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30-04-2007, 05:26
I would like some opinions about this new warband i've made. I still need to work on the fluff and stuff like that but i was hoping to get some thorts about the list so far. Thanks in advance.

Download Ninjawarband2.pdf (http://putstuff.putfile.com/74872/1834575)
Updated 1
Changed Weighted training to +1M and +1I
Genin can't get special skills
items removed, Bo staff and Shield
took away reach on the Kusari-Gama
I think that was all the changed i made.

30-04-2007, 11:21
Not bad, and not half as bad as I was expecting.

Couple of points;
What are the stats for a bo? They're not in there anywhere.
As far as I knew, toughened leathers were gear, not armour, meaning henchmen can't have what is essentially cheap light armour.

Do wrist guards work in conjunction with a shield? Strikes me as a bit ott that someone would be purposefully blocking with their wrists if they has a shield and axe in their hands. On that note, are shields suitable equipment at all? They don't strike me as being particularly ninja-like. Bucklers, yes, shields no.

I'd give the leaders bonus initiative over a regular human leader, maybe bonus WS, but S4 is the zone of muscle bound hulks like Kislev Bear Tamers, or Orc bosses. I think WS5 and I5 would be more fitting than M5 and S4.

I'll see if I can get a few games in with them during the wekk and tell you what I think.

30-04-2007, 23:32
Honestly? I don't like it.

Too many things seem off. Just in general.

1) There's no reason too have higher stats for humans, unless a universal special rule is in effect. (Notice, NO warbands in mordheim have any such things.) With it, you'll have a LOT of people complaining.

2) Too many skills. Jacks of all trades? Not all Ninja were marksmen. Others specialized in that.

3) Spelling. Work on it. If you don't have a word processor, use Google Documents. (A forum is one thing, but a document like this is a completely different thing.)

As for other things, well, Too many of them remind me of things I wrote into a ninja warband a long time ago. Way too many.

Oh, and for your chain axe. Ditch the 2" rule, that's been removed from mordheim entirely as it's impossible to map out properly. There is no set rules for how that actually works. (Look at the steel whip now.)

01-05-2007, 07:25
The Bo i was ment to remove. And i've changed the +1S to +1I, i did have the first but then changed it, so ill change that back. Shield i will take out. about the leathers, i thort they were armour cause in the pirate warband its under armour?

1) i gave reasons for the stat increase, plus its only on 2 heros. And i raised the points cost too.

2)What did u mean by jack of all trades? only the heros have stats decent enuff to use both ranged and close combat weapons and the Chuunin i gave a rule that the person using them could changed eathier the WS or BS depending on how they want them. To many skills? do u mean in the special skills?

3)Sorry about the spelling, i used MS word at first so that checked all my spelling and stuff like that so i thort it would be fine.

ill change the reach rule on the chained weapon, forgot about them changing the steal whip rule.
And as far as i know i've never read or knew you had writen up a ninja warband.

Thanks for the comments

Bubble Ghost
02-05-2007, 10:44
Sorry about the spelling, i used MS word at first so that checked all my spelling and stuff like that so i thort it would be fine.

I'm sorely tempted to put this in my signature.:p I wouldn't normally reply just to knock someone's spelling, that would make me a git, but you've got to admit the irony makes this pretty funny. It really brightened a hung over morning for me. Thanks man.

04-05-2007, 01:29
Foot: your account over on the SG forums is approved! Come on in!

04-05-2007, 10:35
not wanting to be too picky here, but are the Skaven not the ninja of mordheim?
is there any niche waiting to be filled. remember there are no cathayan forces around.
Hashashim (assasins) from Araby would be fine though
i might work on that
Araby stone(d) cold killers
sounds like fun.

30-05-2007, 17:56
im in agreement with the guy above, just use the rules for skaven as its far more simple and balanced- the rules are tried and tested. Plus your less liable to people just looking at your rules and going
A friend of mine used skaven rules for a ninja warband and found them just fine- he even managed to get a rat ogre in fluff wise- he had the ogre maneater model thats dressed like a ninja!

01-06-2007, 12:28
A ninja warband... What's next? Samurai? A friend of mine has already made rules for Jedi in 40K, so why not make the samurai for Mordheim? Or Buffy and her friends, so you can own the Undead in H2H?

And yes, a friend of mine really did make rules for Jedi in 40K... Sorry if I seem a bit crass, that's not my intent, but c'mon, be little creative. How camp isn't a ninja warband?