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05-05-2007, 16:42
Hey folks someone here can hopefully help me, i'm thinking of doing a AI chaos group (to tie in with my 40K boys) and i'm thinking of getting 2 sets of hell blades and one of hell talons, is that a good starting point?

05-05-2007, 17:00
Definitely a good starting point. It gives you enough for a solid group for one off games, but you will need some more aircraft if you want to play larger games (150-200).

05-05-2007, 17:13
what would you suggest - i can stretch to another set of blades/talons? thanks in advance

05-05-2007, 17:24
I would say another set of Blades, but that is just what direction I would go. That gives you nearly 100 pts of Blades and the 2 Talons can bring you up to around 150. This leaves you plenty of room for either adding more Talons later (up to 200 pts) or get the bomber when it comes out. Another thing you may want to consider is a Thunderhawk to transport your World Eaters, or build your own Chaos Transport Aircraft (if you like that idea).

Eventually I think everyone will want 200 pts of aircraft available, as this is the top end of most games.

Wolflord Havoc
05-05-2007, 20:36
If your planning on playing a campaign from the book then you (and your opponents) will need 200+ points which in the case of the Chaos list is going to be in my opinion 12 blades and 6 talons.

The problem with Chaos is that you only have a choice of 2 airframes. Hopefully the rumoured bomber airframe will address this somewhat though it still leaves the Chaos list devoid of ground defences (though I suppose that you could easily use the imperial defences).

06-05-2007, 08:56
thanks alot for the info everyone, i think i'm going to start with 3 sets of blades and probably one of talons, seems like a good place to start and thanks for th info on a possible heavy bomber!

06-05-2007, 10:25
You might want to add a Thunderhawk - suitably converted though :D

06-05-2007, 12:49
i may well consider that as well