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03-05-2007, 19:24
Rules used

All experimental rules
Marine Armoured variant list v0.6.1
http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin....;t=9164 (http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=73;t=9164)
Relevant Marine changes from (no leader remove 2BM)

Move/ Armour/ Close Combat/ Fire Fight
25cm/ 4+/ 6+/ 4+
Weapon/ Range/ Firepower/ Notes
Vindicators Demolisher/ 30cm/ AP3+ AT4+/ Ignore cover
and / (15cm)/ Small Arms/ Ignore Cover
Notes: Walker

Ultramarine Armoured Fist

Heavy Tactical Detachment BTS
+ 2 Helios
+ Prometheus
Tactical Detachment
- 2 Vindicators
+ 2 Vindicators
Tactical Detachment
- 2 Predator Destructors
+ Razorback (Heavy bolter)
Terminators Detachment
+ Chaplain
Predator Detachment
- 4 Annihilators
+ 2 Annihilators
+ Hunter
Thunderhawk (Saturation Bombing configuration)
+ Close Air Support configuration


Ulthwe Eldar Tank Host

Black guardian warhost
- Seer council
- Farseer
- 6 Guardians
- 4 Wave Serpents
Guardian Warhost (in Vampire)
- 7 Guardians
- Farseer
Swords of Vaul 1
- 3 Falcons
- 2 Firestorms
Swords of vaul 2
- 5 Fire Prisms
- 1 Firestorm
Engines of Vaul 1
- 1 Scorpion
Engines of Vaul 2
- 1 Scorpion
Engines of Vaul 3
- 1 Scorpion
Engines of Vaul 4 BTS
- 2 Cobras
3 Nightwings


03-05-2007, 19:26

In Marine end the blitz was put to the end of the road. The two other objectives went somewhat north and east from blitz in front of the hill and far west near rubble. In Eldar end the blitz was opposite of Marines behind a gargant yard. Others were some amount of southwest from blitz near forested hill. And the second was west from the other objective between forest and a building.

Neither side had any garrisonable formations.

Marines changed the deployment a bit. First on centre (and most westward formation) was Tactical 1. They were in an open area. Next came Preadators, which tried to take cover from a forest. Next was the Tactical 2 which was completely in the road. And lastly the Heavy Tactical was which deployed a bit more to the east, but still behind the hill.

Eldar deployed almost the same. Ulthwe put Scorpion 1 in the west behind a hill. Next came Falcons were deployed behind the pair bunkers next to road. Then came Cobras on the other side of the road (but a bit farther than before) and the Scorpion 2 near Cobras. The Black Guardians were behind a gargant yard in front of blitz (and not onboard the transports this time). Then came another Scorpion in open. Last was the Fireprisms hiding behind some ork structures.

03-05-2007, 19:26
Turn 1

Initiative: Ulthwe

The battle starts with order for the Nightwings to prepare for incoming crafts and they start doing combat air patrol. Marines decide to see the power of Eldar crafts and Thunderhawk bombing configuration makes an attack run. The Nightwings respond by Intercepting and manage to do 1 damage, but no critical this time. However the Firestorm hits all hits and manages to penetrate the armour and the Thunderhawk comes crashing down.

In west the Scorpion 1 doubles ahead and targets the Tactical 1, but misses both shots. The Marines respond by sending in the other Thunderhawk which targets the Fireprisms in the east. However all the shots miss. The Scorpion 3 then doubles ahead and targets the Predator annihilators and hits once wrecking of the tanks. Both sides seem to have too much excitement than actual targeting. Then still in the east the Thunderbolts are called to intercept the Nightwings. There seems to be a problem that the pair wanted was being redirected elsewhere, but the Marine Supreme Commander within Prometheus overrules any such ideas and the crafts are incoming. This time they get to fire all their weapons and stay out of range of the nearby Firestorm in the approach move. The effect of the imperial crafts are quite visible as two of the Eldar aircrafts tumble out of the sky.

