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12-05-2007, 00:38
Here are 2 new senarios for you all to play C&C are as always welcome...

The Fall of Medusa AI is selection of new Aeronautica Imperialis scenarios Based on The 2006 summer captain “Fall of Medusa V”

Attack on Yarnect City

On Medusa there was a small City that held a great and terrible secret. Underneath the city was a shrine and as the life of Medusa draws near Chaos has Come to Reclaim its precious shrine.

Starting Forces
Attackers (chaos Raiders)
o 8 Hell Blades
Defenders (imperial Navy)
o 5 Thunderbolts
o Or’ 6 Lightning’s

Alternative Forces:
Although it is recommended that the attacking force be a Chaos raiders force it is possible to use any of the armies to replace the Imperial navy flight.
If you wish to replace the Imperial Navy or even the Chaos Raiders each player will have 100 points to spend as you please… Well no really. This is also a dogfight so only Fighters can be selected.

Set Up:
The Chaos force is attacking and can be placed on the side furthest away from the shrine. While the Imperial navy side is placed on the side closest. Also there should be tons of buildings cover the entire table except enough room to land a plane in front of the shrine and area to fly around the city

Special Rules:
City Fight:
the game takes place in the city you must weave your way through the buildings. You cannot fly over them because you are either flying low on purpose or the buildings are so high if you where to fly over them you would stall.

City Fight 2:
The city has dense fog over it from pollution fight under the night rules under altitude 5 and normal above it.

City Fight Rule 3:
Close Quarters inside the city there is very little room so if when doing your movement and you find your self flying into a building you should take a pilot test on a 5+ (on a D6) id also depends on your pilots skill. EX. If your is a normal one it will pass on a 5 and six but if he is an ace he will pass on a 4 5 6 ext

Victory Conditions:
· Chaos
o Take the shrine land one plane as close the shrine as possible maximum distance to land away from the shrine should be decided at beginning of the game

· Imperial Navy
o Do not let the chaos to get the shrine

The chaos have achieved there objective once they have landed for a turn then taken off and left from the side they entered the table. If the chaos do not complete there objective by the end of the game tally op the victory points

Retake the Airfield AI (port of Warhammer 40,000 scenario “Retake the Airfield”)

The renegade forces that invaded the ghost town of Baptiste's Wrath soon realized how vulnerable they were to air attack. Thus, they quickly sent out a force of rebel PDF soldiers and took over one of the training airstrips that lies to the south of the massive Geryon Base. Military Command wants it back before the rebels launch fighters or destroy the runway. Only the Space Marines can retake the airfield fast enough to prevent both of those dangers.

Starting Forces
Attackers (Space Marines)
o 4 Thunderhawlk gun ships
Defenders (imperial Navy)
o 5 Thunderbolts
Or’ 6 Lightning’s

Alternative Forces:
This scenario can be played by and of the AI flights but you must remember that each team only has 100 pts to spend on their flight.

Victory Conditions
each Side is trying to win the air field at the end of the game if the space marines have not destroyed the Rebel Imperial navy they will not be able to disengage and will lose.

14-05-2007, 18:35
:skull: On your city fight one with where you can't fly over the buildings, how about you have tons of AA batteries on the roof tops so you pretty much have to fly low to avoid those? Though if someone wants they can risk higher altitudes and the AA that's up there they can. I've been wanting to do a trench/canyon run where that's pretty much the case and seems like it could work well with cities too.:skull:

15-05-2007, 20:49
yeah you could do that thats just what I thought of if you think of any ways to change it for the better go ahead and post it back here agien :P