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04-05-2007, 18:22
Hey everybody. I have a small guard army that includes two bassies for my heavy support. The models aren't stock GW but converted from Cadians and Men at Arms. There is one lascannon amongst them. Since they usually are accompanied by an inquisitor I've dubbed them my battle pilgrims. Now comes the question. This year at Games day I've been thinking of picking up a Medusa siege gun from forgeworld. I'm wondering if anyone has used one or played against one and how well they fair or if they are over or underpowered.

04-05-2007, 19:47
I used one, and found I'd be better off with a Thunderer. The Medusa has a 36" range S10 pie plate, but has chimera armour. The shorter range of the thunderer's demolisher cannon is made up for by it's better armour. You might benefit slightly from the ' what's that?' factor, as people don't know the stats for it, but most people are wise to the fact that a Guard tank with a big barrel is going to hurt.

It's a forge world vehicle, so is somewhat overcosted. Nice models though.

Try using using a 'counts as' basalisk as one to see what you think.