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08-05-2007, 07:16
Let's see, where do I begin. I guess the usual questions should be answered first. You know, like:

Who the heck is this guy?
Why should you care?
Can he paint/model/convert worth a darn?

Well, I've been into modeling and painting sci-fi & fantasy miniatures since I was 14. I discovered Warhammer 40K when I was 16 or so, back in the RT era. That was 17 years ago. To this day, I've never completed a single planned army...

Now, I almost had a completed army. It was my Mjolnir Recon Space Marine Chapter, themed heavily on Bungie Software's Marathon trilogy of Mac computer games. It used the game's logo as the chapter symbol. Then Games Workshop intorduced the Tau, which has a nearly identical icon to the Marathon logo. I traded the army to a friend in 2002 for many reasons, but mainly frustration.

Since then, I've only painted up a couple models here & there.

Armies I have planned at one point or another:

Mjolnir Recon, a Codex Space Marine chapter
Chrimson Fists
Iron Hands
Grey Knights/Daemonhunters
Eldar, one craftworld after the other.
Dark Eldar
Imperial Guard

What I will be covering here is the three armies that I am going to settle on, simple so I can actually finish a playable force with the current 4th edition of 40K. That will be Iron Hands, an expiditionary force from my own Eldar Craftworld Shau-Nai and a Daemonhunters/Grey Knight add-on force for my Iron Hands.

Out of a collection of nearly 2000+ (unpainted) models, I've stripped and ebayed the vast majority of the stuff that is not included in those three planned armies. The only other things I kept are intended for use in the average D&D game. Everything else has gone to minimize distraction.

Over the years I've painted the odball fantasy miniature from one maker or another. I might cover those here when I get board of painting the above mentioned 40K armies.

Did my Wife make me do this? No. I wanted to do this because I want to actually finnish something for a change. I've lost count of how many miniatures I had started, stripped, restarted and stripped again. I have unfinnished miniatures from when I was a teen (and I'm going to be 34 this summer).

Ultimate Objectives: Paint everything in my bits boxes.
Intermediate Goal: 2500pt Eldar and Iron Hands armies by February of 2008.

The reason for the intermediate goal is that my Wife may very well be pregnant with our second child. I'll need to be able to provide as much help and support as I can, if that is the case, in nine months time.

Anyway, the obligitory workspace photos.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/my-workspace/S4300002.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/my-workspace/S4300002.jpg)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/my-workspace/S4300003.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/my-workspace/S4300003.jpg)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/my-workspace/S4300004.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/my-workspace/S4300004.jpg)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/my-workspace/S4300005.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/my-workspace/S4300005.jpg)

08-05-2007, 07:23
Welcome welcome welcome :D

Im very interested in seeing how the Iron Hands are looking through out this log! Ive always like'd them but never got round to an army of them, same goes for the grey knights. :P

Good luck with this and the life matters ^^

08-05-2007, 10:19
Iron Hands Total Pts: 1505

Chapter Traits
Notable Divergence Advantages: Heed The Wisdom of the Ancients
Scions of Mars
Drawbacks: Eye to Eye

HQ Iron Father Saito Total Pts: 210
Pts/Mdl WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
65 4 4 4 4 3 4 2 9 3+
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Bolter, Power Weapon, Signum, Auspex and Servo-arm.
Special Rules: As techmarine. Independent character. May lead a retinue of 0-4 servitors, in which case he may not join another unit.
15 Upgrade to HQ unit, +1 wound (included in stat-line, above).
Gun Servitor
Pts/Mdl WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
10 4 4 3 3 1 4 1 8 4+
Squad: 4 Gun Servitors Cost: 40 Pts.
Special Rules: May only include up to one (1) Plasma Cannon.
Gun Servitor 1:
15 Heavy Bolter
Gun Servitor 2:
15 Heavy Bolter
Gun Servitor 3:
25 Multi-Melta
Gun Servitor 4:
35 Plasma Cannon

HQ Epistolary Kopinski Total Pts: 184
Pts/Mdl WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
115 5 5 4 4 3 5 (6) 4 10 3+
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Force Weapon, Psychic Hood.
Special Rules: Independent character. Psychic powers.
15 Power Fist
15 Terminator Honours
15 Psychic Power: Might of Heroes
9 Psychic Power: Fury of the Ancients
5 Bionics
Pts/Mdl WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
10 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 6+
Special Rules: Increases the Librarian's Initiative by +1. If a Familiar is removed, the bonus is lost.

