View Full Version : Space hulk and space crusade.

08-04-2005, 07:25
Today i have been playing these on my computer.
OH DEAR. space crusade looks terrible, i like the way a marine in power armour carries an assault cannon! but at least its possible to last more than 30 seconds. i was playing space hulk, and oh my god its hard. i just gave up. if your tyermies had any sense to turn and face it would be fine. but they just let those stealers run rught up behind them then just stand there! rubbish, and the computer controlled termies just seem to die easy. rubbish with their storm bolters.

I liked the intro sequence best, the stupid assualt cannon amrine stands right where the stealers are popping out from. needless to say he gets jumped. but is avenged by the termie sarge who cuts its head off whilst shouting "DIE!" with his power sword. now i see how well they slice through things.

overall dont bother hunting these games down. they truly suck.

I alsio noticed Jervis Johnson did the voice overs.
"we sense their dark presence"
I sense yours Jervis!

08-04-2005, 09:14
space crusade was ace at the time... although it doesn't quite stand up in comparison to modern games...

I always thought Talisman would've made a good PC game...