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30-04-2007, 13:36

I'm trying to start up a Khermi team at my friends urging, (they don't read BB forums ;) and I don't want to use the standard Khermi skeleton player models from the boxset as they look very fragile models that will probably end up snapping before long.

Does anyone have any suggestions for possible replacements? I've had a look on the web, and the only thing that seemed like they had potential were some mummy reaper miniatures that are expensive and would have to be shipped.

The models don't have to be skeletons, weedy mummies will do, but they need to be pretty sturdy and relatively dynamic. Poses that can easily be adjusted into blocking poses would be ideal.

Thanks for any help :)

Deng Ham
30-04-2007, 14:20
The problem you have with khemrir is the plastic skelletons. As with all plastic skelletons they snapp real easy. You can go tru the Khemrir range for warhammer. I know thet there are a fiew lichpriests that coud work. But mind you that you need to cut away weapons and add bood bowl armour (but a shoulder pad work fine. The chaos in perticular). I son't think that you can get any mummie in store. So you will have to ship it. And to get the best minis I recomend you do order minis online and have them shipped to you. Then you can also use other supliers.

01-05-2007, 11:54
What a coincidence! I was having this chat with a friend of mine on the drive back from Southampton... ;)
Try these:


Fairly cheap, nicely posed, and small enough to look good against your other models.

17-05-2007, 01:24
The problem you have with khemrir is the plastic skelletons. As with all plastic skelletons they snapp real easy.

Ummm - the skellies in the Khemri BB box aren't plastic, they're metal (much to the sculptors annoyance).

Despite what deng ham wrote, just use the basic plastic WFB skeletons - they work fine for Blood Bowl, are easily posable/convertable and mix easily with other plastics (for shoulder pads etc).

There are always plenty of plastic skellies at tournaments - I saw at least 5 teams made from them at last weekend's Blood Bowl GT.