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01-05-2007, 15:33
No, ive only played a few games of AI now, but im slowly building up some tactics that ive been finding sucessful.

The most obvious and most basic is using a Hell Blade a bait for another group of 'blades.

What I do is I put one Hellblade out 6 inches in front of a tailing unit of HellBlades (usually 2 or 3). The bait hell blade will hopefully be picked up by an enemy plane, and or one turn ill reduce speed so they bite, then i'll make the bait hellblade hammer off at top speed usually doing a power dive. Hopefully the biter will turn and follow, leaving him primed for a tailing position foe the other hellblades.

In some of our previous missions ive managed to get as many as 3 hellblades into a tailing position on a Thunderbolt, by using this manavuer. I used to play lots of WWII fighter sims multiplayer on the net, and this was a classic "extend" manavuer, where you use your straight flight to set you opponent up for your teammates.

In another game I used an extreme manaveur with my HellBlade Ace to get him out of being tailed by a Imperial Lightning Ace (we just upped 2 fighters to double ace for the game to see how they did). What I did was play the Half loop card, knowing full well that the tailing ace would easily be able to change his card to match this, then once he had changed his card (which happens BEFORE my move) i moved, played the half loop card, then passed extreme manaveur to play the Wing over card, basically doing a full 360 turn and ending up breaking the tail.

Any thoughts on these er.. thoughts?

02-05-2007, 16:20
If you dont go in the trade forums, you might want to know I have put some Chaos Fighters up for sale:-


ancient god
02-05-2007, 19:56
Malarik, that is shameless! :D

Ratchet, that baiting manouver sounds good. I'll see if I can remember it till I get to play the game again some time soon. Us Chaos players should be in a good position to pull off such high-risk manouvers seeing that our fighters are only 12pts.

My group wants to play with 1 free Ace each, too. They're just too cool not to have. :)

Again: Note to self: Paint those ******* fighters!!! :skull: (You guys are welcome to join in! I haven't even unpacked most of my Hell Blades. :()

02-05-2007, 20:21
Malarik, that is shameless! :D

Sorry, but I thought there might be someone wanting some, cheaper than FW prices, and do not look in the trade section. Ya never see em on eBay either, so I thought I would offer out to the community first.

They are damn cool to play with and I had several games and won every time!

But my Imperial Fighters collection has outgrown my others, plus I need some cash to feed my 'nid habit ;)

ancient god
02-05-2007, 22:35
Hey, no harm. :)