Elites Veteran Squad Gregor Total Pts: 358
Pts/Mdl WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
18 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 8 3+
Vet Sgt: 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 3+
Squad: 10 Space Marine Veterans Cost: 180 Pts.
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Bolt Pistol & Close Combat Weapon.
Special Skills: Furiouse Charge.
10 Frag Grenades.
30 Lightening Claws
15 Power Sword
15 Terminator Honours
30 Power Fist
5 Bionics
Rhino Transport
Pts/Mdl Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS
50 11 11 10 4
Type: Tank.
Wargear: Storm Bolter.
Crew: One Space marine.
Transport: May cary a single unit of up to 10 Space Marines. May not transport Terminators.
Fire Points: Up to 2 models may fire from the top hatch.
Access Points: Hatch on each left and right sides, access ramp at rear.
5 Dozer Blades.
5 Extra Amrour
10 Pintel Mounted Storm Bolter.
3 Smoke Launchers.

Troops Tactical Squad Maphiston Total Pts: 216
Pts/Mdl WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
15 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 8 3+
Vet Sgt: 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 9 2+(5+)
Squad: 10 Space Marines Cost: 150 Pts.
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Bolters
6 Flamer
10 Missile Launcher
15 Terminator Honours
15 Terminator Armour
15 Power Fist
5 Storm Bolter

Troops Tactical Squad Koehler Total Pts: 258
Pts/Mdl WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
15 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 8 3+
Vet Sgt: 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 8 3+
Squad: 6 Space marines Cost: 90 Pts.
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Bolters, free Bolt Pistol for Sergeant.
Special Rules: Fleet of Foot, Masters of Stealth, Pathfinders.
10 Meltagun
15 Terminator Honours
30 Thunder hammer
5 Bionics
Razorback Transport
Pts/Mdl Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS
70 11 11 10 4
Type: Tank.
Wargear: Twin-linked Heavy Bolters.
Crew: One Space marine.
Transport: May cary a single unit of up to 6 Space marines. May not transport Terminators.
Fire Points: None.
Access Points: Hatch on each left and right sides, access ramp at rear.
20 Replace twin-linked Heavy Bolters with twin-linked Lascannons
5 Dozer Blades.
10 Pintel Mounted Storm Bolter.
3 Smoke Launchers.

Fast Attack Land Speeder Squadron Total Pts: 170
Pts/Mdl Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS
50 12 12 10 3
Squadron: 3 Land Speeders Cost: 150 Pts.
Type: Fast, Skimmer.
Wargear: Heavy Bolters.
20 Typhoon - Upgrade one landspeeder to a Typhoon variant.

Heavy Support Dreadnought Ferus Anon Total Pts: 109
Pts/Mdl WS BS S Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour I A
105 4 4 6(10) 12 12 10 4 2
Type: Walker.
Wargear: Storm Bolter, Assault Cannon, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon.
1 Search Light
3 Smoke Launchers

08-05-2007, 10:40
This is a short list of the models in the army so far. Items in WHITE are painted. Items in RED are not. Items BOLDED have yet to be built/converted. Items in Italics need modifications & or repainting.

Librarian, and two servo skulls
Techmarine & Servitors

Veteran Squad (veteran sergeant needs a back banner), Rhino.

Tactical Squad Maphiston (Terminator Veteran Sgt needs a proper base)
Tactical Squad Koehler, Razorback

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Squadron (Typhoon needs a proper base)

Heavy Support
Dreadnought (Needs a proper base)

I'll post up some photos of the completed models tomorrow.

08-05-2007, 10:42
Alot to be starting with, this will be a lengthy log!

08-05-2007, 14:59
I hope you have more ambition to finish this project than I have to do so with mine...;)

ok then, bring it on!

09-05-2007, 10:43
I may very well have a fair bit more ambition ... or I may just have a screw loose.

Get it? Iron Hands - Screw loose?!?!?!?

Ok, bad joke.

Now for some photos of what I've completed so far.

HQ: Librarian Kopinski and his lovely servo-skulls.
http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/iron-hands/Librarian.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/Librarian.jpg)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/iron-hands/S4300076.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/S4300076.jpg)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/iron-hands/S4300077.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/S4300077.jpg)

The Laughing God
09-05-2007, 10:46
The Librarian looks really good, nice crip, clean paintjob!
Gret job so far!

-The Laughing God-

09-05-2007, 11:01
Next up is my Veteran Squad.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/iron-hands/S4300028.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/S4300028.jpg)

The Sergeant is the one with the Power Fist. He needs a back banner, and the squad needs the Rhino MKI that I have 50% converted.

