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30-04-2007, 08:56

Just started BFG, and could do with a bit of advice for my fleet lists. I was thinking for a 1500pt fleet list:

Cairn Tombship with Sepulchre
1 X Scythe Class Harvest Ship
1 X Scythe Class Harvest Ship
3 X Jackal Class Raiders
3 X Dirge Class Raiders
3 X Dirge Class Raiders


Seriously considering losing some dirges and finding the points to slap a shroud into the list for better command checks, e.t.c., but I'm really not sure. Nor sure about the Sepulchre, but having Ld 10 awesome battleship just seems SO sweet, plus theleadership based attack on enemy vessels.

So just how bad is my 1500pt list?;)


Zhai Morenn
30-04-2007, 14:45
I would advise on getting a Shroud- one of the main weaknesses the Necrons have is their leadership- they rely on it for their special orders which make them highly mobile, resilient or shooty and their critical hits table has more permanent LD loss factors than not- against normal enemies this isn't as big of a factor but I know that my DE fleet has been able to cut Necrons down to size after enough H&Rs. Against such enemies the Necs can make use of every bit of LD they can take. Just keep the shroud away from the main fireline, which is not too hard with it's high speed and mobility, and feel free to use it to terrorize lone escort squadrons and crippled capital ships. Don't let enemy Lancers/ Bombardment Cannon/ Impaler ships get close to it as they can wreck it in no time and net themselves some beefy victory points.

Otherwise yeah, the Tombship is an amazing warship and so long as you don't get overconfident and dive in over your head, it will yield amazing results.

Overall your fleet looks good, I know most folks don't typically like Nec escorts but you can't beat 50cm interceptors or escorts with H&R teleport attacks. Also you can use them as a screen for your Capital ships, every time you can force the enemy to take a LD check to shoot at your valuable ships is handy.

30-04-2007, 19:48
Oh right, I would have thought that Necron escorts are actually pretty good? I was going to run a list with 3 shrouds in, but I thought it would be a bit too excessive.

Rightey - ho, thanks, for the comments. Would it be worth running a pure cruiser based fleet?

02-05-2007, 07:50
anyone? anyone at all...

Zhai Morenn
02-05-2007, 09:19
I have seen Necron players do just fine with capital ships only- though the Eldar can pose a real problem to such a fleet. I know I keep bringing up the Eldar, but just as the Necs are the only ones who can catch them, they are the ones who can outmanouver and catch the Necs in turn. Overall here's what I discovered by playing a little with Necs, but mostly watching my bud play his Nec fleet (he has 1800 pts of ships.)

Shrouds are very well armed, but present too much of a liability in victory points to field more than one or two at most. They are a powerful firebase for a 155pt hull, and highly mobile, but it only takes two hits to cripple them. Any Eldar could exploit larger numbers of these ships by picking them off instead of hitting the highly resilient ships. They dont even have to kill your ships to get a good amount of VPs. IN players are also a problem as the Nova cannon can ruin a careless shroud with a single shot. Overall: good in fewer numbers, but difficult to operate as a main combat vessel.

Escorts: Cannot be fielded in the same capacity as the escorts of other races. This is mainly because they have 1 hit and no shields and a 6+ save which makes them highly vulnerable to lances, bombardment cannons, assaultboats and impalers. If you brace them, you lose much of their utility in combat. Thus I would recommend that you use them in one of two ways:
1: You bring them in behind or near your larger ships and let a scythe shrug off the initial fire and send the escorts in to pick off easy targets after the shooting starts.
2: You use them as shields for larger ships when facing lance squadrons. If you put them on Brace and have them closer to the enemy than your Scythes, Shrouds or Cairn, then the enemy must take a LD check to shoot at the juicy targets. Every opportunity to fail such a check is good for you as it keeps the best ships safe.

Against the Eldar, tactic 1 is almost always more advisable due to the superior nature of eldar weaponry (they may just kill your escorts anyways and keep coming) and their high LD which would allow easy passes of priority checks- both of which make tac 2 useless. However, Jackals and Dirges are excellent as acting as suicidal wolf packs, following Eldar into asteroid fields and rooting them out. In fact, Jackals are a perfect match for DE escorts. My bud and I have had several instances in battles where his sole surviving jackal would chase my sole surviving escort from one squadron or another around, trying to gun one another down (admittidly, my DE usually get the first shot off and thus win but there have been times where I lost those "duels")

02-05-2007, 09:38
Fought them, wasn't too impressed by the tombship, it suffers from the same weakness as a lot of big hitters; it's mean, but there's only one of it.

I was a lot more worried about the 2 scythe squadron.

I do play space marines though, they come onto their own against necrons, their bombardement cannons doing criticals on a 4+ and all, VERY nice against single big targets.

Fought against a necron fleet some time ago, I believe it was 2 scythes squadroned with a shroud, 1x4 of those smaller escorts, and 3 bigger ones.

Couldn't compete with that amount of firepower.
(2x2 strike cruisers, a bunch of novas and 4 hunters).
Still won though, people underestimate SC's, thinking they are just "little cruisers", they generally find that they hit far above their weight though, more than 2 lances are a death sentence though. Wish I could give them two shields.

Anyway, squadron the scythes; they toss around craploads of firepower and are pretty damn resilient.

09-05-2007, 08:14
Ok, so how's about:

Cairn Tombship

2 Scythes

1 Shroud

3 Jackals

3 Dirges

1 Additional fleet re-roll

More importantly how would I squadron the capital ships. Should I really squadron the Shroud next to the tombship, or would that be a bad idea?


Zhai Morenn
09-05-2007, 16:10
I dont think you can squadron different ship types together (i.e. no mixed escort & cruiser squadrons and no mixed cruiser and battleship squadrons, etc)

Otherwise looks like a solid list. As for squadrons with the cruisers, play around with it a little- almost certainly the Shroud will be in a squadron on it's lonesome so it can act in it's own best interest (AAF away while the rest of the fleet tries to lock on and what not) You may want to squadron the Scythes together but that's a mixed blessing. You get to use highest LD for SO checks, and if you AAF them they move the same distance and can maintain a formation more easily, but if one gets forced to brace, then both brace and then fully half of your main offensive power is at half effect.

09-05-2007, 17:03
ah right ok, then I'll probably squadron the shroud by itself and do as you said, AAF out of the danger zone, or at worst keep it back to hunt wounded ships.

Thanks for the tips, I'll try to bear it all in mind though