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11-05-2007, 15:08
For a LRB5 Resurrection Tournament called the Eucalyptus Bowl, Skills are 20k for Normal and 30k For Doubles. Max 1 skill per player.

I haven't even played my first game of blood bowl but a friend is mid way converting the team (I will paint it) and I will manage a few practice games before the tournament in July.

so 1.25 million gp.

I was thinking

4 Catchers

2 Blitzers

2 Throwers

3 Linemen

2 Re-rolls


That Puts me at 1,100,000

Im not sure what to do for skills, Should I get an apothecary? another Linemen? a star Player?


11-05-2007, 15:47
Not got time to work out a full team but one thing you might like to consider is Leader on a Thrower as this works out 30K cheaper than buying a normal RR. Good tourney skills tend to be kick on a lineman and strip ball on a blitzer. Apothecaries in LRB5 aren't really value in a tournament so you might use the cash for a RR or a reserve.

13-05-2007, 07:13
Is Frenzy Worthwhile on High Elf Blitzers?

Like against Dwarf Cages.

I was thinking one Blitzer with frenzy the other with strip ball.

17-05-2007, 01:29
Personally, I wouldn't touch Frenzy unless you're also willing to take a (double) Guard or two.
Against cages, leap would be better (though to be honest, a Wardancer would be better!;) ).

Deng Ham
17-05-2007, 08:55
I'd drop one thrower. You don't need two. And then you can save the extra cash he cost. On making a better lineman. Or upgrade a blizer or chatcher.

Giving your catchers the sprint skill kan also be great. Now they have a max move of 11. So if your oponent line up flat. And you can out run him. All you need to i punch a hole in his line. Give the ball to the runner, and go tru..

19-03-2008, 06:49
Will be great to see another noob there lol.
I haven't played in ages and am using the Euc-bowl to get back into it.

Building a wood elf team for it.

where you based Linkus? You have a group in your area that play BB? I am hoping to get in as many games as possible leading up to the Euc bowl but I don't return to Aus until May so I am going to be pushing it to have them all assembled and painted as well as playing a few games.

See what happens.

Hopefully see your HE across the board........
Or under my boot hehehehehe :D