For more detailed (if somewhat disorganized right now) photos, check my gallery link in my sig. You might discovered that I've named every single model in the army. Well, with the exception of the servo skulls, but I'm working on that.

Next is Tactical Squad Maphiston.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/iron-hands/S4300023.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/S4300023.jpg)

Yes, those are 2nd Ed plastic marines, led by one of the three original designs for Space Marine Terminators. These guys will be my stalwort entrenchers. When they go on the table, they stay where they land to hold onto whatever location like the grip of death itself. I need to repaint the bases, as they are a bit on the cartoon-yellow side.

The Terminator Sergeant needs a new, proper-sized base and a painted back banner. Here's the base I made the other night.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/iron-hands/S4300027.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/S4300027.jpg)

That's the door from a dead digital camera and the plug for the bottom of an dead iPod. Plus a couple bits I found in a dead DVD player. I'm resourceful like that.

And now for Tactical Squad Koehler.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/iron-hands/S4300018.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/S4300018.jpg)

They will be in a Razorback to barge up on whatever needs to be occupied. Or the Razorback will be used as fire support with its twin-linked Lascannons. In any case, the sergeant needs a back banner painted up, while the razorback simply needs to be made and painted.

09-05-2007, 11:18
Sorry for the multiple posts, but it won't let me add more than four photos at a time.

I've added some fast attack support for the army in the form of a Land Speeder Squadron.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/iron-hands/S4300016.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/S4300016.jpg)

I have yet to paint the Land Speeder Typhoon for the squadron. I'm also going to make a scenic base similar to the other two. In the future, i may add magnetic mounts under the nose of these two, so I can add scratch-built autocannons as needed.

Heavy Support, Dreadnought Anon Ferus.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/iron-hands/S4300005.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/S4300005.jpg)

He also needs a correctly sized base. He's actually all metal, previous edition to the all-plastic model we all know and love. They didn't have official bases for them then, so i made my own. Should I bother? It's only about 10mm larger in diameter than the official base size.

As for the future, I have a Predator tank that will be magnetized, a Land Raider, a Land Raider Crusader, and a Terminator Squad. I also have an old Terminator Chaplain and six assorted plastic/metal Terminators that are about 50% converted for his retinue. Also potentially in the works is a 50% converted Whirlwind using old plans found in an anciant White Dwarf. I have enough metal scouts to make three squads, and countless marines in variouse states in my bits box.

I think I could put together a massive 3K force simply from stuff that I have half completed, or in my bits boxes.

Opinions, comments, criticism are all encouraged and will be considered. I've noted things I intend to modify/change (mostly bases) at this time.

10-05-2007, 01:49
Those look absolutely awesome, altho some more bionics never hurt! These are Iron Hands after all ^^

10-05-2007, 01:58
I wish you luck! I have the same type of situation, I start with the best of intentions then wander off and do something else for a while, never getting back to the first thing.

10-05-2007, 06:46
Thanks for the encouragement.

Right now for the project I am working on the Iron Father (Techmarine). The classic metal 2nd edition one with no helmet.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/Iron%20Father%20Saito.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Iron%20Father%20Saito.jpg)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/Saito%5C%27s%20Power%20Weapon.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jp g (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Saito%5C%27s%20Power%20Weapon.jpg)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/Saito%5C%27s%20Backpack.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Saito%5C%27s%20Backpack.jpg)

The backpack is converted, but only slightly (Iron Warrior Warmaster arm attached to a standard plastic backpack), and the power weapon's haft is entirely scratch built.

The scenic base is entirely custom, using a section from the flooring for an original MKI Land Raider, a striker wheel for a lighter, and a couple pieces of tubing.

10-05-2007, 16:08
Well your post does answer one question I had and that's if you were planning more than one child.

If anyone is interested in CarbonCopy's Mjolnir Recon, a Codex Space Marine chapter I have a gang for Necromunda that he made for me up in the gallery section (http://www.warseer.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=559). Not exactly his army, but here is an example from the army itself:

I'm glad to see that you found the models. I've had them posted some time, but never really posted yet. Kinda screwy how you found me when I was just under your nose! ;)

15-05-2007, 11:15
Nice to see that you've posted, Nooker.

The pictured Scout was the first metal scout I had painted for that old Marine Chapter. He was to be the prototype as to how they would look, purely a vengeful response to the Tau.

In the end, I just got frustrated being asked by noobs at the local game shop why I was doing "renagade Tau Marines"...

