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04-05-2007, 18:36
I'm getting ready to start playing a with a few friends (now that we're all gainfully employed, with disposable income!), and I'm torn.

On the one hand, I like the character of the Witch Hunters. They look like a lot of fun to play, and at least as much fun to model. (Plus, having the opportunity to yell "Die, heretic!" at my friends is worth quite a lot...)

On the other hand, the Reiklanders suit my usual style of play a lot better. I'm a High Elf player from way back (4th edition, though I missed out on 6th due to a lack of local players), so I'm more accustomed to the "stand back and shoot, and don't worry about leadership tests" standard. Also, their equipment list is a lot more tempting -- the Witch Hunters have some neat toys (pistol crossbows, for instance), but things like dueling pistols look like they may be even better.

So... anyone have any suggestions? Advice? Sage words? Bad jokes?

Well, OK, maybe not that last...

09-05-2007, 02:48
So... two witch hunters walk into a bar, then they burn it to the ground.

What nothing? Is this thing on? Anyway, as for advice I think witch hunters can do a fine job shooting. I come from that background myself as I play a shooty army in 40k. One tactic for witch hunters is of course pick up max heroes, kit them out with crossbows, stand them in the back and send in the dogs, and flagellants. I generally throw a unit of two zealots at least so that maybe they can level up. You CC guys knock people down and your heroes take them out. Just something to think about.

09-05-2007, 12:53
Good to hear! That's more or less what I was thinking... The Warrior-Priest clearly needs to be kitted out for close combat, but the Hunters and Captain will probably start out with crossbows, or maybe a pistol crossbow for the Captain if I can find the cash for it.

With regard to Zealots... looking at costs, a pair of basically un-equipped zealots costs me three warhounds starting out. (Either 2 flagellants with flails + 5 dogs, or 2 flagellants w/flails, 2 dogs, and 2 zealots with clubs -- at least, I think that was how it worked out) Does that make sense for a starting warband? Granted, having some henchmen who can advance is probably a plus, but I'm a little concerned with the strength of the band... frankly, on paper it looks like a really poor tradeoff.

17-05-2007, 21:41
Dogs are golden in the early stages of a campaign. Max on dogs and heroes and don't worry about the Zealots. Zealots are pretty much awful. Flagellents you can wait on until you have some GCs under your belt.

Crossbows are also a must have. WH don't have the numbers or statlines to really make them a top-notch CC warband. They can become pretty good shooters, however, and by playing keepaway you can protect your heroes and keep generating GCs.

Your instincts are right...the WP works with whatever CC henchmen you have, while the heroes handle the shooting. WH heroes will frustrate you a little at first due the the BS3, but once you get some BS upgrades and Quick Shot, you'll start cookin'.

Another skill group that's key for WH is Academics...look at how many heroes can get them. ;) You can really rack up the wyrdstone and GCs if you develop your warband correctly, and that can bring some of the hired swords you'll need to round out your band.

WHs are slow to start, but once they get going, they'll do just fine for you. Good luck and happy witch hunting!

18-05-2007, 10:07
I use a Captain and 3 Witch Hunters with crossbows, screened by 4 zealots with spears and bows, and a flagellant with a flail. It works quite well, since the enemy will have to get through the zealots and the flagellant to get to the heroes, and most foes seem a little weary of the flagellant, all the while being pelted by missile fire. Sure, the zealots can't hit a barn if they stand inside it, next to the wall, but they can still give the foe a surprise. Also, the spear mean that they get to strike first. Any enemy that get's past the screen will be faced with some rather irate Witch Hunters and a Captain, all carrying swords...

I'll add warhounds later, we're going for a campaign after the Nemesis Crown campaign.