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11-05-2007, 08:32
Played a really intresting scenario last night, themed around the old honkong airport (for those who don't know, it was an airstrip surrounded by skyscrapers and buildings!)

we set up a runway, upon which was a baneblade (the target for the attacking player). The runway was surrounded by buildings (the old epic cardboard skyscrapers), all set at high altitudes to recreate the feel of a low altitude combat.

I forgot my camera, but heres a basic representation of the battle field:


As you can see, we had buildings set at high alt, to force a fight in amongst the narrow avenues provided by the buildings. At the end of a runway was a low building, to create a dive bomb effect if the attacker chose route 1 to attack. as i'm sure you can guess, we both played a lot of 6's (high G turns!)

The baneblade was 100pts (so effectively if you got it, you won if you didnt you lost) and had 4 hits. In hindsight (not that i'm bitter) it was a little easy to destroy once on the right line.

the imperial navy defended their precious baneblade, but only until turn 4 when a pait of phoenix showed their worth and destroyed it with room to spare. Although the eldar player won (due to the baneblade VPs) he escaped with no undamaged planes and few of them at that.

great scenario - VERY difficult to get fire arcs due to all the cover, but immense fun and worth the effort!


11-05-2007, 09:42
mend the points, maybe make it two targets with two different approaches each and it sounds like a winner!

11-05-2007, 10:12
The idea on its own sounds great (and I could use some of my Epic buildings...). As you mentioned, it could use some tweaks and a bit of playtesting - ut that is just a reason for playing the scenario again. Keep it going!

Some points that could be a good idea:

Make it more than one target (as fattdex mentioned). A second target on another point of the board, with another way of approach would make it more interesting. Also you have a chance of a draw then (one destroyed, one not = Draw)
Include ground defences. If there are three ways to the target - one short, but with a lot ofair defence, one a bit longer with a bit of defence, and one long without defence, that forces the attacking player to actually choose a strategy. And being forced into a long street, being an easy target to tailing, can be as ansty as flying through AA fire. Just try to balance it.

11-05-2007, 11:21
ground defences was something we talked about yeh - we kept is simple this time round just to test the scenario.

Our thoughts were;

either make the baneblade harder to kill (shield saves or more wounds)
make it less points
control of ground defences

we didnt consider more than one target but its a good idea!

Lt. Co Steel
11-05-2007, 19:38
i really like the sound of this one, the idea of not only trying to second guess the enemy's move, but also while weaving through skyscrapers, a good cobination. as for alterations, i think the extra target would make it more competitive. and i like Darnok's idea of the eaiser routes being covered by more AA while the harder ones have less. all in all it sounds good, can't wait to try it out.