And now time for an update...

I've spent the last few days working on some design work for the vacant or models who were simply lacking banners in my Iron Hands army. They will be applied as transparent/black decals over white base-coated green-stuff banners. I won't show the designs yet, as there is still a bit of tweeking I want to do.

Here are the green-stuff banners, in progress.
http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/S4300008.JPG_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300008.JPG)

I've done a touch of progress on my Iron Father model, by painting his face.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/Techmarine%20-%20Face.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Techmarine%20-%20Face.jpg)

The oither night, I was a bit board with painting and/or modeling, so Idecided to work on some mile-stone army lists of variouse points values. They range from the 1500 points above, all the way up to 3250 points. They represent the models I have at least partially completed, or go with those models and happen to be in my bits box. After all, Terminator Command Squad seems obvious to go with my half-converted Terminator Chaplain of old and an unfinnished Land Raider Crusader.

The Sergeant in Terminator Armour for the first Tactical Squad has had a new base completed for him as of yesterday. He will also be getting a back banner at the same time as a couple other models, in a few days.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/S4300001.JPG_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300001.JPG)

More photos of Maphiston on his new base:
A (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300006.JPG) B (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300002.JPG) C (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300007.JPG) D (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300005.JPG) E (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300004.JPG) F (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300003.JPG)

While I had the green-stuff out tonight for the banners, I decided to do some gap filling on my Terminator Command squad and Termi-Chaplain. Some is a bit rough, as I have not done any gree-stuff work in a while (like in a couple years).

Here are some photos of the chaplain.
http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/S4300018.JPG_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300018.JPG)
More: A (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300017.JPG) B (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300019.JPG)

Members of his command squad:
Heavy Flamer 1 (A (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300010.JPG) B (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300013.JPG))
Heavy Flamer 2 (A (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300011.JPG) B (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300012.JPG))
Terminator w/ Chain Fist (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300015.JPG)
Classic Terminator (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300014.JPG)
Sergeant with twin lightening claws (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/S4300016.JPG) (he'll get a back banner later)

Well, that's it for now.

15-05-2007, 14:44
Very nice work. Definitely be subscribing to this. Love the use of the original terminator.

29-05-2007, 11:36
Sorry for the long delay. I've been busy, so this is going to be a long one.

First up, I've made very little progress on the Iron Father. Sorry, been working on other stuff. Here he is, with completed red sections of his armor.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/Techmarine%20Red.JPG_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Techmarine%20Red.JPG)

Next, I've completed the back banners for two of my squad leaders. Maphiston (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Maphiston%20Banner%20Done.JPG), the Terminator Veteran Sergeant for my first Tactical Squad, and Veteran Sergeant Kholer (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Kholer%20Banner%20Done.JPG) for my second Tactical Squad.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/Maphiston%20Banner%20Done.JPG_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Maphiston%20Banner%20Done.JPG)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/Kholer%20Banner%20Done.JPG_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Kholer%20Banner%20Done.JPG)

Here are work in progress shots:
Maphiston (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Maphiston%20Banner%20Green.JPG)
Kholer (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Kholer%20Banner%20Green.JPG)

They were made with green stuff, as mentioned above. They were super-glued to the banner post once they were cured. I then added additional details and the green stuff to make them look firmly secured to the poles.

The actual art on the banners are custom-made decals, laser-printed in monochrome black on clear decal film. To get it to show up as white, I under-paint the surface before applying the decals. All other colors are painted on over the top.

I also have banners made for two other squads (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Banner%20Greens.JPG). The one on the left is for my Veteran Squad's sergeant. The one on the right is intended as the back banner for the sergeant of my Chaplain's Terminator Command Squad.

Next is the base for a Land Speeder Typhoon. Very much work in progress (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Speeder%20Base%20A.JPG). I intend to add quite a bit of sand to the base. I'll also be sawing through the column at about mid-point, so I can take a couple chunks out.

As I want the land speeder to look like it is actually flying, vs. just being attached with a clear peg, it is going to require a fair bit of work. It is already assembled, but it looks just like anybody else' stock land speeder right now (sorry, no pics this time). It will eventually have that "shot to $#!t" look that I've seen around and love so very much for land speeders. I'm also going to accentuate the flying feel by having it attached to the column through the left wing-let, knocking chunks out in the process. Good thing I have some spare steel rod kicking around for this one.

