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09-05-2007, 14:38
From Matt Otter

4,000pts EPIC tournament at Britcon! 11th and 12th August

As there is a massive gap between UK EPIC tournaments this summer (Last one being 19th / 20th May and then the one after that not being until the end of September) Iíve managed to set up an event at Britcon. You can download an entry form from here http://www.bhgs.co.uk/Nationals/IntroPage.htm

Britcon is my favourite event of the year. Itís a on campus event at the Manchester University; not only is it a tournament with loads of other systems playing it also has a wargaming convention tagged onto it (admittedly not as big as it used to be). I believe this is the only UK on campus EPIC event making it much more than just a tournament, being able to drink in the student bar Friday and Saturday nights knowing your room isnít very far away has to be a bonus .

Itís 6 game tournament over 3 days; Yes thatís right the first game is Friday evening; but donít worry you can start your game from 4pm and you have until 10pm to complete it. Personally I normally book Friday off work, travel down early to look around the convention and play a practice game or two. Also because Britcon is an on campus event, and therefore more time available to play your game, the points limit will be 4,000pts. Yes indeed, taking abit of risk but I think there is enough time to play 4,000pt games using the WPS rules pack.

So thatís 6x 4,000pt games!
On campus event with accommodation
A student bar that stays open stupidly late (oh and then if you want to stay out any later, your in the middle of Manchester City)
The overnight leader ďcurse of the yellow shirtĒ
Oh and not forgetting the legendary pub quiz

Right I suppose you would like to know the cost. Well for a complete price list please check http://www.bhgs.co.uk/Nationals/IntroPage.htm, but for two nights B+B plus entry it works out at £106. If you break that down thatís probably £40 a night in for a room in the middle of Manchester and £26 entry fee for 6x 4,000pt games Ö thatís pretty good!

I love Britcon; itís not just a tournament, itís a fantastic weekend away and I will certainly be going!

Hopefully see you there!

09-05-2007, 16:37
If it was just the Sat & Sun I would be up for it. Add in the Fri night and suddenly its a bit shakey.