Then the Scorpion 2 moves ahead with double and fires at the Tactical 1. The lasers are fired once more, but they are unable to hit and no damage is done. The Marines getting bored at being fired in long range order the Tactical 2 to double ahead and take hold of the centre. The Vindicators rumble into the forest, but one of them gets caught into a deep ditch and is lost. Rhinos stop behind with Marines taking some cover from the woods. They target the Scorpion 2 and manage to do 1 damage to it. Then Cobras start to move out, but they have problems with the engines. Ulthwe seer council quickly look into future and point out the damaged power conduit and so they are on their way. Cobras doubles ahead and fire at the Tactical 2 hidden within the forest. The blasts are quite effective managing to take out 2 Vindicators and one unit of Tacticals. Marines respond by sending the Predator Annihilators to double in the road between the forested hills. They target the Cobras and fire full volley, which does 1 damage to one Cobra and 2 damage to other. However the Cobra with 1 damage suffers a critical and is blown apart, this breaks the remaining Cobra it withdraws behind the pair of Bunkers. The Falcons then advance ahead and target the Predators, but manage to blow up only one of the tanks.

The Marines don't want the Cobra to escape and order the Tactical 2 to mount up and march across the battlefield. The Marines march to the other end of the road and jump out of the vehicles near the remaining Cobra. Seeing that the Predators are nicely in the open area the Vampire makes it's air assault. Landing near the Predators the Guardians exit the craft and takes positions within the forest. One Predator counter charges to bring more Guardians into close combat but it doesn't help as the Predators are wiped off with loss of only one Guardian. Marines reply with doubling the Heavy Tactical down the road towards the Guardians and fire at them. However all the shots miss as the forest gives cover.

Then the last two activations from Eldar. First is the Fireprisms which fail to activate and decide to remove BMs. Next the Black Guardians double to be near the Tactical 2 that moved to their end. Wave Serpents fire at the Marines but fail to do anything.

End Phase

The Thunderhawk clears the end phase firing without much problems while the Thunderbolts are both shot down. Nightwings and Vampire clear the field without problems.

Marines manage to rally all formations. Ulthwe fail to rally the remaining Cobra while the rest rally. The Cobra moves to the northwestern corner of the field. Picture is from the start of the End Phase.

03-05-2007, 19:27
Turn 2

Avatar is summoned between Black Guardians and the Tactical 2. Also the Terminators teleport to the gargant yard within engage range of the Fireprisms or the Falcons gaining no BMs.


Initiative: Marines

Thunderhawk CAS starts the turn and blasts it's way in from the west. It goes over the Tactical 2 ignoring the fire it draws from the Firestorms and fires all it has on Black Guardians. However only 1 Guardian stand is gunned down as the Wave Serpents save all the damage. With a small pause on what to do with Tactical 2, the Marines are ordered to open fire and sustain at the Black Guardians as they have crossfire from the Terminators. Now the effect is much more pronounced as 2 Wave Serpents and Farseer is lost. However this isn't enough to brake formation as it is 1BM away from breaking. Marine commander grumbles a bit as the Thunderhawk should have done more damage.

The Eldar respond by advance from Scorpion 1 and it brings it's lasers with the view of the Tactical 1. Two accurate blasts later both Rhinos of the Tactical 2 is removed as they end up blasted apart. Retaining the Black Guardians and Avatar engage the Tactical 2. The Avatar takes 6 units into close combat with it, while Guardians stand back behind the remaining Wave Serpents and blast away. Marines are unable to stop this combination of forces and lose 3 Marines as well as 2 Rhinos to the Eldar as they fall back behind the bunkers. However Eldar lose one Guardian which is enough to break the Black Guardians and they move a bit to be somewhat covered by the bunkers from the rest of the Marines. Then making second retain the Guardians in the forest engage the Tactical 1 into firefight. Marines manage to hit twice while the Guardians hit three times of which marines saves 1. Then the dice roll and marines lose by 1 and are forced to withdraw to the forest in southeast.

In the Eldar end the Terminators are next and they engage the Fireprisms. Marines move closer and Fireprisms do the same. Then they shoot causing Fireprisms to lose 2 tanks and Terminators 1 unit. The resolution is equal and second round is fought. The Terminators press home the attack and wipe out the rest without losing a single stand. Then they consolidate towards the blitz. Retaining the Heavy Tactical advances towards the Scorpion 3 and causes a crossfire with the Terminators. Las cannons and missiles hit home and the Ulthwe super heavy skimmer is blasted apart in the relentless fire.