Lastly, on the block is an old MK I Rhino being updated with custom extra armor.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/miniatures-in-progress/Rhino%20Armor%20B.JPG_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/Rhino%20Armor%20B.JPG)

As I have a number of older style Rhinos, I am attempting to update the look of them just a touch. I want them to fit in better with the current look of Marine vehicles. This one will get a completely custom and updated exhaust system (the old parts were damaged while removing detail and old paint).

That's it for now. Next time I should have a fully painted Iron Father to show.

04-06-2007, 01:17
I've always that thought the Maphiston termie was one of the coolest models ever & the paint job and banner only make it more so.

01-07-2007, 19:20
Well, it's been a few weeks since I posted last. I've been busy with first finding a new job, then working two jobs for the last two weeks. As a result, not much time to paint.

However, I have completed Iron Father Saito.

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/iron-hands/Iron%20Father%20Saito.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/Iron%20Father%20Saito.jpg)

Details: 1 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/Saito%20-%20axe.jpg) | 2 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/Saito%20-%20left%202.jpg) | 3 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/Saito%20-%20axe%20close.jpg) | 4 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/Saito%20-%20axe.jpg) | 5 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/Saito%20-%20close.jpg) | 6 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/Saito%20-%20servo%20arm.jpg) | 7 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/iron-hands/Saito%20-%20servo%20arm%202.jpg)

I've also started painting his servitor retinue.

Servitors: 1 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/servitor%20-%20HB%20B.jpg) | 2 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/servitor%20-%20plasma.jpg) | 3 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/servitor%20-%20melta%20a.jpg) | 4 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/albums/miniatures-in-progress/servitor%20-%20HB%20A.jpg)

Yes, that is a RT era metal plasma cannon on one of them. I found it in one of my many bits boxes, buried with some of the other Ancient Technology of Man that I have floating about.

Eventually, I plan to convert a Techmarine with a full servo-harness. He will have close-combat servitors to escort him, but Saito should prove useful until I get around to that.

That's it for now. Sorry for the lack of update in so long.

01-07-2007, 19:33
OMG, oh happy days.
It's been quite a long time since my sorey old eyes looked upon this beauty:

The very first terminator, mine is painted in Blood Angels colours, but yours looks just cool. :)

You just made my day, thanks
Well this army is worth to be completed


01-07-2007, 19:39
Looking good, love the retro models.

16-10-2007, 10:14
Ugh! I hate it when life gets in the way...

I have not posted in over three months. I've also done very little painting or modeling in that time. The servitors are not done yet. They have progressed very little since they were photographed.

I have, however, had exactly one game since then with my Iron Hands. It was a draw, but it was fun to actually get out for a change. It was also my FIRST game under 4th edition rules! That should say a lot as to how much free time I tend to have.

What have I been working on these last three months? Eldar. I've had this test scheme sitting in my display case for over six months now...

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/new-eldar/S4300001.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=S4300001.jpg)

This is the first example of my Craftworld Shau-Nai Eldar Army. Just calculated, I have well over 3K worth of freshly stripped or new models sitting in my bits boxes. A good number of them are vintage RT era or 2nd Edition models. I do also have some slightly more modern models from the 3rd edition range, and some current Guardians and War Walkers. I'll be mixing and matching, depending on my whim.

To start, I'm painting up four more Guardians and a Shuriken Cannon platform. I have two old-school gunner models and some early 2nd edition plastic static-pose guardians with metal shuriken catapults that have just been primed as well, bringing the total to ten.

Also on the block are two of the new Warwalkers (very nice models - need to get one more), five original Eldar Rangers, Ten Dire Avengers (the older guardian body/metal head version, with a couple custom conversions) and five Dark Reapers (Four original models, and a previous edition shuricannon Exarc that is being converted to have a missile launcher instead).

Eventually, any Waveserpents I add to the army (at least three) will be heavily converted, as I dislike the "tines" sticking out of the forward body on the standard GW kit. I have both a GW plastic kit, and a FW Waveserpent ML turret (praise ebay). The rest will be converted.

Initial planned army list:
Craftworld Shau-Nai Total Pts: 750

HQ Farseer Total Pts: 236
Wargear: Ghosthelm, Shuriken pistol, Witchblade, Rune Armour
20 Spirite Stones
20 Eldritch Storm
30 Fortune
Squad: 3 Warlocks Cost: 75 Pts.
Warlock Wargear: Rune Armour, Shuriken Pistol and Witchblade.
Warlock A:
10 Destructor
Warlock B:
15 Enhance
3 Singing Spear
Warlock C:
5 Embolden
3 Singing Spear

Troops Guardian Squad A Total Pts: 125
Squad: 10 Guardians. Cost: 80 Pts.
5 Shuriken Cannon
Warlock Wargear: Rune Armour, Shuriken Pistol and Witchblade.
Special Rules: Warlock Powers, Fleet of Foot, Spirite Seers.
15 Conceal

Troops Dire Avenger Squad A Total Pts: 97
Squad: 5 Dire Avengers. Cost: 60 Pts.
12 Exarch
10 Diresword & Shuriken Pistol
15 Exarch Power: Defend

Troops Ranger Squad A Total Pts: 95
Squad: 5 Rangers Cost: 95 Pts.

