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06-05-2007, 03:43
I have an Imperial Armor book circa 2000. Is it still valid? Can I use the rules in it, or do I need the new one?

06-05-2007, 03:49
Is it one of the IA hardcovers numbered IA 1, IA 2, etc?

Or is it an Update numbered by year and about the size of a Codex?

The former series are current, the later are annuals and each year the previous becomes outdated, so the 2000 Update is no longer valid.

Still fun to read, though.:)

06-05-2007, 04:38
This isn't an update. This is a softcover printed in 2000. This one has two Superheavies in it: The Baneblade and the Shadowsword. What I'm trying to find out, is if its still valid, or if I need to buy the $50,000.00 hardback.

06-05-2007, 06:37

is the current one. The one before that is not current.

Chaos and Evil
06-05-2007, 09:02
Note that the majority of the rules found in the original softback 'Imperial Armour' have not changed.

It's just that the later books that replaced it (The hardbacked 'volumes') are much better. :)