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06-05-2007, 12:28
hi all heres a first try at an Erebor dwarf war party:

Moria expedition force forward scouts
250 pts Lord of the Rings Dwarf Erebor war party


Balin: heavy dwarf armour, hand weapon, throwing axes, 2-handed axe: 75 pts


Balin’s retinue
3 Khaz‚d Guard: dwarf heavy armour, hand weapons, 2- handed axes: 33 pts
1 Dwarf warrior: dwarf armour, hand weapon banner: 38 pts
71 pts

The scouts
12 Dwarf rangers: sturdy leather armour, hand weapons, 3 with dwarf longbows, 3 with throwing axes, 6 with 2-handed axes: 102 pts

Total: 248 pts
17 models

Thx in advance for anything :)

06-05-2007, 12:57
looks a bit fragile: you only have 4 models with D6 or more, meaning the rest will get wounded on 5+ in combat, never a good thing, moreso because you cannot make spear formations

yet you only have 3 bows, meaning you'll be the one forced to get into combat

all in all I'm not too impressed with Scouts, too fragile for my taste

banner is bit expensive at this point level, I'd get more models instead

I'd advise Dwarf Warriors with bows, D6 and S3 bows is quite juicy

06-05-2007, 13:29
I would certainly drop the banner. It's over 10% of the total army cost, and it's really not going to do much for you.

Get more men.

Rangers with bows: I would disagree with Mars. They are just as good at shooting as Gondor Rangers, with a better defense. I'd run 1/3 of all warriors as rangers. I'd also drop the throwing weapons.

06-05-2007, 15:23
Don't get me wrong, I think Rangers are very cool. But they'll to be my first target when I'll face them.

Warrior with bow: 9 points, 18" range, S3, D6 in combat
Ranger with bow: 10 points, better shot, 24", S2, D5 in combat

Rangers are better in shooting: they can shoot farther and hit more often. However, they will do so at S2, which is a joke to D5 Orcs/Goblins. They're better against D6 targets, like Uruk-Hai and Trolls.

Warriors have a shorter range and poorer aim but at S3, making them better against D5. Their D6 makes them just as hard in combat against S3 as Dwarf Warriors with shields.

I figure Rangers are better against models with S4 and D6, where their lower D and S don't make any difference. That'd be Uruk-Hai, Trolls, Morannon Orcs.

While Warriors with bows would be better against D5 and S3, meaning all Orcs and Goblins.

06-05-2007, 16:04
I would certainly get basic warriors with shields, instead of combat rangers. And I'd keep the 2H weapons down to 2 or so in the army.