Heavy Support Dark Reapers Total Pts: 197
Squad: 5 Dark Reapers Cost: 175 Pts.
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Reaper Launcher.
10 Eldar Missile Launcher
12 Exarch

Again, I have detailed army lists all the way up to 2K points, and rough drafts at 3K+ (that ignore the FOC) with just the stuff I already have (+/- a couple small details here & there).

I will update within 24 hours with photos. Comments welcome.

17-10-2007, 10:00
As I had promised, I am posting photos of the Eldar I have in progress.

First up, Guardians. Really old Guardians (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Guardians+%26+Gunners.jpg)...

And the ones I am currently painting:

http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/new-eldar/Guardian%20A.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Guardian+A.jpg)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/new-eldar/Guardian%20B.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Guardian+B.jpg)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/new-eldar/Guardian%20C.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Guardian+C.jpg)http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/cache/new-eldar/Guardian%20D.jpg_100_cw85_ch85.jpg (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Guardian+D.jpg)

I'm also working on the base (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Support+Gun+Base.jpg) for the Shuriken Cannon support gun. I honestly don't think the seem in the cork will be visible once it's done and the platform is mounted in place.

Next are some classic Dark Reapers (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Dark+Reapers.jpg). I always loved these guys. This will be the third and final time they will be painted.

To go with the Dark Reapers, I am converting a Dark Reaper Exarch (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Dark+Reaper+Exarc.jpg) with Missile Launcher. He needs extensive greenstuff work.

Next are the Dire Avengers (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Dire+Avengers.jpg). The Exarch (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Dire+Avenger+Exarc.jpg) needs some greenstuff work, as do a couple of the squad members (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Dire+Avenger.jpg). I took the opportunity to use a whole bunch of the little Edar shoulder-mounted "targeter" bits (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Dire+Avenger+B.jpg) on these guys.

I expect to pick up a ten-man squad of the new plastic Dire Avengers after I ebay a squad of the old all-metal models. Most of the old metal Aspect Warrior models are just a bit too "flat" and "static" for my taste. That is why I am converting the majority of my Aspect Warriors from plastic Eldar Guardians and metal heads chopped off older models. Yes, it's expensive, but not if I take my time and comb ebay. Besides, I have 90% of what I need already, except the Warp Spiders.

Next are rangers. A year or two ago, I scored big-time with three lots of classic Eldar Rangers for a little over $15 US (including shipping). Yes, fifteen Eldar Rangers for about a dollar each! I'm working on a squad of five for now.

The first two are mounted on the base, the last three are not. They have large/tall objects on the base that would obstruct painting, so they will be mounted afterwards. The "gunslinger" will have a his "laspistols" replaced with shuriken pistols, and a rifle slung to his back.

A1 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Eldar+Ranger+A+Front.jpg) | A2 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Eldar+Ranger+A+Back.jpg)
B1 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Eldar+Ranger+B+Front.jpg) | B2 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Eldar+Ranger+B+Back.jpg)
C1 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Eldar+Ranger+C.jpg) | C2 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Eldar+Ranger+C+Base.jpg)
D1 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Eldar+Ranger+D.jpg) | D2 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Eldar+Ranger+D+Base.jpg)
E1 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Eldar+Ranger+E.jpg) | E2 (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=Eldar+Ranger+E+Base.jpg)

Warwalkers... I really love the new Warwalker models. So much so, I sold my old metal ones on ebay and picked up two of the plastic kits. I still need to pick up one more. Here is the base (http://www.myenothing.com/zenphoto/index.php?album=new-eldar&image=War+Walker+B+Base.jpg) on one, so far.

I'm trying to focus on this lot before I start working on the four Warlocks and the Farseer for the force. The Farseer is going to be quite a challenge, as I am going to hack up and repose one of the old "bullwinkle" Farseer models to make him more dynamic and with 50% less "horn"

That's it for now. Comments are welcomed and encouraged.