Then it's only Eldar as Marines don't have activations left. Scorpion 2 starts and advances to fire at the Heavy Tactical. Both shots hit but Prometheus saves while Helios is blown apart. Then Scorpion 1 is having problems with comms, but Seer Council helps and the super heavy skimmer advances to fire at the remains of the Tactical 1, which don't survive. Next is Nightwing which stands down due to fire it got from the Thunderbolts. Vampire also fails to leave the airfield as the Hunters missile had damaged some intake surfaces and that had to be changed. Last is the Falcon formation which advances and removes 2 Predators and Razorback from the Tactical 2, but one lone Marine unit survives.

End Phase

The Thunderhawk CAS exits the battlefield without any problems.

From Marines all formation rally. Eldar however doesn't do as well. Black Guardians, Cobra and Scorpion 2 fails to rally. But Guardians do so.

03-05-2007, 19:29
Turn 3

Initiative: Marines

The last unit of Tactical 2 is ordered to go after the broken Cobra. Unit has problems in accepting the order, but moves out when Prometheus contacts them. They move to the top of the hill and fire at the Cobra, which takes the last damage from opening fire and is destroyed.

In Marine end the Vampire is ordered to make a ground attack against the Heavy Tactical. However the weapons are unable to penetrate the thick hull of the Land Raiders. Marines reply with the airpower as well and the Thunderhawk CAS is sent after the Scorpion 2, however it is unable to hit the Eldar skimmer. Scorpion 2 deftly moves ahead to avoid the Thunderhawk and doubles towards the blitz firing at the Heavy Tactical. One of Tactical units is killed in the laser blasts. Heavy Tactical responds in kind and also doubles towards the blitz on Marine end and fires at the Scorpion 2. The las cannon blasts are effective as critical hit is done and the super heavy skimmer blows up from the inside. Eldar then call on the Nightwing to try to dislodge the Marines, but it too is unable to penetrate the armour of the Marine tanks.

Marines last activation is the Terminators on blitz which use double to spread out in order to protect the blitz, however it is impossible as three units just cannot prevent movement to contest the objective. As in to drive the point home the Falcons march and go around the Terminators and contest the objective from the east. Next the Guardians move towards the building and take control of one of the objectives near it. And as last activation the Scorpion 1 advances to fire at the Heavy Tactical and destroys a Land Raider Helios.

End Phase

The aircraft all leave the board without any problems.

All formation on the Marines as well as Eldar rally.

03-05-2007, 19:29
Turn 4

Initiative: Ulthwe

The turn starts with the last Scorpion doubling towards the blitz and firing at the Heavy Tactical. This time no amount of armour helps and a unit of Marines as well as Prometheus is lost. Retaining the Guardians move out of the building and engage the Heavy Tactical. Marines try to fight back but there is no chance and the whole Detachment is killed by the Guardians with Marines missing all the hits.

In an act of defiance the Terminators engage the Falcons as well near the Eldar side blitz. The Marines drop two of the Eldar crafts, but to suprise of both they are butchered in return. Since they only got two BMs they are not even broken. Black Guardians are next and they move out to take control of both objectives in west. Marines respond by moving the last lone Tactical behind a hill in northeastern corner.

Next it's Eldar and the last remaining Nightwing is called to CAP. Marines reply with Thunderhawk CAS that tries to ground attack the last Scorpion. This prompts the Nightwing to intercept, however it is unable to damage the heavy Marine craft. But it does mess up the attack run and no hits are caused again on the Scorpion. That was last activation by Marines.

Falcons move out next and take control both objectives in Eldar centre. Last to activate is the Vampire which makes a ground attack to the last unit of Marines but it is unable to hit it and so it survives.

End Phase

The situation is clear. 1 - 4 Victory to Ulthwe Eldar. Marines got 'Break Their Spirit', while Ulthwe had 'Break Their Spirit', 'Blitzkrieg', 'Take and Hold' and 'Defend the Flag'.

The Marine unit that prevents the 'They Shall not Pass' by surviving in the northwest corner.

05-05-2007, 03:57
Great Battle Report Hena. A really interesting read. Hopefully I will get around to having a go with that marine list this weekend.