex, but should get one some time)

Mr Hat
29-04-2007, 21:42
They're main color should be gold. The tanks should be covered in all sorts fo treasures and stuff. Aztecs loved to decorate eveyrhtign with gold.

Mr Zephy
29-04-2007, 21:43
Hmmmm. Gold is nice, but not really suited to imperial guard. The officer in command, certainly.

29-04-2007, 21:50
make the tanks out of stone. or better yet, dont take any tanks, just play men to represent the fact that there were millions of people living in the aztec cities. Rough riders are out of the question, since horses were introduced to the aztecs by the spaniards. check out the lizardmen models for conversion ideas. officers with warclubs instead of swords, THAT would be awesome.

29-04-2007, 22:07
I can imagine quite a few lizardmen bits working to emphasize the aztec feel.

Try Again Bragg
29-04-2007, 22:10
How about Southwestern Native Americans like the Apache instead of Aztec if you don't like the gold.

29-04-2007, 22:42
How about Southwestern Native Americans like the Apache instead of Aztec if you don't like the gold.

i was considering that for a Lizardmen army. the aztec them is a bit tired in my opinion.

29-04-2007, 22:53
Also have a look at the Mordheim (plus Blood Bowl) Amazons for Aztek bits and for Urban War mounts (pic 1-3) instead of Cold Ones (or Gamezone Dark Elf mounts, pic 4).

Also consider Exodites for inspiration or even as an alternative:

@Try Again Bragg: I will paint my Eldar in a painting scheme inspired by Northwest Indian art (Kwakiutl and Haida). Will keep you informed.

29-04-2007, 22:57
whoa those are cool Bregelad. the third from the left reminds me of Heavy Metal.

29-04-2007, 23:10
that exodite link is awsome !

29-04-2007, 23:29
You have to include some jaguar warriors, definitely. Perhaps as a veteran squad.

29-04-2007, 23:37
BTW: Urban War mounts are the right size and the riders separate. Will use them for my Kroot!

30-04-2007, 03:44
just play skink models from fantasy. i think a lasgun would be just as effective as a blowpipe.

30-04-2007, 05:52
putting gold everywhere is perfectly appropriate for IG..i mean hell..the mordian iron guard run around in fancy-dancy parade uniforms..but they still kick butt and take names all over the imperium XD...heh..camoflauge is for sissies and heretics XD

Ko Improbable
30-04-2007, 14:05
I've been thinking about the very same thing myself, lately. For me, it was going to be Chaos Guard, though.

Primarily, I was thinking of putting large statuary and such on the tanks so that they'd resemble Aztec, Mayan or Inca temples.

30-04-2007, 15:53
Did a similar theme a few years back for the US GTs, catch being that I actually used Lizardman models and converted everything. Temple Guard for HQs, Saurus for Line squads, Skinks for Armored Fist squads, vehicle crew, sentinel drivers. This was before the current codex and in a recent revamp for a tourney last year, added Skinks as special weapon squads.
One thing I did that went over well was to get a bunch of the Lizardman glyphs and paint them gold. I'd drop one onto the table whenever I played in a tourney and if I lost, my opponent got to keep it. I think I lost 6 over two years and 15-20 tournies. Also used the glyphs and snake/lizard swarm pieces to make some objective markers (required for one of the tournies that year).
Sentinels were painted up as poison arrow frogs.
Basilisk was converted up from a stegadon.
Chimeras and Griffon were converted up using real turtle shells for the chassis
Finally, I went through Aztec/Mayan/incan mythology for the names of all my characters excpet my commander. His name was Lord Mondozuma.


Quin 242
30-04-2007, 16:56
It could be an increadibly nifty army if done right.
Aztecs were some bad Joes.

Please read the Book Aztec by Gary Jennings. it will give you an amazing amount of Aztec background that will help you in themeing your army.

Mr Zephy
30-04-2007, 17:11
Bretagne: Metal seems better than stone for the tanks, IMO ;) I've already partially decided upon having rough riders on cold ones. As this is GW, the rule of cool applies and dinosaurs = cool. :p Officers with warclubs for swords is a good idea, I can take them from the saurus cold ones box. And as for the Aztec theme being tired, I haven't seen it done on IG ever in my local area (although I know it has been done at some point or another, certainly). It doesn't seem tired to me.

Bregalad: Those mounts are cool, but seem not dinosaur-ey enough. The dark elf mount is very cool, but seems to be a bit much for something with the stats of a horse. I know you can get xenos cavalry doctrine, but from what I've read of the IG codex, spending two doctrine points on one unit is a bit much. I'll look at amazons though.

Makaber: hmmm, maybe, nice idea.

Neo-Katan: Hmm, yes, more gold could be used than just the officers. Gold trimmed weapons sounds nice...

Ko improbable: Sounds good, my idea for tanks is dinosaur skins on top GSed.

don_mondo: Sounds nice, but my vision is more lizard-men IG rather than Lizardmen in space. Kudos, though, sounds awesome. Earthshaker gun towed by a stegadon is extra awesome! (I know that's not what you did, but that's what it inspired me to come up with :))

Commissar Rowe
30-04-2007, 17:14
Another approach could be that your "Aztecs" hail from a feral world that has become the site of a successful Imperial Mission.

To that end you could use more priests (Even a unit of SoB's as Allies).

You can still give them all the nifty equipment, in my mindset, they are a bunch of natives who have been "brought over" to the "wonders" of the Imperium...

Give them tanks, but go to town on the decoration and paint Coatls etc. along thier panels, if you are good with the greenstuff, give your troops bunches of feathers attached to thier lasguns etc.

Insofar as Doctrines, I can see them as a predominately light/jungle fighting army...

Mr Zephy
30-04-2007, 17:31
Quin: Is that a long and involved history book... Because I love those! If not, then oh well.

Com. Rowe: That is a cool idea, but my mind is working on having them being an ordinary imperial world, just venerating their Aztec ancestry the way the Vostroyans venerate their russ/Cossack origins or the Death Korps their german. This still means lots of feathers though. :D
As for doctrines, jungle appeals to me less than Inca mountain tops. (Although tanks are wanted. I know I'm being inconsistent, but hey, it's my army.) The armour, is, well, cool.
As for inquisition, in the background i've thought up there is a large inquisitorial presence in the system due to the local priests liking to sacrifice criminals to the emperor. (which isn't universally liked...)

I know I originally put Aztecs, but Incas weren't as different as to make it silly, and having clear areas on the planet would make the army more than just jungle based.

Mr Zephy
30-04-2007, 22:15
So, then any more ideas people? *bumps up to first page*

Anyone, who's already done similar: do you have any pictures?


30-04-2007, 23:32
It seems to me thier was an Aztec Themed regiment hinted at in one of the earlier Guant's Ghosts novels, Thier Basilisks' barrels were decorated to look like Giant serpents, or something like that. It seemed they had an Aztec sounding name too, with a lot of X's and L's .

Just a random thought...


Quin 242
01-05-2007, 00:10
It's a historical Fiction but tells all the details of the Aztecs while it entertains you.

Mr Zephy
01-05-2007, 17:01
That's cool too. ;)

Ummm, no pictures people?

01-05-2007, 18:00
You could also use the gun-decorations from the kroot frame. And maybe some other bits also :) Cheers!

Or even using kroot-mercaneries in the army-list! They fit the jungle-scheme very well :chrome:

Mr Zephy
01-05-2007, 20:27
Hmm, got plenty o' kroot bits, could try that. Kroot mercenaries: maybe. probably not at this point, apart from maybe using my existing kroot from time to time, but it's something to think about. (as if I didn't have enough army ideas... :D)

no pictures? anyone?